and the winner is…{uh oh}

and the winner is


The problem is, the main thing she wants to learn to do is WELDING !!!!  uh oh…..not sure I can help her out in ANY way on this one!!!


Funny thing, she is my neice.  Temporarily living in Dubai.  I have always been nervous she might be a winner.  Have you EVER priced shipping ANYTHING to Dubai?   major expensive!!!   I was going to send a small insignificant care package one time, thinking, maybe an extra $20 or so??? no, it was $110 to ship it!!!!!!!  needless to say, it did not go.  I didn’t miss her THAT much.  LOL.

Well, she is arriving back in the United States in a few weeks for Thanksgiving… I will be able to hand deliver it.  Perfect.

The other things on her list were:

*Making a cake with Fondant

*Grocery shopping and stocking a pantry.

I think I will go with one of those ideas instead.   🙂

Thanks to all….I loved reading the lists and already thinking about the next giveaway.

Stay tuned..



11 Responses to “and the winner is…{uh oh}”

  1. Noelle Bolibaugh Says:

    Stick or Wire Jes? Do you have a welder? I will teach u! Im talking “purple ribbon state fair” teach you!! 🙂 LOL!

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    yippeee skippeee for bejes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Ah girls, remember that you know a VERY VERY skilled welder, in many types of welding—my wonderful husband! He is certified in many areas of welding (I can’t name them, but he can!). He could probably teach you both.

  4. Cheryce Says:

    Yaaaay Jess!!! 🙂

  5. bejes Says:

    WOOT WOOT! What an awesome surprise to wake up to this morning. Can’t wait to find out my winnings! Noelle, you crack me up. I would love to see your skills in action sometime. You are just full of surprises. Oh, and I am not so knowledgable on the fair, what is purple for?

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