Doesn’t take much to make ME happy…

Ok, maybe it depends on who you ask!!!   LOL , but regardless, I think that is an accurate statement .

I have told everyone that would ever listen, that before I die (in a sarcastic way)  that I am FOR SURE going to visit the Chocolate capitol of the world.  Hershey, PA.   I have  forever, as a child and still as an adult wanted to go there in the VERY worst way!!!   everyone knows, I absolutely LOVE factory tours, and this one seems like the ultimate sinfully satisfying one!!!    I have a list of other factory tours I want to take at some point and time, (maybe a later update)  but Hershey, PA has just always been at the top of the list!!!   I hear the whole town has the aroma of chocolate!!!!  yum!!

But for now since we have no vacation plans, especially all the way to Hershey

This will have to do……

my Hershey, PA a jar.

my Hershey, PA a jar.

I was a little bored tonight, so I went to Mahaska Drug  ( a local drug store / gift shop) in town.   They had one aisle with 75% off !!!!!!   It was the only aisle I looked at, and I actually could have been in it for HOURS.

This jar candle (Large Yankee size) was  (are you ready for this??)  originally $25, then marked down to $20. and with the additional DEEP discounts, I got it for only $5   !!!!!    and it smells JUST like Hershey, PA  must smell!!!!!!

Maybe I will just light it , eat some Hershey kisses, flip through a map and pretend I am THERE  !!!!!

See??   Now do you agree??  I really AM easy to please huh??


20 Responses to “Doesn’t take much to make ME happy…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    ok kelli.

  2. ambjour Says:

    just don’t eat the candle! arrt

  3. Shari W. Says:

    We stopped there on our way to Washington, DC.. It is a very fun place~ They have a little roller coaster that you ride through part of the factory.. It’s neat seeing how it all works.. The gift shop is really cool.. They have everything you can imagine there:) Hopefully you can make it there sometime..:) Get tanked up on Diet Coke, cold coffee drinks and limeades and you’ll be good to go!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I had no idea you went there!!! LUCKY!!!! lots and lots of caffeine and I am sure I could easily make it!! haha

  4. LisaW Says:

    We went there when Terry was little. Very fun tour to take! And I agree with Shari W’s post, very cool gift shop. Spent way to much money. You need to try and go. You would enjoy it!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would not only spend WAY too much money, but I am sure I would also consume WAY too many calories!!!!

  5. Old Plow Woman Says:

    okay I now want to go a roller coaster through the chocolate factory? How totally cool. I think you should rent red box cheap a dvd of willy wonka eat popcorn and kisses with the candle lit and all the lights off tonight with you family now to me that sounds like the perfect night. So hears is my word for the day (can you tell I have a lot of words hee hee) FAMILY because family makes good into great and when my Family was young we had so much fun on so very little money (we didn’t have money) I took my family to the fair several times all we needed was admission everything else was free we took our water bottles we filled them up in the restroom water fountains we took a picnic lunch so today my day will be filled with Great memmories of my family when they were young – I truly appreciate you and the great thoughts you inspire me to remember.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know, kids are SO fun to take on vacation!!! but then again, thank goodness my kids also are very good to be content at home as well!! they love to be on vacation, but are still not convinced the drive we would have to endure would be worth it. They have never traveled well.

  6. bejes Says:

    I like to use the word “clearly”. I use it in place of obviously and it doesn’t sound so snotty. For example: ‘Clearly the title to this blog post is inaccurate.’ See?! I could have said. ‘Duh Kel. Obviously you are lying.’

  7. Debbie Sevier Says:

    Good buy – my kind of girl! I don’t think anyone mentioned this but when we went to Hershey many years ago the thing that sticks in my mind was the smell. When you step out of your car the entire town smells like chocolate. They even have kiss shaped street lights.

  8. Old Plow Woman Says:

    Here is a word for today being Sunday. LOSS. This weekend we have experienced Loss. Our trusted faithfully family lab of 15 years was put down yesterday. I always new the day would come however not thinking how sad it would be. She was just a part of our lives for such a long time. So when we experience Loss it doesn’t matter if it is a person, an animal or a job it opens a window for reflection. I am thankful we had Southwicks Lady of Norton for all of the good and bad times our lives for so many more years than labs normally live.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh that is heartbreaking!!! the last dog we lost we had only had 7 years and I tell you, I was not sure I was EVER going to pull myself together!! they are part of the family!!! I will be thinking of you and the four legged void at your home. 😦

  9. Aunt Tippy Says:

    Here is my word for the day. . .”COMPLETE”. 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 dogs, 10 fish, a snail, a great husband. . .yep, that word pretty much sums us up. 🙂 Can’t think of anything else I need or want.

  10. BLT Says:

    All chocolate consumed IN Hershey, PA are zero calories. All chocolate consumed on the way TO or FROM Hershey, PA trips are zero calories.

    Anyone who wants to get rid of summers off for school kids and make school year-round can NEVER have chocolate again. EVER. Best times of my life!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I completely agree!!! I would never want to give up our summers completely OFF !!!!!!!!
      Now, I am sure going to Hershey!! I had no idea the calories did not count. !!! 🙂

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