What I am reading…

It is a VERY good read.  Very easy reading, inspirational, and motivational.

Interesting concept, from an African medicine woman.  Give away 29 gifts in 29 days, and see how life will unfold in a different way.  How many kind gestures come back to you.  The benefits being spiritually and emotionally.

Her “prescription” for this involves 29 gifts in 29 days, and they are to be given in a row, and should you miss a day, you need to start over.

I am following along, and as I am not so sure I will be THAT strict on it, it has made me think.   Interesting, that I have not once started my day thinking ” what will be my gift to give today?”  but instead, the opportunity to GIVE has come to me, somewhere throughout each day.   Of course, I generally try to be nice to others, as most are etc etc……but this steps it up a little.  Makes you see loud and clear that one gift opportunity that you may have otherwise easily overlooked in a days time.  The chance to GIVE have come to me in very peculiar ways.

In other ways, I have also been GIVEN gifts.  Not materially, and monetary, but they ARE gifts, coming to me in a very quiet unsuspecting manner.  I will not go into detail, but the irony is that have COME to me.  I am a believer now.  I will continue to follow along.

Sometimes it is a small gesture, a helping hand or a listening ear when you would have NOT given it before.  Maybe it is money, or an actual gift.  Regardless, each “gift” that I have given would have gone unnoticed before I began this book.

There is a website if you would like to learn more.


Join the worldwide giving movement with me, won’t you?

Post a comment telling me what you think….and in one week, my “gift” will be sending you MY copy to call your own.


16 Responses to “What I am reading…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Well I was reading this thinking, ‘Sweet! I will bring back the two books I have of yours when I get home and trade you for this one’. Hmm. Not so much huh. And my odds of winning two in a row are probably not good. I still think this sounds really awesome and may just have to get myself a copy. My mind is working overtime right now thinking of all the awesome gifts I could give to people. I think this sounds like a great idea to build up to Christmas. Oh Man, I just love this time of year!!! Can’t wait to be home!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, you will have to hope for good luck two times in a row on this one!!! right.
      You are so good at gifts, and this one is that overlooked “gift” of kindness, goodwill, a small gesture etc etc….that you might just walk on past and not do?? do it instead.

  2. Susan Says:

    I think this book would be an awesome Christmas gift! It’s the small things I love getting like my son saying “Mommy, I love you” 20 times a day, the countless hugs from my daughter, my friends telling me they love me… what could be better than that!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes it is. Remember, this is also the one gift of giving or recieving, beyond the expected and one that almost takes you by surprise……just when you are NOT expecting it. It is interesting, all the many things like you mention that we can just float on through life and not fully realize, they are ALL gifts in their own way. 🙂

  3. Jean McCormick Says:

    I think we give gifts all the time and just don’t realize that they are “gifts”. Most people think of gifts as material things, things you can hold in your hand. Gifts can be any thing, even the time you spend with someone. What an awsome find. I’ll have to see if our library has it. Thanks for sharing. Jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      exactly!! I was at the store the other day, saw a mother that seemed to be having a hard time at the moment. I watched her , remembering myself in that position at one time…but then I was going to pass her and go on with my own agenda. INSTEAD, it hit me. Stop and talk to her (a complete stranger) talk to her child and give them both a smile. I did those things, and before I walked away, she said “Thank you for noticing” There you have it. I was going to pass this opportunity up, and as I felt like I was giving HER a gift, she gave me one right back. 🙂

  4. Robbie Says:

    Not exactly in the same catagory but……my sister is trying to lose weight, so I wrapped up little gifts for her to celebrate the milestones – 2#, 5#,10, 12, etc as well as “anytime” and “special occasion” ones. I gave them to her on Saturday. She thought it was a great idea. They are nothing big. Some special tea bags, sugarfree gum, pair of workout socks, gift card – you get the idea. I hoped this would inspire her.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is so nice and thoughtful of you!!! so many possibilities out there that hardly COST anything….most of the time, those are the very best material gifts there is.

  5. Rosemary Says:

    I am going to buy this book. At Amazon.com, it’s $13.57 – bargain price for an awesome concept. I might even buy copies for gifts. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We will make this a better world one step at a time!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and if you happen to win mine, then you will have an extra one!! 🙂 so many people, from this blog, to word of mouth about this book to your friends and family…..really CAN make a difference.

  6. Aunt Tippy Says:

    My gift today was to not get angry at my husband when he forgot that I was in his work parking lot with a cranky baby bringing him lunch. Sat there for 15 minutes before he realized he had gotten side tracked & spaced me off. A few weeks ago, I would have gotten extremely angry, today, not so much. It was a great gift to him to not have an angry wife & actually an even bigger gift to myself for not stressing about it!

    Funny how a simple change like choosing to not be angry can actually feel so good! It felt quite empowering! 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love this!!! I really do!!! and that gift is something so easily given. We choose what it takes to get us wound up, and most of the time, taking things in stride, they will all work out in the end anyway…on their own.
      Good luck with this. I am very proud of your attitude.

  7. Sammie Jester Says:

    The book is a good motivator. We all need to give without seasing. We pass up so many oppertunities. So many people need just a smile and a greeting. I think about the sunshine my daughter can bring to residence of the nursing home and hospital whre she works. SHe has a gift and she gives freely. I try to help by bringinga dinner plate to those who have trouble getting their own. I empty the ice machine at the lunch center. and try to bring cheer to someone along the way. Teling a friend that they are on your mind and that you care that their day is not smooth. Little things are as needed as material goods.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Perfect examples!!! and speaking of people that need “help” in any small way, I think it is especially good to show this to a much younger generation that we. It sets the example. I have watched many times my son (14) hold the door open for someone at the store. Can you imagine how proud that makes me feel?? awww…..

  8. Katie@ The Baby Factory Says:

    Kinda like Tiff said….kindness and a joyful attitude is what I’m working on….not taking my husbands head off, but having a smile on my face and a carefree spirit is really contagious….and I want my home to be a place where laughter is heard and shared and not the ‘if momma ain’t happy’ type of a place.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I totally agree!!! it is constant job to keep things upbeat and when they are not??? atleast trying to keep things in perspective. So many things the little ones do are just nothing but their innocence. They really DO try.

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