Monday April 19th…

I betcha didn’t know this??

National Hanging Out Day

On April 19th let your laundry dry on the line and know that all across the country others will be, too because it is National Hanging Out Day

“Every year, on April 19th, Project Laundry List joins together with hundreds of organizations from around the country to educate communities about energy consumption. National Hanging Out Day was created to demonstrate how it is possible to save money and energy by using a clothesline.”

Even though I have MY laundry done for the week, maybe tomorrow will be a good day to do bedding, rugs, etc etc.  There is SOME laundry that always needs done in this house.

Hopefully it is the beginning of a summer of full clotheslines across America, or maybe a way for YOU to consciously make the effort to hang clothes out more often than you have been doing.  It does seem to take a little extra time, but it is SO worth it. Saving money, saving energy, and there is just something about seeing clothing blowing in the breeze, that makes me wanna smile.  🙂

Please join me, and make the effort this year.

Starting tomorrow.   🙂


8 Responses to “Monday April 19th…”

  1. Pam Taylor Says:

    Hanging laundry out is a good thing…always feels good to snuggle in sheets that have been hung out. Glad someone else notices hanging laundry. I am always commenting to Jack on the way someones laundry is hanging as we’re traveling the countryside !!!Nothing like a neatly hung line…

    • simplyaltered Says:

      absolutely!!! I wish more people did this. I think the fun part is the actual hanging them up….even my kids like to do it.

  2. machita Says:

    yes i was brought up in a house where my mom always hung clothes outside.only one thing…never never ever did she ever hang them out on Sunday. And she reminded her 5 daughters not to do it either. bless her heart!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes she did!!! sorry to say I have to break that rule every now and then. Growing up, it did not matter WHAT needed dried, it did NOT get done on a Sunday. 🙂 God bless her anyway.

  3. ambjour Says:

    yes, i love it too but can’t anymore cuz my kiddos have allergies. and we live next to a gravel road…. ugh!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Ugh, yeah, that sucks. But you could still conserve energy by buying an indoor drying rack maybe?? 🙂

  4. Cheryce Says:

    Love this!!! I’m going to share it on FB, if you don’t mind.

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