Job Corp bound…

a new adventure awaits...

a new adventure awaits...

I have done an update on my son, with all his unique qualities when it comes to back-to-school shopping etc etc, now is my daughter turn.

We did our back to school shopping Round 2 this weekend, but with a little different twist.  She is venturing out  to try Job Corp and finish her high school education in a slightly unconventional way.  Fits her personality perfectly.  I have mentioned before, that she flies by the seat of her pants, and has never been afraid to try new things and meet new people.  To her, every stranger, is nothing but a potential friend.  🙂     maybe we all need to have that attitude?

So, she will be leaving for Job Corp soon.  We do not have a specific date just yet, but it will more than likely be within the next couple weeks. Until then, she and I get to spend some quality time together as her brother is in school.  I will certainly treasure the time, and we do have some fun things planned before she goes.   She will be there about 12 to 18 months.

She will finish high school there, and begin some college courses at the same time.   I am getting a taste of sending a child off to college, but a few years earlier  than I had anticipated.  It is nothing short of bittersweet for me.  She will come home on weekends, or we will go visit her.  She will be living in a dorm, and experiences life away from home.  I hope and pray each day that it is a positive experience for her, and one that she will fully embrace.  We toured the campus a couple weeks ago, and left VERY impressed!!!!    I feel it is a good fit for her.   I loved everything about it, except that it is three hours away from us, but it is doable, as long as she (or I ) can get past the homesickness pangs, and there are SURE to be some of them.   {sigh}

If anyone has personal experience with Job Corp in any state, I would LOVE for you to e mail me directly. my emotions would appreciate some reinforcement!!!

Now, with this house trying to get back to schedule, I need to turn in earlier than usual.  The school bus will be picking up my son at 7:48 am, promptly.  🙂     I need to also be ready.


12 Responses to “Job Corp bound…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Glad she is taking advantage of such a great oportunity. She will be missed but we can go visit and do ceramics 🙂 Best wishes. See you soon!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, I am sure she will be spending ALOT of time in the Arts & Crafts area!!! just her style. 🙂

  2. Rhiannon Says:

    I’m very proud she has went thru with this decision. She will gain so much more experience there, and it will challenge her greatly!… sounds like it is challenging you as well 😉

    Wish her my very best. I knew she’d escape Osky and do great things! I’ve always believed in her!!


  3. Theresa Grahek Says:

    This sounds like a great fit for Madison. I have actually checked out their website before and what a great oppoutunity. She has always been ahead for her years and her peers. She will grow so much and escape all of the judgements of small town usa and the labels we feel compelled to put on people. Tell her I wish her every happiness and all of the luck in the world.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, she HAS always been ahead of her time, from WAY back huh?? that will benefit her now, I hope. We will be spending alot of time in Northwest Iowa, and from what we have seen so far, we do like alot!!! She thinks Glenn ought to go there with her, and do all the mowing. It sits on 171 acres, so he could stay VERY busy!! haha

  4. Diane Says:

    I’m sure you will both have some anxious moments, but I know she will do great. She is a very strong, independent young lady, I hope it works out that she can come to youth group some.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I hope so too, but being a three hour drive, it will be questionable. We get all those specifics at a later date. This was ONE of the very important reasons she was hesitant to begin with, missing Youth Group. 😦 but they will also help to set her up with something there is she wants to. Definitely will not be the same, but might be an option.

  5. kim aka machita Says:

    i will miss her sooo much 😦 but she will do fine. BYE MADDI I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ejeanne overton Says:

    where is she going to be? she will have a great time.!!

  7. simplyaltered Says:

    Job Corp Denison Iowa. I certainly hope she love it.

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