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just to remind you…

March 28, 2010

I am still here.

Since it is nearly 1 am, and my energy is LOW LOW LOW….

I will “simply” leave you with some quick inspiration, possibly to put into place for the upcoming week


Until I have a little more time.  🙂

I purchased this a few weeks and hangs in my house as a constant reminder.

(click to enlarge)


Tea for Two (or twenty) …

March 12, 2010

I was going to stay on the house style mode, but you know me, bouncing around and enjoying the randomness of my blog.  You never know QUITE what I will come up with.  🙂

I am SO predictable in every other aspect of my life, I guess this is one area I really just go with the flow.

We had our Annual Sisters Tea Party last Sunday.

Queen Oui Oui, Queen Katalina, Queen MaChita, and Queen Kellita.

What an event it WAS !!!  after roughly 15 years, I swear, they keep getting better and better.

Queen Conchi mama in her prime…
Queen Ambjouronica (although I think she looks more like Anna Nicole Smith!!)

We go all out!!!   as fancy / gaudy and wild as we can get.  Digging DEEP into our closets, to bring out the FLASHY stuff.   It was originally started for our children.  Now, those kids are having kids, so it is three generations down (no boys allowed!!!) , and EVERYONE has a “splendid” time.   To see the little girls seeing everyone in all their goofiness, is nothing short of priceless.

This happens once a year, typically a wintery Sunday afternoon.  My sister Kathy is the Hostess with the mostest, and does a BEAUTIFUL job!!   even hauling her famous silk flowers out to decorate with, a vintage wheel barrow, and floral everything.  It is definitely a garden party setting.  She even recruited her husband to be the “waiter”.   He was the ONLY boy allowed, and that was to do his job, and then stay in the other room!!!   what a sport!!

doing a FINE job!!!

We also had a style show (emcee by my VERY animated neice)   Oh my!!!   The entertainment was singing and dancing by two of the most UNinhibited neices, and a fun game of Tea Party charades.

“entertaining” is an understatement!!!

Oh yes, and everyone has a special “version” of their names….and all take on a different accent for the occasion.

awwww… Princess Muffy. I think we left her speechless.
A special princess for the day….her very FIRST family tea party!!!!

Thanks Queen Katalina for all your years of “Tea Parties”   You never cease to amaze us!!!  You deserve a royal crown of your own!!!!

Group photo !!! say “Cheese” !!!

Yes, we can make a fun family gathering out of just about ANYTHING!!!!!!!

defining MY style…

March 4, 2010

I am trying.

I am occasionally known  (from family members) for contradicting myself.  I know.  Imagine that.

So, I have also been known to contradict my OWN style in decor.

Struggling with what is REALLY me?   what makes ME feel good?  and warm, and inviting, and at ease?

I guess it is a combination with the different things I have tried over the last few years.

I took things down to basically bare walls.  I liked the openness.  I still do.  But failing to use just the “right” elements was making me kind of crazy and unsettled.  It really was, over time.

So, I began adding things back in, but sometime they were the WRONG things.   Items that were really not “me”.   Not good.

I am definitely not looking for items that are cool, trendy, flashy, or look like they belong in a house OTHER than mine.  Sleek and trendy hardly “fits” in my Cape Cod looking house.  I tried, and it did NOT make me feel good.

My authentic style just simply makes me feel…..GOOD.  Makes me wanna smile.

This is an example, as best as I can try to wrap it up in one picture.

Anyone with my preferred style would agree, this is BEAUTIFUL.

I took a detailed survey for the fun of it.  Here is the results of what defines MY style.

“Cozy Cottage Casual”

A warm traditional look made for relaxing with family.  Emphasis on English early-American furnishings, as well as cottage style and farmhouse.  Weathered and built for daily life.  Subtly patterned prints, rugs and runners.  Warm wood tones and distressed finishes.  Natural fabrics, and solid textiles, simple stripes, and florals in muted tones.

I whole heartedly agree.

I have more “Defining your style” advise to follow, trust me.

Is this something you have also struggled, or am I in this one alone?