Pop Quiz…

care to take a guess???

Ok.  A little fun before I reveal the next “gift” that I recieved from BeJes for Christmas…..

What do you make with:

1) An empty cross stitch frame (the kind with NO glass in it)

2) a jar of beach sand (brought here from Dubai)

3) glue

4) three seashells (again, snagged from the beach in Dubai)

5) a miniature sized rake

6) the book board from a childhood nursery rhyme book.

Any guesses??  what sort of awesome creation could YOU make of this???

Take one (or many) guesses for the fun of it.  Or just let me know that you are completely stumped.  🙂

I will reveal a picture of the gift this weekend, so STAY TUNED.

**Note to my family members:  “SSSsssshhhhhhh”


10 Responses to “Pop Quiz…”

  1. Brook Says:

    Is it a Zen sand garden???

  2. Cheryce Says:

    That’s what my first guess was too!

  3. Jean C. McCormick Says:

    A shadow box?

  4. Jean C. McCormick Says:

    What is a Zen sand garden

  5. BLT Says:

    i think zen garden too.

  6. BLT Says:

    or perhaps a frame depicting a seaside vacation….a fantasy considering the weather here!

  7. Maria Says:

    Zen garden was my first guess. Another guess, a clock. Only reason I guess that is because I was just at a site with clocks made out of really different things.

  8. Darlene Says:

    I think its a Zen garden.

  9. BLT Says:

    sand ceremony frame?

  10. Jean C. McCormick Says:

    Did you ever post what it was? I never found out what a Zen garden is?

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