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Drumroll please…

April 27, 2010

We have a winner!!!!

And her name is:


Rosie, please send your snail mail info to me at   and I will get it on its way!!!

Thanks to everyones contributions to making an information filled blog post.

More to come  🙂


Happy Earth Day…

April 22, 2010

I hope you celebrate this day EVERY day, but please take a minute to appreciate the Earth today!!

Find a way to “make a difference”  that will continue on and on


(amongst other things)  find a treat to yourself, given straight from Mother Nature and ENJOY it.

Here is mine.

Fresh off the many Lilac bushes in my back yard...

Ohhhh they smell DIVINE!!!  I think they picked Earth Day to be at their PEAK!!!  they are PERFECT!!!

I wish I could pick a bundle for everyone I know!!  🙂

a few snips and a perfect basket, the aroma FILLS our home…

If only I could have these year-round!!   {sigh}

But then again, I would probably take them for granted. Gives me something to look forward to each spring.

…and remember, make a comment, on the Lilacs, my herb idea from yesterday, or how you are celebrating Earth Day, and you JUST may win the give-away on Monday.

It is gonna be a good one!!!  🙂  yeah!!

Stevia….I love you!!!

April 21, 2010

My new found love.

The Stevia plant.  Used in its raw form has GOT to be natures very best sweetener!!!

Unprocessed and unrefined.


I like love it brewed right in with Lipton Organic tea bags (and iced) .

I posted this to Facebook, and got some response, that you can actually grow this plant at home.

Hmmm…might need to look into it.

Right now, I buy it from Owens Acres, and the gal is WONDERFUL to work with, but it seems SO perfect to be able to grow it, right on my kitchen windowsill. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?   and frugal?

I think so.

Takes me back to last week, someone asked me if I had ever grown herbs of any kind.

Reminds me of how much I love basil.

hmmmm……. just might need to look into this whole concept alot further!!

…and what better time, than Earth Week?

Post your comments, your ideas, or ANY suggestion you can offer!!  heck , you can just pop into say Hello if ya want.  Not too many rules this time.  Life has too many rules as it is.  🙂

It is high time for a giveaway, don’t ya think?    I will do a random drawing on Monday April 26.  Yeah!!!!

This is also a perfect time to simply let us all know any fun thing you are doing for Earth Week….or the small (or big) changes you have made proving how much you  love your Earth.

I will be waiting to hear from ALL of you!!!

But remember, I am looking for help in GROWING Stevia or herbs of any kind.  🙂

Thanks…as always.

Monday April 19th…

April 19, 2010

I betcha didn’t know this??

National Hanging Out Day

On April 19th let your laundry dry on the line and know that all across the country others will be, too because it is National Hanging Out Day

“Every year, on April 19th, Project Laundry List joins together with hundreds of organizations from around the country to educate communities about energy consumption. National Hanging Out Day was created to demonstrate how it is possible to save money and energy by using a clothesline.”

Even though I have MY laundry done for the week, maybe tomorrow will be a good day to do bedding, rugs, etc etc.  There is SOME laundry that always needs done in this house.

Hopefully it is the beginning of a summer of full clotheslines across America, or maybe a way for YOU to consciously make the effort to hang clothes out more often than you have been doing.  It does seem to take a little extra time, but it is SO worth it. Saving money, saving energy, and there is just something about seeing clothing blowing in the breeze, that makes me wanna smile.  🙂

Please join me, and make the effort this year.

Starting tomorrow.   🙂

Prom 2010…

April 18, 2010

I have officially done it, sent my daughter off to her first prom.

Here is a “sneak peek”  as she was finally ready to go.

She looked SO beautiful. Her hair turned out so perfect. (please ignore mine)  lol

I  looked???  well, tired.  Prom is alot of work on moms.

More pics to follow tomorrow after she gets home and I get them uploaded.  🙂

One more…

April 17, 2010

ok.  I promise, only one more post on my hair STUPIDITY, and then I will have to just give it TIME to fade.

I have improved it a very very VERY lot, but still blueish.

I used the new stuff I got to correct it, but I can tell, too much of that , and I will have LAVENDER hair.  Not much better than blue.  😦

Remember, this is what it looked like when I LOVED it.  (pre-brain lapse)

whitish platinum blonde....

and here it is tonight.  (no make up on, so I could NOT show my face!!)   haha

still a tinge TOO MUCH of blueish greyish yuck.

Still a tinge of blueish / greyish YUCK.  Especially right behind the ponytail holder. (click to enlarge photo, it is VERY much there!!)   Ick!!!  and it is MUCH worse in sunlight or under fluorescent lighting!!

The other night at the mall, my daughter looked over at me, and said “MOTHER, your HAIR!!!”

I had to remind of her what it looked like the FIRST night, so I am kind of proud of the progress I had made.  🙂

As if being the mother of a teenager is not humiliating enough to them, here I was sporting my really BLUE hair.

Oh my.  It has provided alot to talk  (and blog) about lately.  LOL.

I promise better things next week for all my loyal and supportive blog readers.

getting from “here” to “there”….

April 15, 2010

The process (literally) continues.

I have made huge strides, but I am not there YET !!!

When I have had to see people (or subject them to seeing ME)  they have nicely commented that my hair looks “uhhhh …kind of greyish blueish”

Yep, it is.

I have scrubbed, scrubbed and then scrubbed some more.  It is fading, but I have a ways to go.

OK.  See?   I was a seriously a “Blue”.

I need to get back to about a #23  (a mix between #22 & #24).

I have one more option tonight, delivered from the nice gal at State Beauty Supply.

Do I dare try it???  I can not imagine I could manage to WORSEN the situation…….


But rest assured, progress IS being made.   🙂

Leaving well enough ALONE!!!…

April 14, 2010

Oh Lord!!  I will try to make a long story short, but I managed to make a huge mess for myself tonight!!!

One bored mom + kids and husband gone for the night + a salon in my home =  BAD NEWS !!!

Back up one week:

I went and really TREATED myself to a salon visit in Des Moines.  I never EVER do this, but I have a friend that does a great job, and I figured I “deserved” it.  Right?   ohhhhh I love the color she did my hair.  LOVE LOVE LOVED it !!!!   she cut it too, but the color was 100% PERFECT!!!

Here I am shortly after….

Yes, the perfect platinum blonde I have always wanted!!!

But could I leave well enough alone????


I have a facination for violet based shampoo / conditioner.  It is what I always used to cut through the “golden” in my hair, so I got a NEW kind this week, and tried it out tonight.

Honest to GOD, this picture is obviously NOT me, but it is the exact color my hair was when I got out of the shower!!!!   (NO LIE!!!!)


I mean, I nearly had a HEART ATTACK  !!!!!!   what was I thinking???

I would have taken an actual picture of it, at it’s brightest, but in my panic state I was in……I just wanted to start scrubbing the crap out of it.  No time for a photo op, I needed this stuff OUT  !!!

I have washed my hair SIX times since, and I will be rewashing it til I fall asleep tonight!!!   I have now toned it down to a beautiful “greyish blue”

Seriously, I would never experiment like this on a paying customer…..but leave it to ME to think I can improve upon something, even just a “little bit”


Majority rules….

April 6, 2010

Ok.  I think the opinions (votes) are probably all in.

Majority is definitely saying “YES, DO IT  !!!!”

So, I (actually my husband) did.

I ran the idea past him on Easter afternoon.  His only request was “We can do it, but not immediately, like TODAY?!!!”

An hour later:

He IS a good man!!!  Trust me, he is a typical man, and does not generally do things quite THIS fast for me !!!  took a little bribery, begging and pleading on my part, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do!!!!

So, I am thinking I love love LOVE it!!!!  I love it alot from the inside.  It is so inviting, and almost cabana-like.  I am still trying to get used to the “look” from the outside.  It looks really different.  I definitely love the intimate and semi-private feel.  It actually looks a little brighter even since, there is now so much white.

Now, will I love it forever??  probably not.  I may not even put them up next year.  Who knows??  I love change.  It is what keeps things FRESH and the feel of a room interesting.  Remember how well I love to change furniture around??   So, I will love it, then be ready for openness again, and switch back and forth.  I am entitled to that.  🙂    (I have to remind many people of that often).    and who knows, with the rods already being up, I could even get really crazy and take the sheers down, and add grapevine, or festive lights wound around them….oh, the possibilities are endless!!!

I did already have the rods in the basement from previous attempts at curtains and valances…and the sheers were only $5 each.  An inexpensive way to dress up a room in my opinion.

Here is the finished “look”.

with all the sheers pulled shut...

...or pulled open!!!

ok.  Be honest.  Do you like?   I can take ALL opinions, either way.  I really can.

and I only wish I could invite ALL of you over to check it out yourself!!!  instead of an old fashioned “Block Party”  we could have a “Blog Party” !!!!  LOL

……your opinions really WERE the deciding factor.  I know where to go next time I find myself in another indecisive mode!!!!

My blog readers are THE BEST !!!!!

my “sheer” dilemma…

April 4, 2010

Have I ever mentioned that I am a terrible decision maker?  It is not that I make BAD decisions, I just never know one way or another, which one to make half the time!!! I can NEVER make up my mind, I occasionally  contradict myself, and many times I experience buyers remorse!!!

Well, here is my newest one, and I am begging for opinions!!

I may or may not take them (also famously known for)  but it could easily influence me too.   (there I go again, contradiction)  Ugh….

My sister Kim sent me this page out of an awesome magazine last fall.  I fell in love.  Knowing I was definitely going to do this come spring.

(click to enlarge) Do you like???

Should I leave my screens “open” and unobstructed, like in my previous post???


Add the sheers.  The look really does “cozy” the room up, and quite honestly, at night, it can be like sitting in a fishbowl.   Not maybe the best thing, especially in my PJ’s. fresh out of the shower!!   yikes.

I could always pull them open during the day, but more than likely, they would stay shut for the most part.  Remember, sheers are….well, sheers.  Plenty of sunlight will still come through.  🙂


I need some guidance.

Thanks in advance.  🙂