defining MY style…

I am trying.

I am occasionally known  (from family members) for contradicting myself.  I know.  Imagine that.

So, I have also been known to contradict my OWN style in decor.

Struggling with what is REALLY me?   what makes ME feel good?  and warm, and inviting, and at ease?

I guess it is a combination with the different things I have tried over the last few years.

I took things down to basically bare walls.  I liked the openness.  I still do.  But failing to use just the “right” elements was making me kind of crazy and unsettled.  It really was, over time.

So, I began adding things back in, but sometime they were the WRONG things.   Items that were really not “me”.   Not good.

I am definitely not looking for items that are cool, trendy, flashy, or look like they belong in a house OTHER than mine.  Sleek and trendy hardly “fits” in my Cape Cod looking house.  I tried, and it did NOT make me feel good.

My authentic style just simply makes me feel…..GOOD.  Makes me wanna smile.

This is an example, as best as I can try to wrap it up in one picture.

Anyone with my preferred style would agree, this is BEAUTIFUL.

I took a detailed survey for the fun of it.  Here is the results of what defines MY style.

“Cozy Cottage Casual”

A warm traditional look made for relaxing with family.  Emphasis on English early-American furnishings, as well as cottage style and farmhouse.  Weathered and built for daily life.  Subtly patterned prints, rugs and runners.  Warm wood tones and distressed finishes.  Natural fabrics, and solid textiles, simple stripes, and florals in muted tones.

I whole heartedly agree.

I have more “Defining your style” advise to follow, trust me.

Is this something you have also struggled, or am I in this one alone?


14 Responses to “defining MY style…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    ok so you need to totally put pics of you OWN house on here. how bout starting with your dining room cupboards. then your downstrairs bathroom then your awesome kitchen? yeah that would be a good idea.

  2. Pam Taylor Says:

    Love this look..clean, uncluttered…I used to have a lot of “crap”…and still think people who do and have it placed just so looks good…But for me…the saying”less is more” came to my way of life…Now I do still have to get rid of “more” but I’m getting there….!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      baby steps Pam!!! I got rid of so much, which can be a GREAT thing, then you are only allowed to add back in those things you absolutely LOVE, rather than all the things, you have just become “used to”.

  3. Clara Dvorak Says:

    I love the kitchen picture that you have put up. that would be my dream kitchen. I would like to start over with almost everything I have in my house. We will be retiring in a few years to an apartment down south. I have found an apartment I love that has be converted from either a old school house or wear house and it is just perfect for me. My taste has changed a lot over the years. I want comfort and want the feeling of warmest. We are working on having pictures of our family on our walls. They are our art work created by God with a little help by us. When we move we will be getting rid of alot of furniture and only taking what I really like and makes me feel good, like my couch and bedroom set. I love my hoosier cabinet but I’m not for sure if it can take another move. I want a place where people can come and find a calm spirit in my home and right now that just doesn’t happen. I don’t know how to fix it here. Maybe I should yell HELP!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Now Clara from what I have seen (in pictures) your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!! especially all the new colors you have added!! I love your reference to Gods art!! that is perfect. I have never looked at family pictures with that idea. I love it!!!
      That apartment idea sounds wonderful, but when you say “south” I will assume you mean southern Iowa. Otherwise, I can not talk about it. 😦

  4. K @ Prudent and Practical Says:

    My husband and I are in our late 20’s and we have so many hand-me-downs from our parents that we’re a little confused! We read how other bloggers go to Ikea and antique stores and everything looks so perfect in their homes. I know what I like, it’s just getting things to look right for the right price can be hard. Not too crazy about the lamps, but I love the rest of the kitchen! Where’s the survey from?

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    oh, you are just beginning then. You will get there, and find that “look” in time. Great for you to get hand me downs. I love them!!! not to mention the love that comes with them!
    The survey came from last months issue of Real Simple (of course, my favorite magazine) !!! It was definitely dead on with my taste, so I was really outcome with the results.

  6. MelK Says:

    Ironic. I was just discussing my decorating style with a work friend yesterday, I deided its pretty much “rescused treasures”. Very ecclecticand. I haven’t purchased a brand new piece of furniture since 1997 and that was the 2 glass top endtables I still have. Everything else are things I have picked up real cheap or occassionally free. As with the tables I am working on now. I almost bought a new chair the other day then decided to go to a used store first and found just what I wanted for almost nothing. I take so much more pride in how my home looks knowing pretty much every thing in it I have reclaimed and made my own.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I like you already!!!! how awesome is that, getting everything for a steal, or close to it!!! I have been known to get tired of a piece, look it over, and with a fresh coat of paint, new fabric, whatever….I fall in love with it all over again!!! stay tuned, you and I think alot alike, and hopefully I will have more posts with this kind of stuff in mind!!!
      Good thing furniture stores are not dependant on US?? they would go broke!! :O

  7. oldplowwoman Says:

    That kitchen is sooo me. I am on vacation – husband is hog hunting and I am staying in an awesome 2 bedroom 2 bathroom cottage that is tastefully decorated and all I can think of is going home a purging my own house yet again. This is a continual process it seems for me. And the kitchen in your photo is so fresh and clean and inviting for a cup of tea. I will have to send you a picture of my art work treasure when I get back home – I am so excited.

  8. simplyaltered Says:

    LUCKY YOU!!!!!! I would even let my husband go hog hunting if I got to be treated as well!! haha. Good for you!! that is good for the soul. 🙂
    Please share your artwork with me if you can send me a pic. I would LOVE to see it!!!

  9. breanna Says:

    oh i absolutely love this kitchen picture. goodness! check out that sink!! this reminds me so much of my kitchen! white simple-framed cabinets, white apron sink, antiqued pewter drawer/bin pulls. LOVE IT!
    i think you need to pot pictures of your house!!!!!!!!

  10. simplyaltered Says:

    I know, this kitchen is SO awesome I can hardly stand it!! what I wouldn’t give for the sink and white cupboards!!! to think we took a sink very close to that OUT of our kitchen when we remodeled it!!!! makes me want to faint now!!! boo hoo!!!!

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