One down, one to go…

myself in statue form...

myself in statue form...

This is literally how I feel tonight.   We shopped, we ate and we can consider the day a success.  I tried to multi-task, and this is the way I feel afterwards!!!   I should have known better.  I am a single-tasking sort of gal, and research DOES now prove that multi-tasking is NOT a good idea, and I agree.

For starters, I decided to get my car EXTENSIVELY serviced today while we were in Des Moines school shopping.  (FOUR hours worth of service work) which meant my son and I were dropped off at one point for FOUR hours.  That worked well for the 1/2 hour we were in the mall.  Other than that, we had to WALK everywhere we went.  Walking is good.  Right??  but not with new school supplies, salon supplies, new shoes, clothing and a new backpack!!!  and I think it HAD to be 100 degrees today with 100% humidity.  Right??  it certainly felt like it.  We walked for what seemed like MILES to go everywhere within walking distance and some places that should have NOT been considered walking distance.

And before all of this started, my son began the BIG day with taking his Learners Permit test.  He passed it.  Whew!!!  so……..I must be getting easier with age, but about 12 hours later and on the way home (on the interstate, mind you)  I finally told his he HAD to drive the rest of the way home.  My legs were cramping, restless leg and I think I have something severely wrong with my left foot (anyway that is a whole other story!!)….he had no choice.  He was flattered.  He has always had a very keen ability to drive most things, so he passsed MY test with flying colors!!!  He did a great job and we arrived home safe and sound.

Next weekend, I am going to do this all again, with my daughter and her best friend (might as well be another child of mine)   🙂   it will be a GREAT time, and this time…..we are going to have a vehicle the whole time!!!!

Good night.  I am TIRED.


10 Responses to “One down, one to go…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Just think how easy BTS shopping will seem with Maison next year! You will look back and laugh with fond memories of doing it on foot. I know you will have a car with Rozita but I don’t know if that day will be much easier. Wish I could go. I love spending other people’s money for them 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, makes you appreciate getting in the car and tossing your things in the backseat a whole lot more!!!! if I weren’t so cheap, I suppose we could have gotten a taxi……. nahhhhhh!!!!!

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    100 degrees? 100% humidity? I would have WELCOMED that last week in DUbai!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha

  3. Tippy Says:

    so jeff is going next weekend?

  4. olold plow woman Says:

    You knew it was coming I have a word for today – Lets say MEMORIES. Do you remember a special shopping trip? I do the only one I ever went on with my dad it must have been approaching winter and he was intown to visit and my sister in law went with us and he bought me a coat with an attached hood and it was a pink plaid and so very warm I was in gradeschool. I wonder what he thought that day? I hope your son remembers the great day in the heat school shopping with his mom and getting to drive her home when he has children. What great memories things like this make. Remeber even when we struggle there is a great light in in somewhere – you now have a chauffeur and great driving memories are ahead. This will also make family vacations a much nicer drive.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, I just love your comments!!! yes, I am sure this was a trip we will not soon forget!! a good example of making the best of a situation…..and hey, got my exercise for the day!!! I am sure I lost atleast a pound or two. HAHA

  5. LaVonne Says:

    Yep that picture looked like me the past couple of nights—exhausted and worn out!!! Now, add not sleeping into the mix!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know, isn’t there just so many times ya feel just like that??? you know, I love those artist statues!!! 🙂

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