my location…

Yep....this is where I am.

Yep....this is where I am.

I have tried to go around it, above it, backed up and tried a different route…..I think I have tried just about EVERYTHING, and I just keep running straight into it.

I am trying to get a life again, I am trying to also find our new “normal” and nothing is coming to me.

Once I get  what I am looking so hard for, you will know it and I just might be back and better than ever, but in the meantime, this brick wall is all I seem to be faced with.

{sigh}     ( a great big huge )  {SIGH} !!!!!!!   😦


8 Responses to “my location…”

  1. Diana W Says:

    Sometimes we all need a brick wall to make us stop and re-evaluate. This is your time. Take your time, and take care.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Someone posted that to find where we ARE suppose to be, we first eliminate where were are NOT suppose to be. That spoke volumes to me.
      I know in time, all will be well, I am just getting TOO impatient!! 🙂

  2. Rhonda Van Zante Says:

    Kelli, I am at the same place. Stop, count the blessings. I am told it will be better. I am trusting God.

  3. pat Says:

    Kelly have you heard of vocational high schools. I have a friend who’s daughter is attending one here in Omaha. There are schools for business, the zoo, and medical fields. The kids attend classes here at the hospital and only go to school for the language class. Or if its the zoo they are interested in they attend classes there. Not sure if this is what you are searching for. Might be something to look in to.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have not heard of anything like that around here, but it sounds like a GREAT thing. Teaching in an environment with something they are REALLY interested in.
      So many programs around here are changing so much since we are getting a Job Corp in another year in Ottumwa. (oh, the thought of that makes me shudder now!!!!) 😮

  4. oldplowwoman Says:

    Kelli, I have prayed for you for the last two days. I am sorry that I haven’t responded sooner. Be still and listen for the Lord to let you know what direction he needs you to go. I am not even sure what is going on the last I knew your husband was on the way to pick up your daughter from job corp? If she is in need of school do you have a DMACC office in your town that she could get a GED from and than go back and take the credit classes to fulfill her high school dipolma requirements? If you don’t have one I wonder if they would let her take them via the internet. Kelli, please know that I am always here with prayer for you and your family.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thank you Jenice!!! I knew you had not forgotten about me 🙂 we got the papers signed to atleast get her open enrolled, which was a HUGE victory!!! now, onto the receiving school district and we can get this girl back on track in the right direction!!!!

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