on a cold Saturday night…

Nothing to do than to think of what is ahead of me.  Bed.  My wonderful warm, secure and comfy bed.

Which brings me to my NEW sheets that I thought I was simply “Thankful” for the other day???   Oh, that seems inadequate now.  I am SO in love with these sheets, I am finding it hard to concentrate when I am not IN between them!!!  seriously. I can not get my mind OFF them.  …………after much thought about sending you the info, I was prompted by “Heidi” to please tell more.  Ok.  I will.

Since I do not know yet how to make “links” on this blog, I will just give you the details.   Go to http://www.ltdcommodities.com and search “sheets”.  I believe at the top of the page, you will find something called “Plush Micro Fleece Sheet Set”.  That is it and here is a picture of it.  (correction:  for those subscribers,  who get this via your inbox, the link works!!  not sure how I did THAT, but it works unless you are reading this via the blog/ website)  go figure.

This has GOT to be what sleeping in Heaven feels like!!!!

This has GOT to be what sleeping in Heaven feels like!!!!

There you go.  I got a King size set in mocha,  and I think it was maybe $48 total.  Not bad for King sized sheets!!!


They DO shed.  They do shed ALOT.  I washed and dried mine twice before I ever put them on.  My sister warned me about this (she has equally rave reviews on them)  so, I did it, and made the bed up and still had to change my clothes when I was done.  The little pills of fleece were EVERY !! WHERE!!   my initial thought,  is I can not deal with this mess.  ……until I slept in them.  I am hooked.  One more washing or so, I think it will be fine, but even if my whole entire room was filled with little fleece bunnies, I know it would still be worth it.

I am probably 4 more hours from climbing into bed for the night and I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and btw, they do NOT get cold).  They are warm the minute your body hits them!!!!

It snowed overnight in Iowa last night.  I will not even embarass myself to tell you what time of day I had to literally tear myself out of bed.  I could have remained there, nestled in these sheets,   all.day.long  !!!!!!!


8 Responses to “on a cold Saturday night…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    um i will be receiving mine very very soon also!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Paula Says:

    I’m right there with you, honey!! I am 42 and still have a waterbed (most my age have discovered that they have back problems due to this) but this is my dream every day during this part of our IA life – going to bed in my warm waterbed. We’ve had our full flotation waterbed for 21 years and, even in my husband’s words, I would live there if I could during the IA winters!! I don’t know if these sheets come in California King for waterbeds, but I probably don’t need another reason to hang out there!! You go girl!! You definitely have back up here!! Sleep in tomorrow – and every day that you can!!


    • simplyaltered Says:

      funny, I did not know anyone had a waterbed anymore!! LOL. Good for you, I always loved our too when we had one. Looking back , I am not sure why we got rid of it, other than everyone else was replacing theirs too. 🙂

  3. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Glad you like them. I will not buy trying them Kel. I don’t like any sheet that my pajammas will stick too, and that would include these and t-shirt sheets that were so popular a few years ago. I want to be able to turn over easily, without resistance. But I am sure these are plenty warm for you. Enjoy, and I bet I know how late you slept in Sat. morning 🙂

  4. Diana W Says:

    Last winter I bought an electric pad foot heater for my bed. It fits across the foot of our bed, under the sheets, and acts like a heating pad for our feet.
    Now, I have hot flashes, so you would think I would hate this, but this is the nearest thing to heaven my husband and I have found. Turn it on before you crawl in, and your feet are instantly toasty.
    You are NOT crazy, I love to stay in bed, and had to be practically drug out this morning so I could be at church early to be a deaconess. Only 2 more weeks…..

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I did atleast make it to church this week…but that warm bed always feels better the closer to morning I get!! LOL

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