Old habits are {not so} hard to break…

 my new "love" is a GOOD one for me...

all this and more from owensacres.com (click on highlighted link below)

I gotta share this with you AGAIN.

For all that know me well, or have seen me out and about, KNOW full well how much Diet Vanilla Coke is consumed into my body in a days time.  Alot.  Trust me, it is too much for me to openly admit, but it was a LOT LOT LOT!!!!!!  enough to make most people sick, but not me, I would have preferred Coca-Cola over food anyday if given the choice.

Not to mention unhealthy, it was getting to be a very expensive habit / caffeine addiction.   Until I stumbled onto the world of Organic Tea thanks to Toni, my faithful blog reader!!!.

I am in LOVE with it.  I am HOOKED on it, I can not get enough of it!!!!  As far as vices go, this one is GOOD FOR ME!!!

It comes in a variety of “flavors” and “tastes”.  So many options how to prepare and enjoy it, and so easy to get it delivered right to your door.    Do you know how many rainy nights, snowy days I had to go to the convenience store to get a 12 pack of Coke???  many!!!!  or how many times my poor daughter went to get another 12 pack because I was out??   now, one  website visit, and Laura from OwensAcres has me all set up.

You MUST visit her.  She is wonderful and has the BEST customer service.   They even offer different teas to treat a variety of health concerns.   I have not looked too far into those YET, I was just looking for something that I actually like to drink besides Coca-Cola products.  I have certainly found it.

As a personal recommendation, some of my favorites are Summer Berry Bliss, Summer Sunset and Organic Sun Tea.   I drink all of these ICED.  Takes about 15 minutes to steep the loose tea through my copper strainer, cool, add ice and DELICIOUS!!!!

There will be another REALLY SPECIAL tea added soon.  I sent a combination of random ingredients to Laura at Owensacres , and she not only recreated the taste, she IMPROVED upon it!!!!!   I will alert everyone when it becomes available, but take my word, if you order Afaka tea, be sure to order plenty!!!!   you are gonna FALL IN LOVE with it.  100% delicious and VERY refreshing!!!  (and be sure to tell her that I sent you)

I am doing Round 2 of school shopping tomorrow.  Guaranteed to be a fun-filled day!!!!   and always ends with a visit to Olive Garden  🙂

Have a great weekend!!


4 Responses to “Old habits are {not so} hard to break…”

  1. Robbie Says:

    I checked out the websight and was disappointed to find out there is no tea in any of their blends. Actually they are just herbal blends. Darn! I love tea and am always open to trying some new flavors.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      if you want to try some out, I have plenty here and would be more than happy to drop a sample off to you!!! that is what Toni did and from that point on, I was HOOKED!!!! it is true!!! 🙂

  2. BLT Says:

    These are wonderful teas! You won’t be disappointed in any of them and you’ll find lots of favorites if you give it a try! If you’re fond of Tazo or any other types of tea (except Lipton-style), you will LUV LUV LUV these teas.

    I am EXTREMELY caffeine sensitive (half a can of Pepsi or a chocolate bar sends my heart into SVTs) and these flavors are HEAVENLY!!

    I’m also sensitive to chemicals so the fact that these are certified organic is a blessing as my skin does not erupt.

    But the FLAVORS!!!! OH MY!!! Don’t be afraid to try something new!! If you’re close to W Des Moines, come over to my house and I’ll brew you a fresh cup!

    Hibiscus is my ultimate favorite (Flush of Red) and I even converted a 70+ year old gentleman to it from Lipton!

    Never say Never!

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