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My sisters movie night…

October 27, 2009

The movie playing...


3 of the 4 sisters

The hostess with the mostest...(and another sister)

The (sister &) hostess with the mostess...

Now this is a simple pleasure.  A movie night with my sisters.  No kids and no husbands allowed!!

Ever since this movie was made, my sisters insisted that is was a movie that I absolutely HAD to see.   Anyone that knows me, knows full well that I do not  do movies.  Not sure why, normally I see them as 2 hours of wasted time, when I could be doing something much more constructive, or watching a news program or something of intellectual value.  (I know, crazy huh??)  so I kept putting them off, yeah, yeah, yeah ,  I promise I will watch it “someday”

“Someday” came tonight, when my sister Kim planned a Sisters Movie Night….complete with popcorn and you were SUPPOSE to come in your PJ’s,  (note I am the only one that followed those instructions!!!)    I guess this was one way to force me to watch it.

It was a GREAT movie, and I was not prepared for the ending AT ALL.  The floodgates opened up.  Yes, I cried.  Alot.  It was so sad.  Such love, such progress, and such a sad sad ending.  Reminded me of alot of personal things as well.  I had a sister that had a second chance at love, had indeed just found it, and was taken away from it through a short and brutal battle with cancer.   Of course, every sister activity we do, her absense is always felt, and maybe even moreso tonight.  😦

….and the best part about this sisters activity??  I did not have to travel far, as Kim lives across the street from me.  Yeah, even BETTER!!!  I would hate to venture too far out of my comfort zone.   LOL

Thanks for the relaxing time and planning a very SIMPLE evening on my behalf.

Sisters are just simply the BEST  !!!!  (especially when you are blessed to have had 4 of them!!!!)


Are YOU “home”?…

October 25, 2009

6a00e55065630088340120a58c9998970b-800wi Have you stayed home all weekend long?

Maybe you have been gone all weekend long?

Maybe you are on an extended stay AWAY from home?

Regardless, I hope for you, that you get that warm, fuzzy and relaxed feeling as soon as you walk through the doors of your OWN home.

My family has a thing, when any of us are gone for any amount of time, we walk in the door.  Stop.  Take a big breath IN, and smile.  It always feels so good to “be back home” and surround yourself  with the ones you love most?

We call it “Homeytown”   as far as I remember back, when my parents pulled into the driveway with us, someone announced “We are Homeytown”    🙂

Traditions are so heartwarming to pass down.

I hope (and wish) the same feeling for you.

get the soup bowls ready…..

October 21, 2009

soup-bowlsOur winner “Dorothy” was so kind to get right back in contact with me this morning, and even offered her favorite soup recipes before I could ask!!!  and they sound WAY too good to be true!!!

The Machine Shed soup will definitely be a meal of ours this weekend.  With bacon in it???  ahhhh…….makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Here is what she so kindly sent  (even includes bread bowl recipe if you are looking for extra calories)   LOL

(I had to list the recipes in the comment section, as it would not copy / paste in the body of this post. Darn technology!!  🙂   so scroll a little more, and you will find it all below)


and the winner is…

October 20, 2009

Good morning all!!!

Our comfort foods winner is……

” Dorothy “

tried and true comfort foods!!!

tried and true comfort foods!!!

Thanks to all who submitted their thoughts on comfort foods.  A fun way to recharge all our appetites!!  There were so many DELICIOUS ideas tossed around here, I wish I had each and every recipe.  Feel free to send me your recipes and I will eventually get them posted.  I am always looking for new blog material, and can add the recipes in at random.  Please send them to my e mail address.

Now, on to the winner.  Dorothy, please send me your snail mail address, again to my e mail address   and I will get your kitchen related gift sent on its way!!!

Already thinking about our next giveaway!!!……..

ok. Back to laundry…

October 17, 2009

I hope my blog readers appreciate my randomness  (is that a word??)  I figure, it keeps it interesting.

Now, back to basically what began all the hype with the blog.  Laundry.

Last week, my washer / dryer officially DIED.  Yep, I milked them along as long as I could and thanks to my clothesline, it lasted longer than I had anticipated.  But the time had come.

out with the old, old, OLD...

out with the old, old, OLD...

and in with the NEW  !!!!

and in with the NEW !!!!

Can you feel my excitement???   I got a front loading set, and hopefully my water bill will reflect it  (and power bill as well)  ANYTHING has to be more efficient that the old set we had.  It was taking 2+ hours to dry a load, and I am WAY too busy for that nonsense.  🙂

I was very hesitant to change for one BIG reason though…..the laundry SOAP.  Yeah, I am certain if they insisted only the high price H.E detergent be used, I might have had to reconsider.

But….when I asked specifically, the owner of the store (whom I know personally and TRUST his word)  told me that the G.E Sales Representative herself uses the homemade soap…… SOLD  !!!!!!!!!   I am 100% confident now, that YES YES YES you definitely CAN use the Simply Wonderful laundry soap in front loaders.  The very most asked question of all time on the blog and the answer was, and still is, Y.E.S  !!

And what makes this whole deal even sweeter?  I got a $100 cash rebate from Mid American Energy for the purchase and another $35 cash rebate from G.E.  I now am using ONLY one Tbsp of laundry soap, as recommended instead of 2, again, from the G.E Sales Rep herself, so my laundry soap will be lasting even longer.

I was also told that normal top loaders, large batch takes about 39 to 40 gallons of water.  This front loader, large batch will take only 12 to 13.

in addition to the energy savings of about 30 minutes of drying time???

hmmmmm….. WHY on earth did I wait so long to make this purchase?

**REMEMBER…..the comfort food give away ends Monday night.  Leave your delicious comments ASAP  !!!!!!!

Organic comfort…

October 14, 2009
Hello Rhiannon...

Well, Hello Rhiannon...

Meet Rhiannon. My Niece.  She is one family member that has left her hometown 12 years ago, and basically never looked back.  She lived in Cincinatti, works for Delta airlines, and marches to the beat of a little different drummer.  I hardly knew what organic was.  She is organic.  Her “comfort” foods always include organic ingredients. Even her CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!  might not be 100% organic, but the small changes make a difference, and she thought this was a good beginning for me.  Shows me just how different things can taste when you just make small organic (and green) changes.   She more often than not, skips the conventional grocery store, and plans her meals from the Open Air Markets in her area, or local Farmers Market.  How lucky she is to have so many choices like that in the area she lives in. ????  She chooses organic from the food she puts in her body, to the decor in her home, to the products she uses on her skin.  I can admire that.

So….I just took a batch of her cookies out of the oven, and as I was thinking of my blog, and how well everyone enjoys the postings about food….it seemed a perfect addition to it today.

Here is her recipe:

1/2 cup DARK brown Organic sugar

2 sticks Margarine

1 cup Organic Sugar in the Raw

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp Cream of Tarter

1 Organic egg (slightly beaten)

2 cups Organic flour  (if using regular flour, add 2 Tbsp)

1 cup miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix all but the flour and chips together.  Blend well. Add flour. Blend well.  Add chips.  Blend well.

Bake 325 degrees for 9 to 11 minutes or until cookies are SLIGHTLY brown on the very edges.

Cool on wire rack and store in a sealed container.

These cookies are SO yummy!!!   (and of course, comforting)  🙂    In a sealed container, they stay nice and soft!!!   DELICIOUS, and you will not feel NEARLY as guilty eating them, Ya know, afterall, there ARE organic ingredients in them!!!!

Sanks Rhiannon!!!

Who knows, maybe I can introduce more members of my extended family to my blog readers in the future???  that could give me some blogging material as I have a VERY large extended family!!  🙂

***and rememeber…….post YOUR comfort foods!!!!  contest ends Monday.  !!!!!!!!!!!!

a long over due giveaway!

October 13, 2009
are you hungry yet?

are you hungry yet?

I have been posting to Facebook  about all the comfort foods I have been making lately…….We had the first official snowfall this past weekend, so comfort food in this house is a BIG hit!!!  and that kind of food just makes you feel so good,  the preparation, the presentation as well as how YUMMY  and warm it makes the house feel while you are doing all the work.

I love to BBQ in the summer, but by fall, I am ready for some hearty warm meals  (and dessert)

and it is time for a challenge anyway, right??

Post your favorite comfort foods, or the things YOU have already fed (or plan to feed) yourself or your family in the comfort food variety.

I will draw a winner  (at random) and post the winning results on Monday October 19. One week from today.  🙂 With any luck, the winner might even share their favorite “comfort food” recipe with us!!!

Add your comments NOW.  The giveaway will be something you will love and it WILL be kitchen related.  🙂  yeah!!!!

I will start things off with MY idea of comfort food that I have been busy making!!!!

on a cold Saturday night…

October 11, 2009

Nothing to do than to think of what is ahead of me.  Bed.  My wonderful warm, secure and comfy bed.

Which brings me to my NEW sheets that I thought I was simply “Thankful” for the other day???   Oh, that seems inadequate now.  I am SO in love with these sheets, I am finding it hard to concentrate when I am not IN between them!!!  seriously. I can not get my mind OFF them.  …………after much thought about sending you the info, I was prompted by “Heidi” to please tell more.  Ok.  I will.

Since I do not know yet how to make “links” on this blog, I will just give you the details.   Go to and search “sheets”.  I believe at the top of the page, you will find something called “Plush Micro Fleece Sheet Set”.  That is it and here is a picture of it.  (correction:  for those subscribers,  who get this via your inbox, the link works!!  not sure how I did THAT, but it works unless you are reading this via the blog/ website)  go figure.

This has GOT to be what sleeping in Heaven feels like!!!!

This has GOT to be what sleeping in Heaven feels like!!!!

There you go.  I got a King size set in mocha,  and I think it was maybe $48 total.  Not bad for King sized sheets!!!


They DO shed.  They do shed ALOT.  I washed and dried mine twice before I ever put them on.  My sister warned me about this (she has equally rave reviews on them)  so, I did it, and made the bed up and still had to change my clothes when I was done.  The little pills of fleece were EVERY !! WHERE!!   my initial thought,  is I can not deal with this mess.  ……until I slept in them.  I am hooked.  One more washing or so, I think it will be fine, but even if my whole entire room was filled with little fleece bunnies, I know it would still be worth it.

I am probably 4 more hours from climbing into bed for the night and I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and btw, they do NOT get cold).  They are warm the minute your body hits them!!!!

It snowed overnight in Iowa last night.  I will not even embarass myself to tell you what time of day I had to literally tear myself out of bed.  I could have remained there, nestled in these sheets,  !!!!!!!

October 7…

October 7, 2009 me. me.

Yes, I am officially another year older and another year wiser  ( or am I ?)

The sun is shining and my day has started in a very great way.  Who says modern technology is impersonal?   I have recieved more birthday greetings already today by 8 am, than I have EVER had in my 44 years!!!   mostly via Facebook and e mail and text.  How nice huh???  and what an easy way to send Happy Birthday greetings in todays hectic world!!

I don’t think my birthday today will involve birthday cake, but I do believe it will involve Mexican food.  🙂  yum!!

and Glenns note this morning, amongst other things also said “Remember Kelli, you are 44, in case anyone asks”   (haha)  Isn’t it crazy how at this age, you have to stop and THINK of your age?  maybe it is just me, but when I am asked my age, I look at Glenn and always ask his age,  as he is a year older than me.

But then again, age is just a number, right?  does it really matter?


thoughts of gratitude

October 6, 2009
in a random way

in a random way...

After much thought on what to update my blog with, I decided to look back at the last few days and take the time to realize the GOOD things I have around me.  Some monumental, some rather insignificant, but regardless, they all bring a smile to my face, so I thought I would share with you.    🙂

1.  Soft sheets.

Just got a new set today.  Since my husband is in bed ALREADY, I will have to wait til tomorrow night to surprise him. They are BEYOND soft!!!  more like blanket fleece than cotton sheets.  I will have the bed all made up for him to unsuspectingly get in to the sheets he feels every other normal night.

2.  Eddyville / Blakesburg High School.

So far, so good.   So far, so VERY good.   I say a prayer and cross my fingers each day at 8:00 a.m..  No one can know what a HUGE relief this is to our family!!!!   someone had this path laid out for her long ago, I just didn’t know about it  {wink-wink}  Thank you God!!!

3.  Pumpkin bars.

I made some today and still trying to decide which is better.  The taste of them?  or just the way they make the house smell?  both make me feel equally as good.

4.  A 40 hour work week for my husband.

Something we used to take for granted.  No more.  With the cut in hours he has had to take, a 40 hour work week is a real blessing around here!!  I think we are on about 4 weeks in a row now, and myself AND the household budget are both smiling because of it!!!!

5.  Laundry Soap.

I made 8 batches for a friend, and made 8 batches for myself.  Still can not believe how much I love it after the HUNDREDS of batches I have made.  I will never go back. Period.

6.  Forbes magazine.

I know.  Crazy huh??  I got my copy today in the mail of Forbes 400.  Top 400 people of wealth in the world.  I have no idea why I get this magazine, it is one I would have NO reason to subscribe to.  So many magazines come from companies solely for the purpose of my business, free of charge, for the client waiting area.  I am a HOOKED on magazines of any kind, so I make sure to read them ALL.  Anyway, back to why this makes me thankful????   they may have all the money they need, and they might very well be happy in their own way.  BUT……I wonder how THEIR list might compare to mine??  I am sure my life is much more SIMPLE than theirs.   🙂  and SIMPLE is GOOD.

Now, take a minute to reflect on what SIMPLE things YOU are thankful for today.