kids will be kids…..



toilet paper....EVERYwhere!!

toilet paper....EVERYwhere!!

As if the weekend has not been exciting ENOUGH ???

Late Saturday night, the kids were all in and out of the house, checking in with me, but still not done for the night, so when all was quiet once again, I heard some “strange” commotion coming from my yard.

Lo and Behold, toilet paper flying through the air and teenagers running EVERY which direction.  !!!!!!!!   I guess this ought to be flattering to the two teenagers that live here, but I saw nothing but a mess in the making and a WHOLE lot of wasted rolls of toilet paper!!!  😮

The funny part, is as I bolted upstairs to get Glenn OUT OF BED, they were just finishing up the job.  He took the stairs all in one jump, ran out the door, but quickly learned teenagers can STILL out run him…..and away they went. I am sure laughing the whole time at that “old man” trying to catch them.

Was this Maisons friends figuring out how to do it maybe for one of their first time???  or Madisons  (more experienced friends)  giving her a grand good-bye??   Regardless, it made for some good clean (enough) fun, but left a whole lot of work for both my kids as soon as we got home from church this morning.   (ok, I helped clean up a little too)

Big day tomorrow.  3 hours to Denison,  and we return home another 3 hours minus my daughter.

I need to get a grip on myself, because as of now, I am pretty much an emotional wreck.

I thought I was doing fine until she left to go to church Youth Group tonight, and I spend the rest of the evening in tears.  No way to disguise that I have been crying, so I guess when she gets home, I will just admit it.   😦    this is TOO hard to try to “appear” so non-chalant about.

{sigh}  weather she is there one week or a whole year, it is still time I have to endure without her, and for that…..I am just not ready.


9 Responses to “kids will be kids…..”

  1. Debbie Sevier Says:

    My husband taught high school at the same school for 37 years. We too got toilet papered several times over the years. My favorite story was a fellow teacher who would tell his science class that he “loved it” when they came to TP as he would reroll all of it and didn’t have to buy any for a year. The kids always got a kick out of that story.

  2. Jean McCormick Says:

    The first year is the hardest and the tears will continue to come. Just be greatful that you have enjoyed her for this long and that you have been so close. So many families this day and time can’t say that. We will be remembering both of you this week as you begin a new journey in your life. It really will be o.k. Jean
    Sounds like lots of fun you had this week-end.

  3. Diane Says:

    I know what you mean Kelly, when she came up and gave me a hug before she left, I had tears in my eyes too. I have seen her mature so much in the last year, both as a young person and spiritually. You should be so proud of her, I am

  4. kim aka machita Says:

    i have such a lump in my throat today 😦 who will i have stay overnight now? i will miss her her so bad.

  5. BLT Says:

    Never hide tears of love. Shedding them teaches her it’s okay to cry; it’s okay to be sensitive. It’s okay to share pain–even when it’s good pain for growth.

    I never saw my mother cry when I was growing up. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never cried at a movie (The Notebook, Schindler’s List, The Passion…to just name a few), nor a wedding nor a funeral. I’m a very sensitive person; I just APPEAR stoic to everyone else………..

  6. Dawn Says:

    Kelli, you are breaking my heart…Sean will be 12 in two more days, 7th grade yikes! and my bambino, Gracie just turned 6. I am not prepared for what you are going through:(

  7. jeanne overton Says:


  8. Diana W Says:

    My oldest son is 23. He came home the other night so he and his dad could fix a part on his car. When it came time to leave, I realized how very much I loved him. Now this is the boy who took 8 years to come into our lives, gave me total trouble during my pregnancy, was 10 pounds and c-section and has been off and running since. I was so happy when he moved out to his own place, but even now, I cry when I think about how lonely this house is without him and his friends. He’s been so very caring the past 1 1/2 weeks since my back surgery and says he’ll be here tomorrow, but today is Monday and I miss him NOW.
    Just remember it’s okay to cry and feel teary. Excuse yourself, go someplace quiet and just let it go. You’ll feel better and will still miss her, but you need that release. Take care and do something nice for yourself today.

  9. Lana Says:

    Kelli….I will be thinking of you…I can’t say anything more than the people who know you well have already said. I think that your baby girl knows…if she ever changes her mind…you are there, if she loves it and has the time of her life…you are there. She knows…no matter what…she will take the safety of your love with her, and that is the very thing that will keep you with her when she is gone, and the reasons you will count the days till you can see her smile. A webcam is always a great thing…eventually you will quit crying and actually want to know everything she is doing!

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