my (not so) simple Sunday

and this is what my childhood bed looked like.  No hardwood floors though, I had pink SHAG carpeting!!!

and this is what my childhood bed looked like. No hardwood floors though, I had pink SHAG carpeting!!!

Funny how things strike you on certain days.  This Sunday is one of them.

A few thoughts today keep bringing me back to my  mother.

We overslept for church.

As we got up and going, this was the scene at my house.

Glenn loads up everything to go mow, the many OTHER yards than ours that he does.  (rain the last few days has messed up his schedule)

Maison heads out to go somewhere on his moped with a friend.

I am way behind on laundry, so I am diving straight into it, doing many loads and getting them out on the clothesline to conserve energy as well as take advantage of the beautiful breeze.  Then…I need to tackle my “to-do” list for the day!!

Madison is STILL sleeping.

Now, to reflect on my OWN mother and my childhood.

Sundays we attended church, without a doubt, no matter what was going on ( which wasn’t much) my mom, my dad and 5 little girls went to church in our “Sundays best”.  Every. Sunday.

We came back home after Sunday school, to a BIG homecooked meal that was prepared for the most part,  the day before, and the rest of the day remained VERY quiet.  My sisters and I  cleaned up from the meal, and pretty much stayed near our bedrooms after that. (note: the image I chose.)   Not sure what we did to fill the day, but whatever it was, it was QUIET.  My parents always took a nap together and we knew better than to make much noise.

Going anywhere was out of the question.  We did not shop, we did not do “work” of any kind, and for heavens sake, going to the movie like some of our friends wanted us to do, was COMPLETELY out of the question.  To this day, although I do alot of things differently, I have probably only attended one movie on a Sunday, EVER,  and that was “Passion of the Christ” so that sort of does not count, right?   🙂

I wish I could do things like I was raised, but it is hard.  Look how my day started??  we overslept. Pathetic huh?? I am not sure, but I do not recall one day in my childhood  that my mom “overslept”.  Ever.

My dad was an over the road truck driver, gone most of the week.  Wouldn’t you think he would have had a list  a mile long to do, on one of the two days he was home for the weekend??  no.  On Sundays he rested, and then left our family again on Sunday evenings to go back to work for the week.

I am not sure who mowed our yard when I was young.  I know it was not ME…..and I know it was not my Dad.  Maybe Kathy, or Kim, or Kris?  I don’t know.

Here is my husband mowing 3 other yards today.  {sigh}   and then ours.

Growing up, we went to church on Sundays, ate,  and rested all day.

My mom did laundry for 7 people, I do it for 4.  My washer runs ALL day on Sundays, my moms did not even get turned on.

I want to be THAT simple again…..but in todays time???  we would seem bored and “unproductive” if our Sundays were spent that way.

Is this progress or regress?  I have my own opinion on it, but at the same time, can not figure out how to change it.

Enjoy your Sunday, however YOU choose to spend it.


18 Responses to “my (not so) simple Sunday”

  1. Needing a manicure Says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from… My childhood was VERY-VERY similar and I had a pink canopy bed as well…:) I find myself using Sunday afternoon as “catch up from the week” But in reality we should use Sunday as a REST DAY to begin our week with a clear head and a energized body….. I do believe if maybe we took a little time to rest we would feel better throughout the week..:)
    We are always saying “I need to find time to do something..” We are never going to “FIND TIME”.. We have to make time.. Maybe making time thoughout the week for “the chores” and letting Sunday be the day with your family and going to church, restful and relaxing.. We would be blessed by doing so..:) Of course as I am writing this I have towels in the washer.. I do want to get back to “rest day” on Sunday afternoons…:) I will start right after this load!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is funny!!! “start right after this load”. Maybe we can make our own personal challenge to MAKE time on sundays to rest!!! and of course once mowing season is over, Glenn will have a much lighter schedule to follow.
      But then it is the holidays….. {sigh} always something!!!!!

  2. Mishelle Says:

    I grew up the same way as you did (but no pink canoppy bed…;'() I still trying to figure out they found the time to get it all done without doing it on Sunday. I wonder if maybe less tv, no computer, no cellphones and less activities for kids made a difference? Shopping was done all locally so that saved trips to other towns timewise. No matter what… I think you should cut yourself some slack on what you accomplish compared to your mom. Time has a way of glossing over and making you think back to perfection when it probably didn’t exist. Just take your family traditions and make them work for you today and I’m sure your kids will look back and remember things organized while you do a blog, save the planet, maintain a business and take care of your family AND wonder how you did it all!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is all VERY true and makes me see it in even a different light. Maybe I just remember it all through a childs eyes, but darn, my mother REALLY “seemed” to have it all together!!! all while raising 5 DAUGHTERS!!! god bless her soul.
      I can only hope I can leave as good of an impression on my kids and she did us. 🙂

  3. jeanne overton Says:

    i remember that we could not even ride our bikes (didint have one till i was 12 anyway) and were not allowed to watch t.v. didnt have one of those until i was in 2nd grade. went to church twice on sunday.. it gave us time to study our cathacism for wednesday nights.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh yeah, there was always cathacism to study for!! I remember that well. Actually since you mention that, I am imagining that was probabaly a God send for my mom. One little piece of time that she actually DID get the house to all to herself, for like an hour!! luckily she did not need to DRIVE us there as we walked across the street, and we ALL went to the same place at the same time. I am sure it was literally a blessing in disguise!!!

  4. Diana W Says:

    My childhood was not so different. My parents did not go to church, but I always went with the neighbors. Mom did fix the big meal, though, and I know it was pretty quiet at our house. Of course, when I was growing up, the blue laws were still in place and I don’t think much was even open except maybe Hy-Vee on Euclid, but I remember the blue curtain pulled down over the beer cooler.
    And yes, the pink bed was there, but with a draped curtain on the wall behind the bed so look like a window behind the headboard. And I DID have the hardwood floors.
    the Sunday evening tradition was to have popcorn and malts while we watched Disney and The FBI, sometimes the Sunday Night Movie.
    Funny what you remember when you start thinking about it, huh?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have never heard about this Blue curtain idea, but I think it is a good one . I wish they did that now. Is it really necessary to sell alcohol on Sundays anyway?? maybe I am just too old fashioned in alot of ways.
      I am glad to spark some memories from this post. There are few things I enjoy more than walking down memory lane!!!!!!!!!! especially with both my parents gone at such a young age, it makes my heart feel warm for the wonderful way we were raised and the memories left behind.

  5. blt Says:

    as kids we were sent to church so mom could be free of us for an hour while she read the paper. i worked at least 2-3 hours every sat & sunday cleaning house, laundry, etc. from age 8+. not much fun in addition to school work & garden but i didnt mow the lawn. dad did.

    now i give the dogs a bath on sunday, toss their bedding in the wash & i have fun the rest of the day. i read half of Daniel today, part of a nonfiction, walked the dogs, toodled in the yard for fun, & enjoyed a little football on tv. i also cook breakfast on sat/sun & often on sunday we go pick up a bunch of cinnamon rolls to enjoy & share w/ our neighbors from our favorite baker.

    wish i could say i go to church but have found them lost, directionless, & nothing but a front for a fickle social club–the lukewarm church Christ spews out, where we are identified as tithing units (a true term) & not souls or even humans. you are very fortunate. but we are very close to G-d & He is VERY REAL in our lives.

    oh! we have no alarm clock! 😎

    • simplyaltered Says:

      As long as you have a faith in God, and he is always with you is the main thing. I have always had a great experience in my Christian life and am very thankful for it. I was born and raised, married, family baptized and buried 2 parents and a sister in the same church. Our roots run very deep there.
      (even though I overslept this morning!!) LOL.
      and the no alarm clock??? PERFECT!!! you have a very nice Sunday routine, I wish mine were equally as relaxing, but some times, more than not, it isn’t. 😦

  6. Helen Says:

    Seems that “Making Sunday Simple” might be the next step in your Simply Altered Life. You described my childhood almost perfectly. I make every effort to make Sunday a day in which I “honor the Lord by not going my own way”. As with most of the changes you have shared with us in this blog, it first starts with a choice. Major changes always start with small changes. Why not change the one thing that is most on your mind and go from there? Lots of things that I think make you smile have come about because you have “simply altered” them.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you are RIGHT, I can make small changes. I can “alter” my thinking, my to-do list each Sunday, atleast try to whittle it down a little if nothing else. Mayeb I need to find a happy medium? isn’t it funny how I allow others to think of things in a different light, but at the same time, that sound advise comes right back to me!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

  7. Amber Wallace Says:

    I was having this same exact thought yesterday.. I was running around the house after my son had football practice (on a Sunday?) And was trying to get all the laundry done and folded for the beginning of the week at least and our power went out. Solved that issue.. God trying to tell me to slow down, don’t go so fast. It worked. We were all in bed by 8pm

  8. Sammie Jester Says:

    LIfe was a lot simpler 30-40 years ago. Not so many mothers worked outside the home as well as at home. We did not have three sports to play at one time and we had to make our own fun. I was lucky, I had a dog and a hores. We rode to tend cattle and for pleasure. The only restriction wea that we made it home before dark. You sure see the country differently on the back or a horse. You also notice the good smells of nature.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is also the case in our childhood. The only activities we were in were all in our backyard and the “teams” consisted of the neighborhood!!! right where my mom could watch us as she was cooking all those yummy meals!!! {sigh}

  9. kim aka machita Says:

    do you remember how mom stressed “never hang clothes the line on Sunday”?and “always make sure the drapes are hanging straight”????? bless you heart mom….see we DID pay attention to you 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, I do remember that too, and to this day we NEVER have a curtain or blind hanging oddly. We have a certain name for THAT in our house, but I think I ought not post it here. 😮

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