Stevia….I love you!!!

My new found love.

The Stevia plant.  Used in its raw form has GOT to be natures very best sweetener!!!

Unprocessed and unrefined.


I like love it brewed right in with Lipton Organic tea bags (and iced) .

I posted this to Facebook, and got some response, that you can actually grow this plant at home.

Hmmm…might need to look into it.

Right now, I buy it from Owens Acres, and the gal is WONDERFUL to work with, but it seems SO perfect to be able to grow it, right on my kitchen windowsill. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?   and frugal?

I think so.

Takes me back to last week, someone asked me if I had ever grown herbs of any kind.

Reminds me of how much I love basil.

hmmmm……. just might need to look into this whole concept alot further!!

…and what better time, than Earth Week?

Post your comments, your ideas, or ANY suggestion you can offer!!  heck , you can just pop into say Hello if ya want.  Not too many rules this time.  Life has too many rules as it is.  🙂

It is high time for a giveaway, don’t ya think?    I will do a random drawing on Monday April 26.  Yeah!!!!

This is also a perfect time to simply let us all know any fun thing you are doing for Earth Week….or the small (or big) changes you have made proving how much you  love your Earth.

I will be waiting to hear from ALL of you!!!

But remember, I am looking for help in GROWING Stevia or herbs of any kind.  🙂

Thanks…as always.


37 Responses to “Stevia….I love you!!!”

  1. Cheryce Says:

    I love the idea of an indoor herb garden, especially during the dreary winter months. I have been looking for a sofa table (you know, the long narrow ones to go behind a sofa?) to put in front of our big entry way window so I can place the pots of herbs there during the winter. I hear they do pretty well. 🙂 You an get herb garden kits, and those are pretty easy. Like a Chia pet. Haha.

    Earth Week– So far, I have used less energy (unplugged everything that wasn’t absolutely essential to leave on, hanging laundry, shorter showers, etc). We’ve begun our garden. I’m looking for a recycling garbage can to make it easier for our house to recycle.

    Go Earth!! I wonder if Recycle Me Iowa will pick up in Osky??! 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh, I can just imagine the sofa table lined with herbs!!! LOVE – LY !!!!
      I am trying to work on unplugging things too. The hardest one (for some stupid reason) is cell phone chargers around here!! Not sure why, but they are ALWAYS sitting there, just plugged in. Arrgghhhhh….
      I will see if I can get Recycle Me Iowa to make an Oskaloosa stop. Ya know, I do have connections 😉

  2. machita Says:

    i potted sweet basil and about 4 other herbs on my deck last year and the whole deck smelled wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Melody Says:

    Would be glad to help you Kelli!

  4. Rosie Says:

    I put basil, rosemary, and oregano in one big pot on my deck. It makes a very attractive planting and it’s so nice to have fresh herbs available all summer. For Earth Week, I am in the process of setting up a rain barrel to water my plants and garden. I am so excited – no chemicals in my water this year! My plants will love me.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I read 40 things to do for Earth Week and this rain water was one of them. I remember when I was little, my sisters and I collected rain water, believing it made your hair shinier if you rinsed the shampoo off with it. Funny. We believed it atleast! LOL

  5. BLT Says:

    You can buy the plant at Earle May or at Hy-Vee in Des Moines. Call ahead but most have it as I’ve SEEN it. I LUV Laura at Owens Acres!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ok. We have Earl May here. I am definitely gonna check!!! I luv Laura too…but I have had a HECK of a time ordering lately, something gets hung up on my Paypal end of it. Grrrrr…..

  6. BLT Says:

    Oh..I planted 324 purple pansies these past 2 weekends…I lost count of how many bushes, shrubs, hostas, ornamental grasses, and perennials….laid more stone walkways… You should come see my yard when you’re in The Big City!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Good Lord! what are you doing with all those pansies?? just for looks, or do you do something with them. Sounds GORGEOUS!!!! I would LOVE to see your place, and of course, see YOU!!! 🙂

  7. BLT Says:

    Oh….And one mint garden. WHEW! Then I COLLAPSED! LOL!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      hummmm….mint garden??? oh my, I knew you , of all people, would be chiming in to give me lots of motivation and inspiration!!! you never disappoint!!! 🙂

      • BLT Says:

        Be careful with mint. It MUST have boarders. It’s best to put in a deep flower box in the ground or on the deck in a flower box/pot. It will take over in no time and CONSUME your yard. Try CHOCOLATE MINT when you’re at Earle May. Snip a leaf and taste it. You only need one plant of each. They grow and spread quickly. Use a dehydrator to save some for the winter months. I hang dry too but over a vent in the house so it dries quickly. Cut herbs/lettuces/etc., mid-morning when the dew has evaporated but never in the heat of the day. Wash and make sure they are DRY else they’ll MOLD. You can hang dry or use dehydrator. Invest in a FoodSaver. Costco/Sams sells bags in volume which is very very cost effective. Useful for many many foods to make them last “almost” forever in the freezer!

  8. olold plow woman Says:

    we planted 3 trees they are dwarf trees so we should have fruit with Gods blessings in 3 years. Apple Crisp apples and a Jona Red Apple and an Apricot tree. Planted 2 blueberry bushes and 2 black berry bushes and am going to order on Friday some red raspberry bushes. This evening afterwork I am going to the grandkids and we are putting there little garden in grandson is 51/2 and Miss Lady is 3 and they will have the best time poking cuke, pumpkin seeds in the hills and they can really pat down a tomato plant. I love this time of year and to share the love of a garden with my grandchildren is truly a gift to me. – We should make every week an earth week

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You are gonna be busy busy busy!! and reaping the harvest for a long time!! I love blackberries!!! we have so many apple and cherry trees, but no berries. I need to have Glenn work on that. 😉
      and those little helpers that you have??? fun time for them AND Grandma huh??

  9. BLT Says:

    Oh…silly me….use dried chocolate mint over ice cream…. Aaaahhhhh…. Summer!!!!

  10. Lori Says:

    OK, so I have a general herb garden question…..what do you think would be the easiest things to put in a pot on the deck and grow? I know there are several new things out, but I want easy to grow things that will not be hard to take care of……how does cilantro do? Thinking that chocolate mint sounds awesome, just not quite sure how to use it. I know that stuff grows like wildfire once you establish it. Also, when is the best time to plant, is it too early? For herbs, and even my tomato and cucumbers……AND who has a favorite place to purchase plants? I go everywhere.

    • BLT Says:

      Cliantro does best with morning sun/afternoon shade. Protect the roots and keep cool so I’d use a light colored pot or a wooden one. Never did one on the deck but worth a shot. Plant seeds every couple of weeks as it will go to seed once weather gets good and warm. Pop flowers to stop them from seeding and produce more leaves. Once they seed, collect to use as coriander or use them to plant again. If they seed, they will resow themselves. Use fresh. Dried cilantro isn’t so great…CHOCOLATE MINT: Dry and crumbled over ice cream.. Dip leaves in melted chocolate, cool, and serve as dessert or place decoratively on cupcakes, pieces of cut cake served for dessert, etc. Put a leave in each cube of ice cube tray. Makes a very refreshing drink in summer. Steep for tea. I have lots more ideas/recipes.

  11. Lori Says:

    I soooo wish I could grow blueberries and raspberries….I have tried in the past but I didn’t spend much time tending to them, and of course they died.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      OMG, I would go nuts if we had a raspberry bush!! can you imagine!!! that is one of my FAVORITE fruits!! when I was little we had a mulberry bush. Seemed like everyone had one then, and I hardly ever hear about them anymore. Hmmm….. I wonder why??

  12. Tammy Truckenbrod Says:

    I started seeds for flat leaf parsley and basil. Plan to move them outside as soon as they are big enough. Also decided to grow my own tomatoe plants, lettuce, and green peppers in containers. Hope it works.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      another thing I have never done. Start anything from seeds. We cheat and have to buy the plants each year 😮

  13. BLT Says:

    I think cilantro is more economical (time and money) to buy at the store or at your local roadside farmer. I use it on occasion and make wonderful HERB SALADS (no lettuce…just parsleys and cilantro, cukes, maters, carrots, etc..and an herb dressing mix from Owens Acres or I buy bottles from OLIVE GARDEN!!! It’s delish! Herb salads don’t wilt and you can make ahead for picnics/family gatherings several days ahead. They keep well without wilting like regular lettuce salads do. If you want to grow something, grow chard, kale, spinach. All are EASY and very HEALTHY. Toss a few seeds in the flower bed, enjoy this year and they come back next year (not so lucky w/spinach). I already have had kale salads from the leaves of my plants which came back from last year!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You are so healthy!! you make me feel like a slacker!! haha. I want to like salads SO badly, but I can not stand them. I will have to keep to my herbs in beverages!! haha!!

  14. BeJes Says:

    For Earth week, I sent my husband to Dubai! Oh, and I also got most of my garden planted (minus the tomato and peppers), some herbs on the deck, and I have been working on fusing hundreds of used plastic bags into new, reusable bags for RECYCLEMEIOWA!

  15. Wanda Says:

    Kelli…I grew Stevia last year and I loved it! It is just like any other herb that you grow …mine was outside the patio door here in a pot. I used it for tea, as you would use sugar in cooking pots of spaghetti, or anything with a tomato base…takes the acid out of the sauce. Works great and I am sure if you went online and Googled how to use it, you would have a gob of uses. Just keep it watered well and it is still there in the fall…or till the first frost. You could bring it in.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would like to do that, and had not even given a thought to using something sweet in tomato based food. It would cut the acidity, but I also like a little sweetness to my tomato based food anyway!! I love sweet spaghetti!!!

  16. LTC Says:

    So, I’m DEFINITELY not the green thumb of my family, but I’m slowly trying to learn. Now that I’m a homeowner, I think I’ll learn more over the next few years. I’m currently planting some flowers around and trying to get some landscaping going. I’m LOVING the idea of growing some herbs! I’ll have to get some tips from you after you learn more! 🙂 I do try to use my canvas grocery bags as much as I can to reduce the use of those plastic ones AND we luckily have a recycling center a block away so we do that as well. I’m trying to learn more ways to do my part!! 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      LINSEY!! you are becoming SO domesticated!! I love love love it!!! Ciji would also be very proud of your earth loving efforts as well!!!!
      Hey, had a very nice visit with your mom today!! he toes are looking MUCH better!! she needed it. 🙂

  17. Sammie Jester Says:

    My sister in Maryland had a plant in her garden last fall. I think I could love it. I will have to look for it in one of the garden centers. I also have some mint and camamel started this year. Din’t have to water them today, got a good rain last night.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      we got rain last night too, and more today!!! too bad I don’t have anything planted yet that could benefit from it!! 😦 I will soon though…..

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