Organic Sun Tea…

the steeping process...

the steeping process...

the concentrated form...

the concentrated form...

ready to chill and ENJOY...

ready to chill and ENJOY...

My newest favorite drink!! 100% all natural, 100% certified organic leaf tea.  YUM  !!!   One of my blog readers (Toni) was so gracious and sent me some samples back when I posted that I was unable to make a decent glass of sun tea!!!  She hooked me up to the gal who sells this tea, and now I am completely hooked ON IT  !!!!!!

It is very easy to make and smells SO delicious and refreshing, it is simply unbelievable.  My daughter says just the smell of it, “makes me smile”  . (if you click on the last image, you can get a tiny glimpse of my hammock in the backyard!!)  that makes ME smile.  🙂

Ok, back to the tea, it is sweetened in another natural way, by adding steeped raw Stevia leaves.   It is a sweetness like no other  (can also be sprinkled on fresh fruit / cereal etc)

You can find all the goodness and MORE  at  and tell them I (and Toni) sent you!!  🙂

(remember, deadline for the laundry supply giveaway, is fast approaching August 19!!!)


18 Responses to “Organic Sun Tea…”

  1. machita Says:

    maybe sometime when i stop over you can offer me a glass 🙂

  2. Old Plow Woman Says:

    Good Morning and here yes is another word for today- can yal tell I really want to win as I am full of words. This mornings word is ANTICIPATION this is how I am feeling so bright and early as I am taking a group to the fair and this is the one thing I wait for all year I can hardly contain myself. And trust me I am not the only one full of ANTICIPATION everyone going is feeling the same way. What will we eat besides a lamb burger with cheese? What animals will we touch this year? What character will they have at the IPTV booth. Yes there is a wide range of ages going today and this is one place there is something for everyone. And of course we will be doing this budget friendly – we will take in our water bottles and refill them at every turn – besides if they want a sweet treat I know of a cherry limeaid recipe they can have when they get home.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I can not say that I envy you on this one. I would not go to the State Fair for nothing!!! thank goodness my kids are able to go alone now as I did have to suffer a few years out for their sake and “join the fun”. Too much of a crowd to suit me!! 🙂
      But your day sounds fun for you and those going along. Let me know any REALLY interesting things you come across while you are there. ENjoy.

  3. BLT Says:

    So glad you like the tea!!!! Did you ever get around to trying Flush of Red? It’s my ULTIMATE FAV!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      so far the Sun Tea is my fave!! and next I will try the Chamomile Verbena one. I might like the Flush of Red better if I added Stevia leaves??? I will do that next time.

  4. Regina Says:

    Can not wait to try this tea! My family an I love love love tea. We used to be big pop drinkers but we have gone back the wonerful tea. My 6 year old loves peach tea and flavored teas so i’m sure this will be a big hit with her. We are trying more natural and/or organic things. BTW, we love love love the laundry soap. I finally found the fels naptha. Man, does that stuff smell great. I did try another soap but it wasn’t great. I’m giving laundry soap away as Christmas gifts this year. 🙂
    I have a 14 month old and want to try the wipes recipe. My husband and very dry skin so i’m going to try the Lotion recipe as well. Whew! I’d better get busy. Thank you for posting these recipes and saving us all some money.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Are you getting it from Owens Acres? or do you have your own source. I have just never seen tea offered like this until Toni told me.
      I am tickled SO much to hear about your gift giving ideas and the lotion…..oh I am smiling!!!!!! and if you have not done the lotion yet?? guaranteed you are going to LOVE it!!!!!!!! hint: I think if your husband is going to use it, I would go with unscented or the lavender scent.

  5. Old Plow Woman Says:

    Great day at the fair yesterday it was sooo late when I got home I could begin to give you a word. So as it is sure that I really want to win the soap here is my word for today CONTENT. I went to the city today with my husband and we did some banking and had our anniversary dinner date as a lunch date our anniversary was in May we went to Joes Crab shack he loves sea food I had a cheeseburger. I am feeling content this afternoon to be in my home until I go to work on Monday. I truly love my life and the time I spend with my hubin(that is what I the wifey calls me) and as our day ends we will climb in to bed and spend time reading. For now he is out on our deck and I in the living room blogging. How was my day at the fair? It was more than I could ever have asked for. We went through the barns and touch pigs, lambs and we ate lamb burgers with cheese and my grandchildren rode a camel and my grandson got a toy gun which he slep with because as he said he is going to be a great hunter like grampie. My granddaughter loved it and her little face lit up when she seen yellow chicks she didn’t care much for the pigs but had no fear at age 2 of riding a huge camel. To see the wonder in the faces of my grandchildren and my great niece was payment enough to suffer the heat, and the expense to spend the day at the fair. If there was enough time and money I would take them all again before ther fair ends as there are so many wonderful things left for me to share with them.

  6. simplyaltered Says:

    your comments always make me smile!! you are so appreciative of all the small and big blessings around you and can see the blessings in the smallest ordinary things in life. THAT is awesome!!!!!!! I did not even know the fair had Camels there. See??? I am learning from you too. 🙂 I bet you would go back and see the magic in the kids faces all over again if you had the chance huh???

  7. Old Plow Woman Says:

    Good Morning and the my word for this morning would be HOUSEWORK. This day is going to consist of housework. And I don’t say this as a negative it is a positive. I love to be in my home working for my family. This is truly one of my favorite places to be. I will turn on the 80’s music and dance around while I do my cleaning. I will burn calories, have a clean home and do a little purging of items along the way. Besides Monday is garbage day and I love to have a full can for them. You know you pay the same price for a full can as a half of a can so you might as well get your money’s worth (there is a thrifty tip). I am still working toward being the laundry soap winner for the year so you can be I will be submitting another word at the end of my day today.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am like you, there is no better place to be or place to invest your hard work in besides HOME!!!! the results are so rewarding. I spent the day yesterday rearranging all my furniture in each bedroom, and that was a perfect chance to DEEP CLEAN as well. I went to bed last night feeling SO much better!!!! and yes, I always make sure the garbage cans are full!!!! never a problem here, one of my VERY favorite things to do is purge or “Fling” as I like to call it!! LOL

  8. Old Plow Woman Says:

    As my day comes to a close I wish to leave you with another word for the day PREPARED I feel prepared for the start of a busy work week. My kitchen is clean, laundry is done, bathrooms cleaned and the living room picked up and I took time out to make 6 firestarters. When my home is prepared my life seems so much more in order and I am so much more productive. I love the sense of being productive from morning till bedtime even if it is just t.v. watching with my little hubin. Also my garbage can is full and that makes me smile. Have a great evening.

  9. Old Plow Woman Says:

    Good Morning and I have waited patiently to give this word for my day MIRACLE . I believe we don’t get to assist God with miracles except for the miracle of birth he needs us for no other miracles that I can think of. Today I go with my daughter and her family to receive my birthday gift of a 4 D ultra sound of my new grandchild. My birthday was in June and this is the second try the first go round of the ultra sound our little Miss Lovey Bug didn’t want to be photographed so they gave us a second try and I am so very excited. I am thankful that the Lord has so blessed my family with children and grandchildren.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      how exciting!! back when I was having children there was no such thing as a 4D untrasound!!! I am sure this will bring a big smile to your face that will last til the little one arrives. 🙂

  10. bejes Says:

    I like the word visitors. I like to have visitors, I like to be a visitor. Maybe some day I can come visit you and have some of your tea. I like Sweet 10 in mine. Do you have that?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I wish you were a visitor too!!! like……right NOW!!! but no can do on the Sweet 10. I prefer the au naturale organic way of steeping Stevia leaf for our sweetner. 🙂

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