I’m back…..

I am back in action and ready for some more random blogging!!!    it was a nice little hiatus, but the holidays have left me feeling EXTREMELY exhausted!!!   I do not have the stamina that I did when the kids were little.  Another thought my mother always insisted on.  God has a reason for giving you kids at a young age.  NO KIDDING !!!  I see the younger generation of my family now and I remain amazed at how they can keep up with their little ones……knowing I did it at one time, and thought nothing of it.

ok,  Enough on Christmas for now.

Is this a lost art?  I certainly hope not.

I need suggestions.... (click to enlarge)

I love the art of cross stitching.  Always have, always will.   I began cross stitching a VERY long time ago, like back in High School.  I cross stitched each gift for my wedding party.  I used to have them hanging all over our house.  (and all my sisters as I always made them as gifts)

Not so much anymore.  I love them, but it does not take much to have TOO many in one home, framed on the wall.  I need new ideas.

I want to do something unconventional with them.   My thoughts are a table runner?  a curtain valance?  help me out here.  The ones I have pictured have literally been in a drawer for YEARS. Sad, I know.

I have also come to the conclusion that my paper crafting is going to take the backburner for awhile.   I love papercrafting, but it keeps me locked away in my craft room, and NOT interracting with my family.  This is NOT good.  I need a craft that is “portable” so to speak, so I dug out the cross stitch once again.  It makes me feel good when I am doing it.  Therapeutic.  And I can do it while my family is watching TV.  I do not do TV, but I can atleast sit in the same room and ‘appear” interested. Nice to always have cross stitching to go back to.  Kind of like riding a bike, you never forget how….but remember, I do not want to “frame” the finished product.

And I had to laugh the other night, as I dug a pattern out, I commented to Glenn, these patterns are ALOT harder to “read” than they used to be!!!  I guess that is what happens to your eyesight over that many years!!!

Suggestions for my dilemma???   bring them on.

(next up:  My SIMPLY frugal homemade Christmas gifts that I RECIEVED)   you are gonna think they are AWESOME, and will definitely give you some  gift giving ideas to use yourself!!!  Stay tuned!!!


17 Responses to “I’m back…..”

  1. Prudence Says:

    A quilt!!!!!!!!!!!! Take all your crossstitch and make a full size quilt, a throw quilt or a wall hanging quilt! I have seen some finished ones and participated in some quilts and they are gorgeous. Need some more advice? go to 123stitch and check out the message board on that site. Post there and I promise you will have more answers then you know what to do with!!!! Good luck and have fun!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      A quilt is good!! geez, there was a day that I actually QUILTED!!! I do miss that. but if I were doing this in a quilt I would probably “tie” it which would be even EASIER and FASTER!!!
      So interesting you mention 123 stitch. I found them a few weeks ago doing a google search. There was a day that cross stitch stores were in each town. Now??? you have to look high and low for one!!! one of my favorites in Des Moines, just went out of business a few months ago…..I have no idea where the next nearest one is now. 😦 I guess I will resirt to ordering on-line, and 123 is where I will do it.

  2. BLT Says:

    Quilts, journal covers, album covers, narrow thin ones can be stitched on kitchen/bath towels to adorn them, Christmas tree skirts, pillow case covers, duvet covers, pot holders, doggie scarf, stitch to ends of human scarves, book markers, checkbook covers…that’s just a start!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      MANY MANY of ideas from you!! I would have expected nothing less!! I really like the journal cover idea….. although a few of these are very large ones, but I will definitely be doing the journal idea on a future one!! THANKS!!!!!!

  3. Lana Schippers Says:

    Well I myself would buy one of these if they were in a simple….oak frame! Have you thought of doing these and selling them on consignment at shops like in Valley Jct…where they have alot of country things? I see these in frames yet at Deck The Walls…so lots of people love love love these! I do not know how to do this at all…even though Grandma Stella tried to teach me, I would not budge on this venue…but I have always loved them. Maybe even special orders…Is there a way to make patterns from pictures?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Really??? you would love them??? and with your decorating style, that speaks volumes to me!!! makes me feel a whole lot better as I did not think anyone would. I have not been to Deck the Walls. Maybe you can take me there sometime. 🙂
      I don’t know of anyway to make patterns from pictures, but there might be some way to do it that I do not know i of. hhmmm…….

  4. Jean C. McCormick Says:

    Are you going to do any give aways anything soon. All your craft work is great. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Sounds like the first person gave you enough ideas for us all. Happy sewing or whatever you decide to do with them. Jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      a giveaway??? now that is also a good idea!!! for all the things I have cross stitched over the years, it is all mostly in someone elses house. I love to do them, and I love to GIVE them to others. 🙂

  5. miatalvrs Says:

    Pillows for decorations are a good idea i think. That way you can always switch them out if you need or even want. I think they are very nice. Good Job Kelli. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas. I made and gave away the laundry soap to all of our family and it was well received. $30.00 for 25 people – not too bad a price. 😉 Thanks a million!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh this made me smile…..really BIG !!!!!! what great gift giving!!! and so glad to save you money!! you have made my day!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. miatalvrs Says:

    I meant to say I made the laundry soap as Christmas gifts! Thanks for saving us money!

  7. Wendy Siefken Says:

    I agree too, a quilt, or a throw, or a pillow or even aprons. you could incorporate them into aprons. baby quilts also. just pick a pattern and put it in there. patchwork or what ever.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I absolutely LOVE the apron idea!!! I am kind of acquiring a love for aprons lately anyway…..I gotta look into this a little further. I have heard aprons are not hard to make. 🙂 yeah!! thanks!!!!!

  8. Wendy Siefken Says:

    I agree too, a quilt, or a throw, or a pillow or even aprons. you could incorporate them into aprons. baby quilts also. just pick a pattern and put it in there. patchwork or what ever. the sky’s the limit, take care

  9. BLT Says:

    make small drawstring bags to fill with treats, candies, cookies, or…a cup or two of laundry soap!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      another good one from you!!!! as always. I will keep this in mind for some smaller patterns I have in my stash. These I have done now are VERY big!!!! so much work, another reason I am finding something to do with them!! 🙂

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