One more…

ok.  I promise, only one more post on my hair STUPIDITY, and then I will have to just give it TIME to fade.

I have improved it a very very VERY lot, but still blueish.

I used the new stuff I got to correct it, but I can tell, too much of that , and I will have LAVENDER hair.  Not much better than blue.  😦

Remember, this is what it looked like when I LOVED it.  (pre-brain lapse)

whitish platinum blonde....

and here it is tonight.  (no make up on, so I could NOT show my face!!)   haha

still a tinge TOO MUCH of blueish greyish yuck.

Still a tinge of blueish / greyish YUCK.  Especially right behind the ponytail holder. (click to enlarge photo, it is VERY much there!!)   Ick!!!  and it is MUCH worse in sunlight or under fluorescent lighting!!

The other night at the mall, my daughter looked over at me, and said “MOTHER, your HAIR!!!”

I had to remind of her what it looked like the FIRST night, so I am kind of proud of the progress I had made.  🙂

As if being the mother of a teenager is not humiliating enough to them, here I was sporting my really BLUE hair.

Oh my.  It has provided alot to talk  (and blog) about lately.  LOL.

I promise better things next week for all my loyal and supportive blog readers.


4 Responses to “One more…”

  1. Cheryce Says:

    It’s certainly better than the Smurf blue! It doesn’t look horrible to my eyes. Like you went swimming in the city pool after using Sun-In. (Learned from that mistake in middle school!)

  2. machita Says:

    it matches your shirt very nicely 😛

    • simplyaltered Says:

      good because it is one of my favorite sweatshirts!! as a matter of fact, I have it on right now too!!! 🙂 imagine that.

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