COMPLETE randomness…

I am thinking I ought to blog SOMETHING about Valentines Day??  it is one holiday I could really do without.  We do nothing for it.  I even dated my husband in High School, and we did not recognize it then as teenagers, so we are certainly not going to start now, 27 years later.  😦    I know.  Call me unromantic, call it what you want, but I call it unnecessary.  I think it is a marketing scheme to capitalize on such a natural thing…….a thing called “Love” .   Hellooooo??????

But speaking of that “L” word, I decided I would gather a few things in my house that I love.  I would  have taken a picture of the PEOPLE living here that I love, but they were all gone for the day.

Glenn and Maison were pretending to be lumberjacks and cutting wood for the fireplace.

Madison was doing errands for her Grandma.

…and I was home. Alone.    {sigh}

I love this Sock Monkey.  There is a story behind it.  It is not necessarily “old” to me, but it is to someone special.  Who really does not love Sock Monkeys anyway???   I just have to smile when I look at it.

These jars/bottles are something I really LOVE!!!   I think I am becoming a collector of them!!!   A customer gave them to me, and after I added some rub-ons, and some jute…and filled them with interesting items, I love them even more.  I want them in every room now!!  🙂   but for now, they are on my bathroom window ledge, catching the few rays of sunshine drifting in on occasion.  Add in a VERY vintage little clock, that has probably not worked in over 40 years, but I love it anyway.  Does anyone “really” know what time it is????

I used to hate this, now I love it.  Not sure what I was thinking when I bought it.  It was a black block sort of hanging picture, with some sort of canvas scenery mounted on it.  YUCK.  After many months of looking at it, TRYING to like it, I tore it apart, covered the canvas with this numbered paper, a little ink on the edges, and now…….I love it.  !!!!!!!!!  of course, you all know that “K” is my very favorite letter too.  🙂  perfectly perched on top of the “repurposed” picture.

Do you love it???  do you hate it???   Last weekend, I took two teenagers to Des Moines, and I had a $20 Gift Card to Pier 1 Imports.  This beauty was originally $79  !!!!!  I did not love him enough to spend THAT kind of money, but thankfully it was marked down many times, and final price was $19.   Okkkkk  free for me??  I can love him for that price!!!   My kids laughed at me when showed them.  I love it though.  🙂

Be sure to click to enlarge this image!!

it is my favorite of all things listed!!!  I have a fondness for old rolling pins and old wooden spoons.  This rolling pin IS old for sure.  It belonged to my mom.  😦   God bless her.  Her daughter Kim (aka, Machita) took it upon herself to list the family members names that lived in our home growing up….ya know, just in case anyone forgot the rightful owners to this rolling pin!!!!   Nicely written “Mom, Daddy, Kathy, Karla, Kim, Kristy, and Kelli”    I am sure this was a very nice and NEW rolling pin when my mom owned it.   I am also sure my angel mother just smiled when she saw her daughter had WRITTEN all over it!!! Unfortunately I might have not been so calm, but it was just not in my moms nature to get worked up over much at all.   When my mom died, this is the ONE thing , I was determined to get my hands on.  I did.  Although, Kim has warned me many times, during one of her visits to my house, it is going home with her.  I am SURE that she knows full well, that had better not happen.  🙂

I hope you have a very nice Valentines day tomorrow.  Show the love in any way you can.  Looking over this RANDOM list, nothing in it, has much (or any)  monetary value…and they are amongst my very favorite things. Things that I “love”, and not one has a price tag that could come close to the story behind them.    Interesting.

Tomorrow……I promise a new recipe from my daughter, that has become one of the family favorites.  You will definitely want to give it a try….EASY, FRESH and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to my MANY loyal blog readers….thanks for “loving” my blog!!!!


4 Responses to “COMPLETE randomness…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    ok i really want that sock monkey and you know it 😦 and i cant even believe i wrote on that rolling pin :O do you have any idea how many years ago that was????? just like when Karla put “STICKERS” all over moms hutch!!!!!!! and Kris colored the carpet with “LIPSTICK”!!!! you are right ….god bless her!

  2. Lana Schippers Says:

    I love that sock monkey….it was just that I loved it when my ex-husband gave it to me….and then…of course my Jay looked at with too much love when he was big enough to try and reach it so he never gotta be out anymore! I am def happy it is in a loving home now! I love all of your blogs….your attention to the….love you put in them everytime I get one has made me come to know you so much more! Happy Valentine’s Day Kelli!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, it is loved by everyone in this house!! even the dog, lays by it all the time. 🙂 Who would have thought that I would ever end up with YOUR old sock monkey?? LOL !!! thanks for enjoying my blog, just when I think I have bloggers block, you encourage me, that I am doing ok. 😉

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