Day 13 {randomness} …

what do you see ??

What do you see???   a partially wet sidewalk?  the letter “H” ?  the letter “I”  ?   or is this making no sense to you at all??

I have some very random thoughts tonight, and seems like a good night to make that the feature of my update for Day 13.    I woke up, attended church (twice mind you) and was determined it was going to be a good day.  I had one main thing in mind, and that was a nice and QUIET wintertime walk after church.  The temps were perfect, so I could find no reason not to.

1) December 13:  I lost the man I idolized 15 years ago today.  Sadness began to set in.  Always does this time of year.  I always thought when the many years passed and I could say “yeah, my dad passed away 15 years ago”  that it would seem EASY by then.  No.  It does not.  I miss him.  I miss him ALOT.  He is still 61 years old to me, and that was too young for a man of such natural wisdom and influence to leave his family.   I knew this walk I had planned would be good for my soul today, and it was.

2) More on my walk:   I need to do this and on a REGULAR basis.  Today was my first day.  If you want to know how to pass the time, take an Ipod  (although I am not NEARLY that “cool”)   I still have what I call a Walkman, and yes my kids laugh when I use that word.  What can I say??   anyway, take some music to listen to as well as a camera.  I took both and before I knew it, I had walked 3 miles.  Walked to the local hardware store, and back home again…..with MANY cool pictures of things I would have never noticed had I been driving.  I have a reason for these pictures (see the pic above, it is one of them).  I may have a new hobby.  I am trying.  You may have an idea, you may not.  I will reveal it once I get one completed.

3) Calendars: Did you know that there needs to be a calendar of some kind,  in EACH room of  Care Centers / Nursing Homes?   I know this was the case here, as I used to work in one (LONG ago) as an activity director.  That takes me back. It was right out of high school!!   27 years ago?  I loved that job and got very attached to the residents.  I cried when I left to go to Beauty School.  Anyway, we went through alot of effort to find one for EVERYONE!!!   The thought just came back to me, this many years later.  How many calendars can I contribute?  My kids and I  have sent for FREE ones that are offered this time of year through the internet, and picked up one from the local places they offer.  Not like we are taking something we are not suppose to, we just take one that they WANT to give away and will find someone in a center than needs it.  Just a thought.  Maybe we could all help in this effort.  Collect one, or many, and hand deliver them to a staff member.  Take it one step further, and find someone there to sit and chat a minute.  It might just make their day, and there is not ONE of us that does not have (literally) a few minutes to spare.  🙂

4) I have felt somewhat Uninspired lately {see #1}.  Christmas is hard when the kids get older.  Christmas programs are no longer happening with my kids, so I decided to take one in tonight for my nephews little boy.  Oh, to see the magic through a LITTLE ones eyes is so heart warming.  Imagine how proud they are to see all those people in the crowd to watch THEM!!!   It was a darling program, and I am glad I went.  My son went along and we had to reminisce of when HE was one of the little 4 year olds performing!!!

5) And lastly.  After 4 school SNOW DAYS in a row, plus a weekend following, we are ALL ready to get back on track tomorrow.  I love having the kids here, but to be so off schedule is not all fun & games.  Sorry, even great mothers are happy to see school IN SESSION sometimes.  Tomorrow at 8 am, I will be embracing the quiet clean house, I will be able to keep the kitchen clean, and be able to actually WRAP some gifts without having to hide in the basement.  ….and then by 3:30, I will find myself waiting at the door, anxiously awaiting their return.  Routine really is a good thing.

Wishing you all a good week ahead.  Last full one before the BIG day!!!….


10 Responses to “Day 13 {randomness} …”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    yes kelli. yesterday was a very sad for us girls 😦 we all miss “daddy” for the walk…GOOD for you. you should have called me to go with you except i would have said “no, it is too cold out”.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BLT Says:

    I lost my Dad on 12/28 eleven years ago. His funeral was on New Years Eve.’s still difficult and I miss him MORE as each year passes….like a LONGING or a YEARNING for him to be back in my life.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh!!!! that timing might be even worse!!! yes, you can certainly relate. I like your use of words. Longing and yearning!! that is exactly my feelings that are so hard to describe to those that have not yet experienced this. Thank you.

  3. olold plow woman Says:

    I total understand I lost my daddy on the 21st of December and had a funeral on the 24th 22 years ago and its seems sometimes like yesterday. The tears will lessen over the years but the hurt and heartbreak will be there for your entire life. The best thing to do is know someday you will see him again and think of all the good things he taught you and showed you. I am glad you went for a walk and yes routine is good.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I suppose a person should never expect those feeling to finally be gone. If they were, that is an even sadder situation. Maybe I should be thankful I feel so sad sometimes. {sigh} it is hard.

  4. diane fynaardt Says:

    You mentioned once about being an orphan at any age… must be the season as those thoughts went through my mind yesterday.. 27 years for daddy gone longer than i had him and almost 3 for mom…. mom comes to me in little white feathers… like yesterday in church 🙂 then i played with the feather and the 2 year old little girl next to me…. made me smile and somehow knew mom was there… we had fun sticking the feather to my pants and to her hand with the static cling in the air……could i possibly be thankful for static cling ?!?!? 🙂 oh the picture looks like a tree with a knee….. work with me on this 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I always remember, your dad not being around. He must have passed away when you were in High School? oh my. How hard that must have been!!!
      I love your story in church. Funny that is where you feel them the most. Church always makes me so emotional anymore. Maybe that comes with age?
      Ok. I am LOL at YOUR version of my picture!!! I had to actually scroll back up and check it out through THAT idea and geez….it kind of does look like your description!!! that is to hilarious!!! stay tuned. You will get to see what I am trying to do. 🙂

  5. Jean McCormick Says:

    My husband lost his dad 11 years ago this week, on the 18th. Don’t think we ever get over loosing those we love. Yes, you are right, its hard when your kids grow up and there are no more band concerts, Christmas plays at church or any of those Special things to attend. Glad you took in one for your nephew, I know that made you feel like Christmas does really come.
    I love all that you have shared with us over the last few days. It must be wonderful to live where you do. We hardly ever get snow and city life is way to hetic. I can just imagine what your Christmas Day is like. Enjoy every minute of it.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I plan to take it all in between now and Christmas!!! We live much differently than those in the city life, but every now and then, I envy those that ARE in a big city!!!
      But I remain struggling with how different our Christmases have become. I guess it is all just another chapter in our lives, until grandkids come my way….which I hope is not any time too soon!!! LOL

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