My sisters movie night…


The movie playing...


3 of the 4 sisters

The hostess with the mostest...(and another sister)

The (sister &) hostess with the mostess...

Now this is a simple pleasure.  A movie night with my sisters.  No kids and no husbands allowed!!

Ever since this movie was made, my sisters insisted that is was a movie that I absolutely HAD to see.   Anyone that knows me, knows full well that I do not  do movies.  Not sure why, normally I see them as 2 hours of wasted time, when I could be doing something much more constructive, or watching a news program or something of intellectual value.  (I know, crazy huh??)  so I kept putting them off, yeah, yeah, yeah ,  I promise I will watch it “someday”

“Someday” came tonight, when my sister Kim planned a Sisters Movie Night….complete with popcorn and you were SUPPOSE to come in your PJ’s,  (note I am the only one that followed those instructions!!!)    I guess this was one way to force me to watch it.

It was a GREAT movie, and I was not prepared for the ending AT ALL.  The floodgates opened up.  Yes, I cried.  Alot.  It was so sad.  Such love, such progress, and such a sad sad ending.  Reminded me of alot of personal things as well.  I had a sister that had a second chance at love, had indeed just found it, and was taken away from it through a short and brutal battle with cancer.   Of course, every sister activity we do, her absense is always felt, and maybe even moreso tonight.  😦

….and the best part about this sisters activity??  I did not have to travel far, as Kim lives across the street from me.  Yeah, even BETTER!!!  I would hate to venture too far out of my comfort zone.   LOL

Thanks for the relaxing time and planning a very SIMPLE evening on my behalf.

Sisters are just simply the BEST  !!!!  (especially when you are blessed to have had 4 of them!!!!)


18 Responses to “My sisters movie night…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    oh now you have made me cry 😦

  2. bejes Says:

    Sounds like a good one……for me NOT to watch.

  3. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Yep, I wasn’t prepared for the ending either, and cried alot!!! Still a very good movie, with things to think about, after it is over!!! And Richard is always easy on the eyes. Good thing I loaned my copy to Kim, huh???

  4. Pam Taylor Says:

    I am envious……There is nothing like “Sister time”. There are 3 of us and since we live 700+ miles apart we don’t get to have those moments so often. The last one was at the beginning of the summer. I invited them to spend a week camping in the 5th wheel with me. We had a marvelous time and vow to do that again. I am supposed to be in Colorado as we sit but Nanette just got out of the hospital with pneumonia so our SISTER time has been postponed. But as soon as all are well, we are again. As you girls know all too well……cherish the moments…….

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, it is so nice to have them all here….but on the downside? our things are not as long lasted as yours!!! we do an afternoon or evening, and you get to do longer stretches!!! LOL. Either way, time spent as sisters is SO cherished, isn’t it?? 🙂

  5. Diana Says:

    I was not blessed with a sister, but when my hubby and I wed 31 years ago, I got a sister in the deal. She is my very best friend to this day, and we call each other sisters, not sisters-in-law.
    We send a surprise box (the same box, over and over) with goodies (books, movies, bottles lotion, a good recipe, a cute card, candy, homemade items, etc) back and forth. She sent me one when I had back surgery last month, and today I mailed her a good book I had just finished, a book journal and a box of Iowa chocolates. This idea came from the magazine “Real Simple” a couple years ago, and it has been the best thing ever. Such a surprise every once in a while to get a box out of the blue! Try it with your far away sister or friend.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is an awesome idea!!!! and although it seems hard to have family members that live away…you do get to do the things that I do not. Mail packages. EVeryone LOVES to still get snail mail, don’t they??

  6. Aunt Tippy Says:

    I didn’t get a sister either. But, I did try! (Will fill you in on that one later. . .I was VERY naughty!)

    However, I also have a sis-in-law who is wonderful! And I just know she thinks the same about me, right Amb? We also had a movie night a few weeks ago & it was very fun. Now we are going to a midnight preview together in November!

    You gotta take what is given to you & I also wouldn’t trade my baby brothers for the world! 🙂 (Don’t tell them I said that or they will think that I’ve gotten soft!)

  7. You Mommy' Says:

    Ahhhh Tiffany. You make a Mother proud. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick – what was the naughty thing?!?

  8. Sister Kattee' Says:

    It was a fun night, but then I always do think that Family gatherings are a fun time!! Can’t wait for Iowa City!!

  9. Gaamma Roxie Says:

    There is nothing like watching a good movie with your sister. When I was in Colorado last week, we watched “BabyMama”! Not as good as Nights in Rodanthe, but probably better “medicine” with what she’s dealing with right now. Laughter does the heart good!! Thanks for sharing this Kel.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, you need to watch more movies like that to lighten the mood and an extra dose of humor never hurts anything!!! Baby Mama is another one I have not seen, but heard it is good. (Jessi told me!!) LOL.

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