my “sheer” dilemma…

Have I ever mentioned that I am a terrible decision maker?  It is not that I make BAD decisions, I just never know one way or another, which one to make half the time!!! I can NEVER make up my mind, I occasionally  contradict myself, and many times I experience buyers remorse!!!

Well, here is my newest one, and I am begging for opinions!!

I may or may not take them (also famously known for)  but it could easily influence me too.   (there I go again, contradiction)  Ugh….

My sister Kim sent me this page out of an awesome magazine last fall.  I fell in love.  Knowing I was definitely going to do this come spring.

(click to enlarge) Do you like???

Should I leave my screens “open” and unobstructed, like in my previous post???


Add the sheers.  The look really does “cozy” the room up, and quite honestly, at night, it can be like sitting in a fishbowl.   Not maybe the best thing, especially in my PJ’s. fresh out of the shower!!   yikes.

I could always pull them open during the day, but more than likely, they would stay shut for the most part.  Remember, sheers are….well, sheers.  Plenty of sunlight will still come through.  🙂


I need some guidance.

Thanks in advance.  🙂


36 Responses to “my “sheer” dilemma…”

  1. Katie@ The Baby Factory Says:

    I’m gonna say……
    Not to be a hater, but seriously.
    You have a lot of trees around your house it appears in the picture. And all around your room looks a little darker. Maybe it’s the time of day.

    And then again, sheers aren’t really dark, or provide dark, just privacy. I see your dilemma 🙂

    I like the “clean” of all the white in the mag photo…..good luck w/ your decision!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      it is funny how a few comments also go back and forth!!! makes me feel my indecisiveness is justified afterall!! 🙂

  2. Lana Schippers Says:

    I say yes…a fresh look always feels good.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      it is a “change” and we both know how good it feels to change things up a little huh??? 🙂

  3. Cheryce Says:

    I say YES! You can always tie them back or take them down. 🙂

  4. Pam T Says:

    oh, yes..It is you…I think it would be a very refreshing seasonal look….

  5. machita Says:

    i say hang them, invite me over and we will sit out the a few hours till we decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will bring the iced tea 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you have STILL not been here. Too bad you live so far away, or never happen to be driving by.

  6. Heidi Says:

    Yes, Do it. You can start out with 2 in each corner to see how it looks and you can always add more if you like. If you like it, you can add a nice floral sheer too to add a little fun and POP on your porch.
    I am jealous that you have such a nice place to hang out.
    Enjoy !!!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      when we first bought the house (14 years ago) I wanted to take the screens out and open the porch completely up….but it did not take long til I saw the beauty and functionality of a screened in porch. We eat out there alot, and no bugs, and always stay nice and dry in a thunderstorm……. I love it!!!

  7. Nancy Says:

    I’m in the minority here, but I say no. It will make the porch darker and also your shop. They will get dirty and you will have to wash them frequently. I like your porch the way it is. Now to days on the porch!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have to also agree with this one. Washing them will be a pain, and one more thing to “take care” of……maybe I will do it for atleast one season though….and then decide if the work is worth it.

  8. Judy R Says:

    The sheers ! Makes the room look finished, more elegant.

  9. Ruthi Says:

    I say go for the sheers!! YOu can always open them up and get the fishbowl feeling if you want!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and the way I think I want to do it, would mean 1/2 could be closed, and the other 1/2 open…lots of flexibility. hmmmm…..

  10. Vicki Says:

    The sheers are pretty…. I like having my windows open, but I don’t like sitting in a fishbowl either… It’s nice to have the option and they are pretty. I’m not a decorator, but am giving you my opinion! ha

  11. Angie Says:

    “I don’t know Kel…..I am thinking I like it just the way it is!!! But I love open and airy feeling with alot of light shining through…..but if you have lived there for 7 years then a change might be a breath of fresh air, and if you didn’t like it you could always take them down and sell them.”

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I agree, but we have lived here 14 years, so a small change is due, and it would be nothing permanent. 🙂 I know better. LOL

  12. machita Says:

    do it do it do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Linsey(TC) Says:

    I’m a BIG fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 It would almost have a spa feel… PERFECT for the salon! 🙂 I agree with Machita… “do it do it do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  14. Clara Dvorak Says:

    Time for a change!! If in a few years you want to go back to the old way you can. Life is about trying new things. It could lift your spirits. Give it a try.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I agree. I could have them up one year, and not the next?? store them, and just go back and forth!! I like that idea, so I am not tied down to just ONE look. 🙂

  15. Cheryl Says:

    “Try it! It’s always fun to do something different. Then, when you take them down years later, it will seem like a new room again.”

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love your way of thinking!!!!! some times I have actually done this, only to appreciate the newness of an old room when it is converted back!!! you are reading my mind!! LOL

  16. olold plow woman Says:

    Leave it open and let the frame of the outside world be your canvas. Be one with nature enjoy the fresh air and the open simplicity of your area. Do you want a spa feel where you feel you are somewhere other than your favorite room of the house? Not to mention the cost? I think if I was going add something it wouldn’t be sheers but muslin that you can pull back and when you are tired of it you can rubber stamp or stencil on it and turn it into seat cushions.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      very good points Jenice. The cost was also a factor, but we already had the rods, and the sheers are cheap….I think $5 each. muslin would be REALLY awesome and “earthy” but much more expensive. Oh, I love muslin anything!!! 🙂

  17. Pam Sparks Says:

    I read your email update yesterday and thought cool, but then I remembered the day I was there and you had snow on the porch…wouldn’t the rain come in and get them wet too? That’d be a drag! oh, that’s an old phrase! hip hop! lol
    Pam Going Postal

    • simplyaltered Says:

      That is true, BUT it has to be raining REALLY hard, and sideways for it to come in because of the overhang. But I had thought about that and I am already knowing I will have to wash them more often…..ick, on dirty curtains!! :O
      BTW, your “drag” comment made me laugh!!! love it !!!

  18. Amy Krier Says:

    When I saw you tonight I was going to tell you how much I LOVE THE WHITE SHEERS!!! I have probably droze by a dozen of times and absolutely love them. In fact I just drove by on my lunch hour and the wind was blowing them and I thought to myself what a breathe of fresh air! I think they look great from the road! I say leave them up.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      OMG !!! thank you !!! I feel much better now!! I was so freaked out by what it looks like on the outside driving by….ya know, gotta have “curb appeal” as my husband says. I have gone outside and walked up the sidewalk MANY times, trying to decide if it looks ok or not. Now I know to calm down, it is fine. THANKS!!!!!! from a passerby’s perspective. 🙂

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