Life feels tough sometimes…

when I googled "Heavy Heart" this is what I found...When I googled “heavy heart” , this image is what I found.

Life can feel so tough sometimes.

My heart feels heavy tonight.

Cherish your parents.

I did.

This reminds me of when everyone tells you to cherish your children, hold them close, etc etc… TRUE!!!  and I certainly do  !!!!   I am in NO way making light of this heartfelt message.

But when it comes to your parents?  the odds of them passing, and leaving you to continue finding life all on your own, are pretty good.  More than likely we will all feel that way at some point and time.  Some sooner than others.

I was one of them.  My neice was one of them.

I was around 30 years old and had two small children, and found myself as a mid-life orphan.  It did NOT feel good.  How was I to go on without my parents guidence?   I was not even sure how to BE a parent myself!!  but I figured it out.  I had to.

Not an age issue.  My parents were in their 60’s…my sister was only 49.  What is fair about that?  nothing.

I attended a funeral Monday for someone elses “parent”.  Sad.  He was elderly and he was more than ready to continue his journey to heaven. He actually begged for it  Even when they are aging and in bad health, it forces you,  the son or daughter,  to a different level of adulthood.

I saw many “parents” of my peers attending this funeral as well.

Today one of THEM died unexpectedly.  Two days later.  Completely and utterly unexpected.  Went to work.  Never came home.  Around the age my parents were.

It makes my heart extremely heavy.  It brings back memories, that no matter the age, I was NOT ready to be without my parents.  I savored and cherished every single moment I had with them both.  I really did.  My sisters did.  Our kids did.  Our husbands did.  But sooner or later….. it will more than likely happen.

I know this family did as well, and now they are left to wrap their minds and hearts around what just took place.

I send this post to remind my readers.

Call your parents

Love your parents

Value their wisdom and respect their opinion.

It is all just a matter of time.

Go through life with no regrets.

…and if like myself, be thankful for the parents you once had and the little bits of themselves they leave behind in you and around you.

As on my parents stone:

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can not heal”

God bless them both.



10 Responses to “Life feels tough sometimes…”

  1. Jean McCormick Says:

    My mom died on the 30th of October. She was 94 but lived life to the fullest until about two years ago. Then she had to go into a nursing home and life took on a whole new meaning. Never, ever the same. We went almost every day and the night before she died she was fine and then the next day she was unresponsive and never woke up again. She knew we loved her dearly but it does something to you when you don’t get to say that last good by. We were all there expect my sister in Gerogia that has terminal cancer. The trip was to long for her. I can’t imagine how she felt not even being able to attend her mom’s funeral.
    Yes, life is to short even at its longest. We just never know when God will call us home. We must just live each day as though it’s our last and be ready to go when our mansion is finished and he calls our name.
    I’m so sorry for your friends loss. I know it must be hard. Almost like those in the Twin Towers who went to work and never came home. That has to be really hard on everyone. Yesterday here it was raining so bad and the weather was horrible, a sad feeling time in itself.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I remember you telling me about her this summer. I am sure you feel a deep loss, but appreciate a life well lived as well. My thoughts go out to you as you will have alot of “firsts” to get through this year like many others.

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    i have thought about Seregs all night just knowing what they are going through right now brings back so many memories of the deaths mom and dady 😦

  3. Jeannie Says:

    I have just returned from a week in Wisconsin where my Mom lies in a nursing home fighting ALS. I know full well I may not be able to make it back before she loses her battle. That does not make it any easier at all! But I “soaked up” every bit of Mom I could. I called her every night on my drive home from work in Des Moines and caught up with her day until she could no longer speek understandable words. I am so glad I did!
    While I was away a friend from work lost her battle for better health. And now I return home and find a neighbor had gone on. So much sadness.
    It is indeed a heavy heart time for all.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      seems to happen all at once sometimes. We forget to cherish the weeks and months withOUT losses. GLad you were able to spend the time with your mom. Those times are PRICELESS!!!

  4. Amber Wallace Says:

    Very well put.. Thanks.

  5. Gaamma Roxie Says:

    Thank you for the reminder Kel. I needed that.

  6. simplyaltered Says:


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