Day 12 ( true SIMPLICITY ) …

My daughter and I went on a little adventure today.  This was going to be a family trip, but Glenn was not feeling well, and my son?  well he had plans with another female in his life other than his MOTHER!!    {sigh}.

So, this was a girls trip.  We went to Southern Iowa (Drakesville area) and visited Amish country.  There is this simple Amish / General sort of store that has the neatest things, and then BEST steak knives I have ever used.  (thanks Kim) There is also a Amish owned bulk grocery store, that has all sorts of wonderful things.  We had a nice time, chatted the whole way there and back home again.

I am not sure on Amish picture taking, but I could NOT resist.  I did not let them know necessarily that I was taking a few pictures, but wanted to capture the SIMPLE life they live.  I remain mesmerized at the way they live SO simply.

When I was very young,  I always told my dad I wanted to “be Amish” someday…..and he always laughed.  Ok, maybe I just want to be “kind of Amish”  ???   LOL


18 Responses to “Day 12 ( true SIMPLICITY ) …”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    i truly do think you are kinda amish!!! and speaking of our dad……15 years ago today,our world was turned upside down with his death 😦

  2. Rhonda Van Zante Says:

    I love the Amish. Loren and I use to sell feeder pigs in Kalona, IA. This a a large Amish area and every Wednesday they had their big sale at the barn in town. The buggies were lined up in a row in their own “parking” area on the side of the lot. It was unusual to see with trucks, trailers and semis in the same lot, too. Anyway, we have sold to many Amish farmers in Kalona and in the Drakesville area. Their lives is simple no doubt, by I do love my electricity and running water in my home. I do not think I could give up my appliances, but they have a community that is strong and they do help and support each other. Our society has lost many of the morals and teaching we have grown up with and I believe that is why we have so many problems today. When we do not put God first place in our lives then we loose our focus and begin to wander in a world that is dangerous. I admire the Amish, but I thank God for my electricity that makes my life a little bit simplier, too.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is true. VERY true. Our conveniences DO make our life and lifestyle simpler!! I do admire them though…..such an interesting life, and most of all, I love how humble they are.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Madison told me about this little adventure! Sounded really exciting 🙂
    And the sneaking pictures thing makes it even better 😛

  4. breanna Says:

    LOL you are right. they do. not. like. their pictures taken! they are EVERYWHERE down here.
    i go to walmart in kirksville and see 50 some amish and maybe 2 black people. how crazy is that!!!!!! definitely not something you find everywhere, but something we are very accustomed to.
    there are several parts i struggle with, but the biggest is not being able to drive at night without coming up to them on the side of the road driving their buggies. it’s really freaky and their lights on their buggies are really dim and i’m sooo scared of hitting them. :((

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would imagine you do have to be very cautious of them at night. I had not even thought of that as I am always around there in day light hours. I always think it seems odd that they would also shop at Wal Mart. Is that usual? seems a little out of sorts, so to speak. hmmmmmm…….

  5. jeanne overton Says:

    when we were in missouri camping this summer ..we went to the superstore wal mart in kirksville. lots of amish there. i always look for material for mom when i travel and the girl; in the material department told that there was going to be a sale on that friday inthe material dept. “but get here early because the amish woman really hit us hard” and boy was she right.they bought it by the bolt. one woman had several children with her who stood quiet ly while mom made her selections.. and i noticed there clothing . what straight seams and perfectly iron not a single wrinkle. later we were in the aldi store there and we ran into some more amish. one young woman with i am guessing her mother and her new born maybe 2 monthes old. in complete dress right down to the little hat.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      cute that you mention that. In the little general store, there was a mother, and three kids. Probably 5, 3 and maybe 6 months. Oh my, the little tot with the black hat on was SO precious!!!!

  6. jeanne overton Says:

    where is thie bulk store at kell?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am not real sure specifically, but it is on Hwy 63, right before you get to Drakesville, maybe a couple miles before you get there. (and then right around the corner on gravel is an Amish schoolhouse and then the General Store.

  7. oldplowwoman Says:

    I so would love to spend a day among the Amish I have been reading all of the Beverly Lewis books and I had said I think I want to grow up and be Amish ah may just menonite cause I love having cars and electric but I love the thought of a simplier life and how close they all are.

  8. Rick Says:

    Sounds like a great trip.
    Ref. the Picture taking. If I remember right they believe that part of their soul is lost with each picture. Not trying to tell anyone what to do I personally try my hardest to respect there beliefs as I do “try” to all people.
    The Amish are a very neet Society, I have toured several areas in Iowa and SE MN and love giving info on the groups beliefs and customs.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks for that info. I will say I would have never out right and openly taken pictures of their faces atleast. Is that justified? 😮 I hope so, as I really and truly would not want to offend them.

  9. Cheryce Says:

    Ok, Ryan has told me about Amish country & the Amana villages… As soon as we get back that way I have to go! Amazing pictures again, Kelli! I love living through other peoples eyes. 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh yeah, you definitely need to make a couple day trips out of this!!! Drakesville area and Kolona!! The Cheese House, Stringtown Grocery etc etc etc……your kids would love to see it all!!!

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