a friend indeed..

My daughter and her sidekick

My daughter and her sidekick (click to enlarge for detail)

At some point in everyones life, someone comes along that is a friend like no other.  Madison has Jeff.  Jeff has Madison.  99% of the time I get the pleasure of having them BOTH!!!  🙂    Where you see one of them, the other is not far behind.  Have you ever had a best friend like that?  I did, and I hold her in the highest regard to this day.   {Thanks Micky}   although time gets away from you and you might go in different directions, you never lose each other or the memories you made together.

Madison and Jeff will be lucky enough to make that claim as well.

Their enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!!!!  I laughed so hard at the two of them  last week, I had my iced latte nearly coming out my nose!!!  it has been a LONG time since I have laughed that hard!!!!   They just seem to bring out the best in everyone when they are together.

(btw) in the picture, he is driving MY car, she is riding shotgun and I am in the BACKSEAT going shopping all over Des Moines.  I was certainly “enjoying the ride” like the image states.  This will be one of her gifts to proudly display in her dorm room.   I have embellished it with a local map, and images from all the places they frequent together.

He has instructions that he HAS to come by our house on his way home in the evenings.  He has spent so much time in our home over the years, it would seem too strange without his presence, as well as hers.  Needless to say when she comes home on weekends, he will not be far behind.   I often wonder if he will be on the edge of town waiting FOR her to arrive!!!   LOL

I have tried and tried to talk him into going to Denison with her, but so far, have been unsuccessful.   😦

They are the best of friends and I am guessing when she comes back, they will feel they have never ever been apart.

What a wonderful feeling that will be.

Thanks Jeff, for simply being YOU.


2 Responses to “a friend indeed..”

  1. Jane Says:

    Reading your blog about friends brought memories of my best friend.
    Diana and I were friends as little kids. Our family farms were about 2 miles apart and we had so much fun being with each other. She died almost 2 years ago with brain cancer. I still miss her so much. I am very lucky to have several good friends but they are not Diana.
    Having a BEST friend is a true gift and I was just very lucky to have one.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh that is so unfortunate. I am sure you think about her all the time, and the wonderful memories she left behind.

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