Protector (by Taser)

ok.  This could get some controversial responses, or none at all, but regardless, it is MY blog and it is MY thoughts for the day.

ya think???

I have the perfect case of OVERPARENTING.

Some casual reading the other night brought me to a new devise soon to be on the market.

“Protector by Taser”

My first thoughts is “Taser” ????!!!!!  does anyone need a devise to track their own children with the word TASER in it???   nope, I think not.

This devise will do the following:

1) Intercepts each of your childs text messages, allowing you to “approve” it before your child sees it.   (does the same for voicemails, picture messages etc etc)

2) allows you to APPROVE of all contacts they are able to interract with, and disapprove and block the ones you choose.

3) Controls all incoming and outgoing calls on your childs phone,  through your phone, Mac, or PC.

4) Gives you the ability to INTERRUPT any or all of their calls, with the option to drop those calls if you feel the need, or better yet??  allows you to listen in!!!!!!!!!!.

5) built in GPS feature, so you can track where your child has been, is traveling, and the speed they are driving to get there.  Their speedometer will actually show up on YOUR phone or computer.

6) ability to disable their cell phone as soon as they start their car, yet enable it when they are a passenger in another car.

Trust me, the list goes on and on and on…….there is a 9 minute video to watch on their website.  The icing on the cake was when they mentioned something like  “Without owning Protector by Taser, you have CHOSEN to not be an involved parent”

Are you kidding me???????

I want to see what these manipulated and controlled children grow up to be like???  or what they are doing when they are 18 and turned free into the world  !!!!!!!!    I am all about safety of your precious children, and genuine concern.  Obviously.  But this is OVER THE TOP  !!!!!!!!!!!

I may live in small town Iowa, but I can not think this kind of CONTROL is good for either parents OR kids, anywhere.  Is it??

How about a little “faith” and “confidence” in your children instead.  Guiding them what is right and what is wrong along the way?   That is how I was raised.

Did I learn lessons the hard way?   are my own children learning in this same manner?  yes.  But yet kept at a reasonable distance from harms way through good old fashioned parenting.

But those lessons in the “school of hard knocks” have the most impact.   Sorry, but they do.

I typically do not worry “too much” about all the horrible dangers and weirdos in the world, as I am honestly confident my kids have good heads on their shoulders.

I just have to think this sort of complete control and manipulation is very UNhealthy all the way around.

I have seen many kids suffering form all sorts of OVERPARENTING, and it can be a very unhealthy situation.

I was once told by a very wise person, your role as a parent is to GUIDE them, and work towards successfully ultimately letting them GO.

This would NOT be the way to do it, in my opinion.

Do you not agree?   an open forum, all comments (in a tactful manner) are more than welcome.


11 Responses to “Protector (by Taser)”

  1. Wanda Says:

    We live in a very scary age…for our ourselves as well as for our children. My feelings on this see-saw back and forth, running the gamut of when is enough and when is too much. I guess I don’t have any problem with trying to protect them from strangers and boogie men, any tool to bring that about is fair game but think the line should be drawn at policing them continously. All we can do is pray those things we have taught them will be enough to keep them from making the wrong decisions for their lives…sometimes they, like we, have to find out the hard way. Big Brother should not be our most trusted loved ones.

  2. BLT Says:

    OhMyGosh……..if parents need this much control over a child they have FAILED AS A PARENT. People like this should NOT NOT NOT have children. Unless, of course, they have the spawn of Satan (i.e., Dhamer, Bundy, Manson, etc.) and I’ll cut them some slack.

    But if any of you feel you need this much control, please get yourself spayed or neutered. This country is in enough trouble without people like this contributing to an even bigger mess.

  3. Wendy Siefken Says:

    I agree with you 100%. that is way too over the top! If someone always makes their decisions how will they k now what to do when the child grows up? how will they cope with the outside world? That product is wrong and I think it should be banned from sale period. that is worse than book banning or book burning. We are given certain privileges, freedom to be total mess ups is one of them. We learn by making mistakes and if someone always makes smooth your path you will never learn. o.k down off my soap box. I agree with you. one more thought, Would we, the adults want to be policed this way in our everyday life?

  4. Linsey(TC) Says:

    I agree totally…buuuuuttttt…why in the world do they NEED the phone in the first place. If you don’t trust them enough to have it, and use properly, don’t give it to them!! Now…I understand if they’re driving, especially like now in winter, you would want them to have it in case of emergency. HOWEVER…Now, from my teaching perspective….do they really need it at school?? Some say to get messages to them. Well what happened to calling the office and leaving a message? What in the world do they need to talk about to anyone DURING class?????!!!

    I know 10 year old children that have them….WHY????!!! Wow… like Wendy said, I’ll get off my soap box now. I completely agree with you this is WAAAYY over the top. And no, we adults, would NOT have wanted to be treated that way either. I’m not even that far out of high school and feel this way! Man things have changed! 🙂

  5. D'Arcy Says:

    “It wouldn’t be prudent” for me to make any comments about this topic, being that I work with 547 children in a public school system on a daily basis. 🙂 I wanna.. but won’t!

  6. Cheryce Says:

    Ok, I haven’t read any of the other responses yet, but I have to add my two cents.

    I can see both sides of that product. There are features that I would use on it, especially the cell phone shut off when they are driving. I would use the GPS tracking thing if I couldn’t reach them. Also, if I was fearful that my child was already into ‘trouble’ (drugs, sex, gang, etc) some of those interceptors would come in handy.

    BUT. For the most part, how bored would I be reading 10-zillion texts about boys, homework, stupid teachers, lol-KWIM-brb-OMG-yaddayadda.

    I guess I’m kinda on the fence. Maybe it’s just because I’m a mom of four girls, all two years apart. (The teen phase will be a long, trying one in my house!) It’s kinda like a more in-depth diary reading/room raid. I can DEFINITELY see how some parents would go completely over the top with that.

    We’ll most likely never buy one. We’ve agreed that the girls won’t have cells until at least the age of 16, and only then because they’ll be driving. And we all know how teens are, you can lecture til you’re blue in the face, but they don’t always listen to safety rules, like no texting & driving.

    I just talked in circles, so I guess that means I can’t decide WHAT I think of it! 🙂

    I CAN see the benefits of that. My sister was a nightmare for about a decade. Skipping school, running away, drugs, bad crowd, and disappearing for days.

    • Cheryce Says:

      Ok, I don’t know what happened. It cut out. Ha!

      Anyway, I was going to finish up by saying, my mom sure could have used that when she was a teen! Maybe it would have kept her more in line. There was NOTHING my parents did/said that got her to stop. Not even time in juvenile detention got through to her. If she could have been essentially forbidden from communicating with her “friends”, tracked where she was, and the other things, maybe she wouldn’t have had the ambition to keep up the delinquent behaviors… Maybe. :/

  7. Pam Taylor Says:

    First of all I am glad that I don’t have young children, then I’m glad cell phones weren’t an object when mine were growing up, as I think our kids do not need all these things anyway.. I like BLT’s response..if a parent has to take these measures they should have been spayed and neutered to begin with…..

  8. Katie@ The Baby Factory Says:

    Okay, so I’m a big ol’ rookie parent here so whatever I say has to be taken with the premise that I reserve the right to change my mind when I have 3 teenage minds.
    *enter soapbox*

    For a parent to assume that control over their child should not be entered into lightly. Obviously that is an extreme measure of control to assume over your home and children…..IF my child were to MASSIVELY betray my trust to the point that I feel that I CANNOT trust them….I will reserve the right to read what I want., when I want….not that everything they write I will see in advance, BUT….just like any corporation can ‘read’ e-mails received on their server…fair warning for the real world, kiddo, just don’t write something you’re ashamed of.
    But like Linsey said….why do they have a cell phone if you don’t trust them with it?!?
    Also…..the rule at my home will be the computer is in a main corridor of our home, not in your room where you can do as you please. There IS a lot of crap on the internet that kids have no business getting into. And it is my job as their parent to protect them from what I can.
    So, to sum up: I would not take that control as a permanent fixture, but my children will know that I reserve the right to read or review anything that comes through their phones, anything that comes through my computer, etc.

    *exit soapbox, stage left*

  9. kim aka machita Says:

    thank god my child is grown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lisa Says:

    I think this is a ridiculous thing. If a child needs that much supervision, they’ve been given too much freedom too early in age. In our house, like in Katie’s (above) the computer sits in the living room where everyone can see it and what is in our teen’s room is hers. Our children are aware that as long as our trust isn’t broken their’s won’t be either so, diaries and rummaging through drawers, looking at texts is private property and are off parental limits unless there is a serious infraction.

    There should never be a NEED for this “taser”. It sounds to me like something that a sick parent would get for their child in order to police that the child wasn’t telling something about their home life that parents didn’t want others to know about.

    The other thing with this would be, teens are smart, they would figure out a way around it eventually anyway, right:)

    In all, I agree with you 100% Kelly.

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