Are YOU “home”?…

6a00e55065630088340120a58c9998970b-800wi Have you stayed home all weekend long?

Maybe you have been gone all weekend long?

Maybe you are on an extended stay AWAY from home?

Regardless, I hope for you, that you get that warm, fuzzy and relaxed feeling as soon as you walk through the doors of your OWN home.

My family has a thing, when any of us are gone for any amount of time, we walk in the door.  Stop.  Take a big breath IN, and smile.  It always feels so good to “be back home” and surround yourself  with the ones you love most?

We call it “Homeytown”   as far as I remember back, when my parents pulled into the driveway with us, someone announced “We are Homeytown”    🙂

Traditions are so heartwarming to pass down.

I hope (and wish) the same feeling for you.


9 Responses to “Are YOU “home”?…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Ok, lump in throat gone now. I can NOT NOT NOT wait for this feeling. November 23rd I will no longer feel like a visitor anywhere! I will be HOME! Can’t wait to breathe in that feeling!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh I know. I really did not plan this ahead at all, but as I was typing it all out, my thoughts kept going back to you, so far far far from your “home”.
      But rest assured, the best thing about “homeytown” is it will ALWAYS be there waiting for you!!! 😦

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    oh jessi, now i have a lump in my throat 😦 anyway, when Marv and I have been gone every time we pull in the driveway we say “home sweet home”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I’ll never forget…..several years back, when our boys were much younger, we had been on vacation to the Smoky Mountains, as I recall. Were gone around a week total. We pulled in the drive at home, got out of the car, and Nate, our youngest who was probably about 7, said to me, “Mom, it’s always so nice to go places, but it’s even nicer to come back home.” Makes me smile to think about now, but also brings a tear or two to my eyes. Nate’s now a Marine, stationed in Cherry Point, NC at this time, and I can’t wait for him to come home in December!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      now that does feel good coming from a young child like that huh??? warms the heart.
      Oh, I can only imagine when your son comes home in December!!!! that would be AWESOME to see his expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am sure you will make his homecoming SO special!!!!

  4. olold plow woman Says:

    I have been home all weekend no tv no internet just working away cleaning and I even worked in the yard yesterday replanting flowers given to us by my sister. However you made tears come to my eyes and the thought of my mother. When we young and we would come home from Chicago where our father lived my mother would have us open all the windows and we crossed the mississippi river bridge and she would say it smells so good to be home. I truly believe mama left all of the cares of the bad life she lived on the bridge every time and was thankful to be coming home free of the pain and abuse she endured for many years.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is a WONDERFUL story!!! makes my heart heavy at the same time though. Definitely bittersweet memories for you. 😦

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