more of my gifts… (and a winner) !!!

I have been relentless at giving out my “gifts” and as you can tell from the last post or so, it has been a little challenging…..some rough days for many different reasons.  But I am not giving up.   When I think my problems are alot, I remember the ones I am giving “gifts” to, might be having MUCH worse problems than some E85 in their gas tank.  🙂  keeping it all in perspective has been my motto the last few days.

My gifts today?  I went to the store, and in no particular hurry, I made a point to stop, smile and strike up conversation with those I hardly ever run into.  These are people that I would generally always say “hi” to in passing, but today I took more time.   Now, remember, I am one that is ALWAYS in a hurry and sometimes avoid people that are hard to get away from .  (I know, shame on me huh??)  but it really IS my natural instinct.  Sorry.

So, today I did not turn into one of those people.  I did not keep them hanging with me in the store in conversation they could not get away from, no, I simply greeted them, and followed it by a nice smile and a few extra words.  A little out of my comfort zone, yet not too far.

My husband and son went tonight and volunteered to help transport Christmas gifts at church.  This was definitely out of my husbands comfort zone.  I have dropped a few hints, about things in general, and in reference to this book I am reading….and let him take it from there.  He volunteered without my prompting.  🙂   this is a good thing….and taking our son along to spread the kind gesture.

Tomorrow???  my gift is giving away my book.  😦  bittersweet as I always hang on to the books that I really love, and this is certainly one of them……but I feel a great sense of giving to help spread the movement.

The winner is……


( if this is who I think it is, she is from my hometown.  Robbie, please e mail me directly to let me know the specifics on getting your book to you, no matter WHERE you live).

Please continue to post YOUR stories of “giving”.   Remember, it is not the ordinary usual type of “giving” it is that done, but rather taking that extra effort that might otherwise end up being overlooked.


4 Responses to “more of my gifts… (and a winner) !!!”

  1. Jean McCormick Says:

    You can get another one on e-mail. You can bid or buy direct. I can’t wait for mine to get here. Thanks for sharing.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      it might not be a bad idea for me to get an extra one to have on hand….just in case I am needing the “perfect” gift for someone.

  2. Robbie Says:

    Thank you, thank you! I am so excited!

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