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ok. I am S.A.D…

January 31, 2010

or moreso, I have S.A.D.   There, my name is Kelli, and I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.  (S.A.D)

Everyone together…..” Hello Kelli ”

Ahhh I feel much better already.  🙂

I have been a little “out of sorts” and this is why.  I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, with this disorder, and it is very VERY real.  I am full blown in to the worst part of the year too.  I take medication for it, but it only does so much.  I need SPRING to arrive.  I really kind of DO love winter and snow and fires in the fireplace….but this takes this time of year to a different level for me.  I want to ignore that part, but I can not.  It keeps raring its ugly head at me.

I know everyone does get “tired of winter”, but trust me, I really do.  This goes far and above just “I am sick of winter” sort of thinking.  Way beyond.  It could incapacitate me if I let it.

I refuse, but it is harder some days than not.

I have reasons to feel it especially this year more than most, but I am not going to dwell on that.  I am SIMPLY trying to get through it,  with the help of my supportive family.

It is definitely the down-side to being “me”


So, back to the medication I have been taking .  I would hate to live with (or be married to)  me, if I was not on it.

But another form of therapy in worst cases is this.  Light Therapy.

Sounds crazy but they say in the CORRECT form, it does work.

I think I just need a tropical vacation.   Unfortunately that is not in my plans.

Instead I will stay here, try to get creative, try to “get happy”  and count my blessings.  I do have alot of them, and now more than ever I have to focus on the smallest of ones.

And with any luck….I will get out of my funk a little, and do some GOOD blogging.

What do you want to see??   I want and need feedback.  Can’t guarantee I can fulfill everyones needs, but I can certainly try.

Ok, enough about me.  🙂

Thanks, as always, for listening.


I am still here…

January 26, 2010

I promise, I am still alive !!!  (some of my readers have been wondering….)

I have been busy

I have been bored.

I have had alot to report on.

I have had bloggers block.

Things have gone well.

Things have not gone well.

I have been  a little  of just about everything,  lately….

Regardless, a few more days (?)  and I will be back in action with plenty to report.

Stay tuned.

Please and Thank You.    🙂

it is unanimous…..

January 15, 2010

We all “dislike” Protector by Taser !!   whew.

it is really a matter of TRUST...It really is a matter of “TRUST”

Trusting in a higher power of your choosing…

Trusting in your own children…

Trusting your gut instinct…

I was pleasantly surprised of the comments I received on this new item.   I feel better that I am certainly not alone.  I will offer you some of my thoughts on the comments as it seemed repetitive to reply to each one like I usually do.

Here goes.

I have trusted my children alot through the years.  Sometimes the trust HAS been compromised, but in my “live and learn” philosophy, it has been gained back.  Parenting is a hard enough thing to do, not to mention humbling…..and just like my children, I have learned lessons on parenting the hard way as well.

I do agree that until the cell phone rules have been violated, whatever you do, do NOT pry, sneak and dig into their business.  Diaries, purses etc etc are off limits unless you have VERY good reason to be suspicious.  (and I emphasise VERY good reason…not just paranoia on a mothers part)  I have heard of parents that go “snooping” around in their attempt to avoid such issues.  It will not avoid them, guaranteed, it will MAKE issues.   Just like kids can break your trust, you can certainly break theirs just as easily.

I have learned (again, the hard way) that alot of cell phone talk, is simply mindless chatter that you will either not NEED to know, not UNDERSTAND, or simply have no business looking at.

Our rule now, is that as long as my husband and I pay the cell phone bill, we DO have the right to look at it,  and take it away.  I have done both, but I desire to do neither anytime soon.

On the same hand.  When they turn 18, they will either get the cell phone bill graciously handed to them….or give the cell phone up completely.  hmmmm……I am pretty sure they will pay their OWN bill, which forces them to have a job, a budget and a responsibility to pay bills….it will all be good.

I explained all of this to them the other day.  My daughter could probably give hers up and think nothing of it.  My son??  not so much.  He is ATTACHED to his!!!  isn’t that interesting???  I think so .    I reminded them that when I was growing up, and I left our yard, from that point on….my mother was not in contact with me.  Not at all.  She had to have FAITH and TRUST that I knew when to be back home, and hoped I was smart enough to do so.

Guess what???  I did.  My four sisters also did.  (ok, maybe not ONE of them, but she was well known to push her limits on everything!!) Yep, good old fashioned way of parenting.  I want to go back to that again.  {sigh}   My own mother survived it, and I am sure I could too.

I have JOKED to my husband, who gets a little more easily worked up,  “As long as the police are not following them in the driveway, then it is all good”   HAHA  !!!!!   although it HAS chilled him out a little, and kept things in perspective on his part.

Our computer is also in the main most used room of the house.  It is RIGHT there for me to look at, and listen to (music).   Although I rarely look that way. I feel no need to.   I am also Facebook friends with my kids.  I see nothing on their that is unacceptable either.  I am THANKFUL !!!!

I also know that when you smother your kid, you can be pushing them away.  Now, when things go completely wrong??   thank GOODNESS that I have not experienced that, but I have a feeling this total control, like suggested with Protector by Taser, would only make things worse.  Some issues just have to be resolved in their own time.

I do NOT have all the answers.  I know what has worked  (and not worked) for us.

But I have alot of FAITH, TRUST, and CONFIDENCE in my kids, and like my wonderful mother had always told her girls….

“Sometimes a mother does not have to know EVERYTHING their kids are doing”

I went into parenting thinking I did need to know their EVERY SINGLE MOVE.

I am much smarter than that now, by taking my OWN mothers advise many years later.

God bless her.     SHE had all the right answers.  🙂

Protector (by Taser)

January 13, 2010

ok.  This could get some controversial responses, or none at all, but regardless, it is MY blog and it is MY thoughts for the day.

ya think???

I have the perfect case of OVERPARENTING.

Some casual reading the other night brought me to a new devise soon to be on the market.

“Protector by Taser”

My first thoughts is “Taser” ????!!!!!  does anyone need a devise to track their own children with the word TASER in it???   nope, I think not.

This devise will do the following:

1) Intercepts each of your childs text messages, allowing you to “approve” it before your child sees it.   (does the same for voicemails, picture messages etc etc)

2) allows you to APPROVE of all contacts they are able to interract with, and disapprove and block the ones you choose.

3) Controls all incoming and outgoing calls on your childs phone,  through your phone, Mac, or PC.

4) Gives you the ability to INTERRUPT any or all of their calls, with the option to drop those calls if you feel the need, or better yet??  allows you to listen in!!!!!!!!!!.

5) built in GPS feature, so you can track where your child has been, is traveling, and the speed they are driving to get there.  Their speedometer will actually show up on YOUR phone or computer.

6) ability to disable their cell phone as soon as they start their car, yet enable it when they are a passenger in another car.

Trust me, the list goes on and on and on…….there is a 9 minute video to watch on their website.  The icing on the cake was when they mentioned something like  “Without owning Protector by Taser, you have CHOSEN to not be an involved parent”

Are you kidding me???????

I want to see what these manipulated and controlled children grow up to be like???  or what they are doing when they are 18 and turned free into the world  !!!!!!!!    I am all about safety of your precious children, and genuine concern.  Obviously.  But this is OVER THE TOP  !!!!!!!!!!!

I may live in small town Iowa, but I can not think this kind of CONTROL is good for either parents OR kids, anywhere.  Is it??

How about a little “faith” and “confidence” in your children instead.  Guiding them what is right and what is wrong along the way?   That is how I was raised.

Did I learn lessons the hard way?   are my own children learning in this same manner?  yes.  But yet kept at a reasonable distance from harms way through good old fashioned parenting.

But those lessons in the “school of hard knocks” have the most impact.   Sorry, but they do.

I typically do not worry “too much” about all the horrible dangers and weirdos in the world, as I am honestly confident my kids have good heads on their shoulders.

I just have to think this sort of complete control and manipulation is very UNhealthy all the way around.

I have seen many kids suffering form all sorts of OVERPARENTING, and it can be a very unhealthy situation.

I was once told by a very wise person, your role as a parent is to GUIDE them, and work towards successfully ultimately letting them GO.

This would NOT be the way to do it, in my opinion.

Do you not agree?   an open forum, all comments (in a tactful manner) are more than welcome.

a (very frugal) Zen Garden …

January 11, 2010

Wow.  Hard to stump some of you!!!  yes, it IS a Zen Garden!!

Isn’t it mesmerizing??  🙂

little or NO cost involved....

Remember the frame was a hand-me-down, and was headed to the landfill??   I know for a fact, I have owned this frame for altleast 20 years and possibly longer.

The backing to hold everything together was from an old Nursery Rhyme book that BeJes owned.

Sand and seashells were brought home from her residency in Dubai

The rake was made by a relative, and repurposed from left over bits of dowels.

……cost ???   too insignificant to calculate, but if I had to, I would say basically pennies or less.

and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Quiz…

January 8, 2010

care to take a guess???

Ok.  A little fun before I reveal the next “gift” that I recieved from BeJes for Christmas…..

What do you make with:

1) An empty cross stitch frame (the kind with NO glass in it)

2) a jar of beach sand (brought here from Dubai)

3) glue

4) three seashells (again, snagged from the beach in Dubai)

5) a miniature sized rake

6) the book board from a childhood nursery rhyme book.

Any guesses??  what sort of awesome creation could YOU make of this???

Take one (or many) guesses for the fun of it.  Or just let me know that you are completely stumped.  🙂

I will reveal a picture of the gift this weekend, so STAY TUNED.

**Note to my family members:  “SSSsssshhhhhhh”

a PERFECT repurposed gift….

January 4, 2010

ok.  I have a little bit of a story behind THIS gift!!!

Every now and then, I get so many things in excess, with all the craftiness I have going on, even scraps, I am willing to give to someone else that can use them.

So, a few weeks ago, I invited all my sisters (and female family members), to my “junkfest”  haha….what I was ready to toss, I knew they could find a use for.  I had everything from scrapbooking scraps, to extra hairbrushes to spices from my kitchen that I am still not sure why I ever bought.

They all came, and most left with a bag full of “stuff” .  I was more than happy to get rid of it all.

Here are three of the many items that my neice Jessi (BeJes) left with.   (me not knowing , at the time, she had drawn MY name for our Christmas exchange)

an empty jar, some Magnetic Poetry words and a notebook I thought I no longer needed.

Fast forward to Christmas.

We have a modest $10 gift limit, to keep things interesting.  To some, $10 would be a hard limit to stay within.  Not BeJes.  This girls can literally make something out of NOTHING.  (and in this case, the gift was not only FREE, but from things I owned originally)   too good!!!

I have forever wanted to “journal”.   Yep, I have started many, and finished NONE.   I have good intentions, but that is as far as it ever goes.  I have even had those generic sort of books that actually have questions in them…but I lose interest.

I had forwarded an e mail to my family LONG ago, with a “Memory” jar, filled with journalling prompt sort of questions.  Telling them someday I would love to have one of these made for me.

Here it is:

Merry Christmas !!!!

How cool is THIS anyway????   yep, all from the items I had GIVEN to her!!!  even the initials and little beads were my cast offs!!!   she had ZERO money spent in this gift!!!   no money, but she took the time to hand write 300 journalling prompts for me.  She tells me , some are general questions, some are specifically for ME  !!!     I . LOVE  . IT  .    I love the gift, I love the whole idea and most of all, I love that she spent NO money on it.  Trust me, there is not one thing she could have purchased at a mall that would mean as much as getting these items back in my possession and repurposed into a gift!!!!

I decided I will do them at random.  The fun of it, is the wondering WHAT all those questions are!!!   (and no, I will NOT cheat and look ahead)

With ANY luck, by next Christmas, I will have the book full, and we can all read it together on Christmas Day!!!!!

Now……being the overachiever that she is, she was not about to be done with this awesome gift.  Heck, no, I got THREE different gifts total on Christmas Day!!!   The other ones are equally frugal, repurposed and meaningful.  I will post those next !!!  you will continue to be amazed.   I am not sure she even spent close to her $10 limit, but the love and thought that goes into it is all that REALLY MATTERS  !!!!!!!

and I will invite her to add any additonal details (that I might have missed) or answer all questions directed at her, through this post.  🙂

Thanks again BeJes.  You Rock!!!

Time for Tacos !!!

January 2, 2010

and a very FRUGAL way to make them....

I know this is COMPLETE randomness, but it is so good, I have to slip this post in my regular (sort of) random routine for a quick FRUGAL tip.

We had to make taco meat today for a family function, and it reminded me of this tidbit I has stashed for future blog material.

No better time than the present, right?

(disclaimer: I have not personally tried this YET, but I definitely plan to)

If you find the pantry is out of taco seasoning packets, OR better yet, you want to utilize this recipe for a WAY frugal way to make tacos from now on, make up a quadrupiled size batch and use as needed.

Taco seasoning:

(stir together)

4 tsp chili powder

1 TBSP onion powder

2 tsp garlic powder

1 TBSP ground cumin

2 tsp paprika

2 tsp ground oregano

1 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

Use 2 TBSP of seasoning per pound of ground beef (or chicken or turkey) however you like YOUR tacos.

How easy, convenient and FRUGAL is that???

(next up, I promise the PERFECT handmade FRUGAL idea for gift giving!!!!)

You will NOT want to miss it.  🙂