a life that is NOT simple….

First a disclaimer.

I have spoke to my son, recieving his permission that I can post this info.  No offense to him, but he is the complete OPPOSITE from me, and this update is the proof.  He did not mind the focus being on him, as I think he is trying his hardest to make me CRAZY sometimes!!!  LOL.

He sees humor in this.

I am not sure I do….yet.   haha.

In my COUNTLESS attempts to keep his belongings at a minimum, and keep those belongings ORGANIZED!!!!  oh, it is kind of like beating a dead horse.  Daily.

I tell him he is a “hoarder” and a “pack rat”  and warn him that when he grows up,  he can always come back home to see me, and unless he changes his ways, I will probably not be able to go to HIS house!!!    (again, don’t flip out, I am ONLY joking…..kind of)    🙂

Since the economy is not being kind to us this winter, and Glenn has PLENTY of time off, we decided to give Maisons room a complete overhaul.  Maybe this will help him be organized?!?!??!

This is my attempt to keep his old Tech Decks (from years past) organized.   I make a nice case to carry them in, how PERFECT huh??   I even “customized it FOR him!!!

nice and organized!!!!  I even customized the case FOR him!!Instead, this is what I dug out from every corner of the room, and bits and pieces in every drawer, cupboard, cubbby hole, ground into the carpeting,  etc etc etc

I did spill them on to my desk atleast all together….after I dug around everywhere for them!!!

Does this look like a Simple and ORGANIZED thing???   no.  But if I were to ask him to locate one specific piece of this, and gave him a few minutes, he COULD!!!  that is the scary part….and trust me, these were NOT all in one location, and mind you, the screws are the size of pinheads!!!!!

Now, THIS….his “collection” of pens and pencils that were ALL in his top drawer of his NIGHT STAND!!!!!   strewn everywhere, and mixed in with interesting things, like Pop Tarts, gum wrappers, EXPIRED gift cards, receipts etc etc, yeah, you get the idea.  I piled them all in this handy fabric bag and insisted he pick out 5 that he wanted to keep.  Seriously??  why on earth would you need or WANT this many pens in an entire house, let alone a 14 year olds night stand!!!!    I am sure when I had the challenge to clean out your pens/pencil drawer, he did not read my blog that day!!!  🙂

and yes, he is a blog reader of mine, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt and let you know, he is the most loving, entertaining, and energetic boy I could have asked for.  He has his days, but I have mine too.   🙂   for the most part, he is  very good kid, and also my child that says he is NEVER leaving home, and even when he get married, he and his family will just live here to help “take care of us”.   hmmmmm……..I am thinking of a little different plan than THAT, but for now, I will not stop trying to get him organized and making him realize that 5 pens are just as good as the 300 he thinks he needs.

and one more note:  I will not share, his collection of hats, gloves, CLOTHES in general, phone covers, extension cords, duct tape, (yes, DUCT TAPE)  drawings ( he LOVES to draw, obviously)  CD’s, LiveStrong bands, stickers, key chains,  …the list goes ON and ON  !!!!

I will save those pictures,  in case I am looking for more blog material sometime, of course, again, with his permission.   🙂


10 Responses to “a life that is NOT simple….”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    thatta boy maiser!!!!!!!!!

  2. BeJes Says:

    Awesome basket!

  3. Bubba Says:

    Oh Maiser….how we are the same in SOOOO many categories! Your collections are as big as your heart!!!

  4. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Well, I’m glad to see and hear that Maison hasn’t changed as he is getting older 🙂
    Its a never-ending battle Kel!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and I will battle this every single minute til I pack him up and send all his belongings WITH him to his OWN place. 😉

  5. Christy Says:

    Hey Girl!!!

    Life has been crazy and finally having a few minutes to do some much needed surfing. 🙂 So of course had to stop by here and say hello. I think that along with light therapy, you need to join my inchie swap on SCS!! I need you back.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Hi again Christy!! I have missed you!! 🙂
      Ya know, I still have not figured out how to reactivate my SCS account. I will put that on my “to-do” list!!! 🙂

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