Leaving well enough ALONE!!!…

Oh Lord!!  I will try to make a long story short, but I managed to make a huge mess for myself tonight!!!

One bored mom + kids and husband gone for the night + a salon in my home =  BAD NEWS !!!

Back up one week:

I went and really TREATED myself to a salon visit in Des Moines.  I never EVER do this, but I have a friend that does a great job, and I figured I “deserved” it.  Right?   ohhhhh I love the color she did my hair.  LOVE LOVE LOVED it !!!!   she cut it too, but the color was 100% PERFECT!!!

Here I am shortly after….

Yes, the perfect platinum blonde I have always wanted!!!

But could I leave well enough alone????


I have a facination for violet based shampoo / conditioner.  It is what I always used to cut through the “golden” in my hair, so I got a NEW kind this week, and tried it out tonight.

Honest to GOD, this picture is obviously NOT me, but it is the exact color my hair was when I got out of the shower!!!!   (NO LIE!!!!)


I mean, I nearly had a HEART ATTACK  !!!!!!   what was I thinking???

I would have taken an actual picture of it, at it’s brightest, but in my panic state I was in……I just wanted to start scrubbing the crap out of it.  No time for a photo op, I needed this stuff OUT  !!!

I have washed my hair SIX times since, and I will be rewashing it til I fall asleep tonight!!!   I have now toned it down to a beautiful “greyish blue”

Seriously, I would never experiment like this on a paying customer…..but leave it to ME to think I can improve upon something, even just a “little bit”



24 Responses to “Leaving well enough ALONE!!!…”

  1. machita Says:


    • simplyaltered Says:

      Yep. Not awesome. I wish SO badly I would have gotten a picture, you would have DIED !!! but I was wasting NO time.

  2. BLT Says:

    so the REAL story is Prince announced he was doing a re-make of his music video Purple Rain and you were going to try out? LOL

    Inside every disaster is a great story we laugh about years later. This will just be another!

    Youre lucky yellow+blue did not green make! Purple is fashionable. My hairstylist has edgey purple hair and pulls it off well!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Yeah, Purple Rain would have been just the look I was after !!! haha!!!
      I know some young and hip gals can easily pull off these colors, but Me??? oh what a JOKE!! I am generally SO conservative!!! LOL

  3. Wendy Siefken Says:

    Well, I can only say one thing about that, It would have made your blue eyes stand out. Thankfully any coloring/hair cut mistakes we do to our hair is never permanent. Our hair grows out and we can take the color out or change it. All we can say is, lesson learned. And a funny story for the grandkids. The day Grandma dyed her hair blue! in my case bright orange/blonde. yes it is a color and yes i did it. To myself. Have a great rest of your week.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have to admit, I would rather have blue than orange….ok, maybe. I am FOREVER fighting orange brassy golden!! I definitely took care of that last night!!!! haha

  4. machita Says:

    i had a niece that dyed my hair blonde about 10 years ago. i am just now talking to her again. lol lol lol lol

  5. Cheryce Says:

    Does this mean we won’t be seeing you in public for awhile? 🙂 I want to see what it looks like now! Actually, I kinda like the blue, but then again, I’ve always had a penchant for Smurfs.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have it about 99% improved, but got a magic solution on order for tomorrow…..will take that last little “hint” of blue out when it arrives tomorrow. 🙂 and Smurfs??? yep, nearly that exact color!!! EEK !!!

  6. Lana Schippers Says:

    I have done that! It is a wonder we aren’t bald right!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      bald was a thought that did run through my mind. OMG, Lana….you know that feeling??/ the minute you look in the mirror!! nearly took my breath away!!! good thing I am in the profession of corrective color!! 🙂

  7. Sammie Jester Says:

    Been there, I was trying to cover roots, turned my hair a sickning pink. I was going on a school trip that day and my mothre helped me bleach it out and cover the roots before the trip started.
    another time I did a similar thing right before a family funeral.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      OMG….well, atleast I did not have anything TOO pressing going on the next day, other than seeing all my salon customers!!! haha!!! I got alot of explaining to do…….

  8. olold plow woman Says:

    All I can say is I bet you could sport any color and it would be wonderful! Besides just blame it on your kids isn’t that what we had them for?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes , actually is WAS my kids fault. If they would have been home, making all their usual demands on me, having me be their taxi etc etc etc….I would have had no spare time on my hands to mess with this kind of nonsense huh??? haha

  9. Amy Says:

    If you haven’t gotten it all out by now, try some lemon juice (wet your hair good with it) then sit out in the sun until it is dry – then wash and rinse again and sun-dry one more time. That should cut the color. I used this trick for all the years I swam in chlorinated pools (which turned my natural-blonde the brightest, ickiest color of GREEN) and it always got the color out plus brightened the blonde nicely…

    • simplyaltered Says:

      That is a good idea. I did use Dawn dish soap, let it set on my hair awhile, (this was about the 12th time) and I think I have all but a trace of blue out now. I have some platinum on order, and hopefully it will take that last little bit out…….

  10. simplyaltered Says:

    Thanks for the good laugh… AND your story sparked a long (almost) forgotten episode in my young life. WAAAY back in the 50’s a couple girls friends and I decided to “bleach” our hair. We had no packaged kits then – so we mixed equal parts peroxide and ammonia and bleached our hair. It didn’t turn out too bad.. and we had fun with it for a while that summer. After school started one of the girls and I decided to go the other way and go BLACK. We got some capsules at Woolworths that was supposed to be a “rinse”. Viola ! We had black hair. The problem came when we decided to wash out the “rinse”. My hair came out a kind of pond scum green. OMG ! I refused to go to school.

    My mom (bless her heart) went to the drug store and bought a permanent product (Roux Shampoo Dye) in a medium
    brown. That fixed things and I looked normal . I never messed with hair color again .. well.. as long as I was under
    my mom’s rule anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t feel so bad now..

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh Lord, you are making my heart race…..ammonia and bleach??? I am surprised you have any hair LEFT on your head!!! makes my blue seem simple!!! like I said, I am glad I am in this profession as I did have a pretty good idea on how to eliminate certain colors after they are in your hair!! Whew!! I am nearly back to normal now. 🙂

  11. ellen Says:

    Honestly, Kelli, not laughing at you!

    My sister did something similar to my mother, years ago.

    My mom had very pretty white hair, but my sister had it in her head that mom was too young to have white hair and needed some color. Mom kept telling her “no”. Well, finally one day, my sister was at my mom’s house, mom was conveniently on the phone with someone, so Debbie decides “now’s the time to do it!”. She starts squirting on the bottle of color. What was mom to do, except let Debbie finish?

    Didn’t see my mom that weekend, until Sunday morning at church. Literally, her pretty white hair had gone from pretty white to oh-so-black!! Well, to say the least, my mouth dropped practically off my face. Mom’s look of disgust was for real and it took a long time before it all grew out and faded away! After all, there was no way Mom was going to let Debbie, or anyone else, even try to fix it, after that fiasco!

    Just had to share.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is a good one!! imagine if you would have seen it the FIRST day then huh??? oh my, white to BLACK!! yikes!!! Again, I am glad I am in the business I am in, or I might have had NO clue what to do!!! I am just about back to normal, I certainly have NO golden in my hair, which is what I was ultimately after……. haha. Maybe I will be one of those old ladies that has blue / purple tinted hair afterall??? oh my…..

  12. Vicki Says:

    I’d like to see your blue hair… I can’t believe you changed it so fast! ha When I get an email from Simply Altered, can I respond to that email or do I have to go to your email address?

  13. simplyaltered Says:

    I hope I gave you the right instructions, but really either way, they will get posted.
    Now….I am wishing so badly I would have taken a picture, but there was NO time for messing around…..heck, I would not even let my husband look at it as soon as I looked in the mirror!!! LOL he would have just rolled his eyes at me anyway!! haha

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