The Chair Affair…

Aside from my paper crafts and my needlework, I am working on a few other repurposing projects I wanted to share with you.   I love this event, and enjoy giving my own contributions to it.

It is the Mahaska County Hospice “Chair Affair”

All items (chairs) are donated by local artists and auctioned off to members of the community, with all proceeds going to Hospice.  What a great charity event!!   I repurposed a few chairs last time it was held, and am working on three more for this years event.

This is the “before” picture.  Imagine these were all rescued from a trip to the landfill!!!   the two childrens desk chairs are very nice, but someone was done with them!!  and the one on the far left was a kitchen chair with the back broken off.  hmmmmmmm…..

click to enlarge

Cute???  yes??   I love it!!  of course, I love anything in off white / black and involving text !!!!   I think (and hope) it will be a very popular one!!

perfectly repurposed!!!

and here is the “after” picture of the old broken kitchen chair.  This one is going to be VERY hard to part with no matter how much money it brings!!!!    I love it.  It is my version of Mary Engelbreit.  🙂

Let the bidding begin……   Ok, not really happening til April, but I am getting VERY anxious!!!

Can ya tell???


8 Responses to “The Chair Affair…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Can you keep us posted on when “The Chair Affair” will be? I am from out of town but Osky is my home town and I would love to “find” a “new” chair for my home and donate to a Great Cause.
    Love your chairs too.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      The Chair Affair is Saturday April 24 in the evening. I can let you know more details later. It is held out at Nelson Pioneer Farm. …and they always have wonderful food too!! 🙂

  3. Jean C. McCormick Says:

    That is neat. In a town close to us they do ceramic pigs, they go for a really lot of money and that’s great for the cause. Thanks for sharing. Jean

  4. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Once again, you have done Hospice proud!!! You know Hospice is my Charity of choice, and I donate ALOT of time and money to this cause in Sigourney. I’m sure they will bring high dollars for Mahaska County.

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    I have never minded doing things for Hospice, clear back long ago, when I was on the Hospice Auxillary board myself.

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