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The thrill of the hunt…

May 30, 2010

I am a little late on this.  Like a week late.

Last weekend, we enjoyed another sisters (and daughters) outing.

Des Moines.  Three vehicles, and 144 garage sales.

Needless to say, we did not hit them all, but did go to alot and got some GREAT bargains.

A trip like this, definitely requires an overnight stay.  I know, only an hour away, but if we can find an excuse to spend the night together, we will.

And it was Rise & Shine EARLY, the next morning to get the best deals, right?

Ambjour, Kim, and Ciji.

First on the agenda?  arriving in Des Moines , and getting something to EAT!!!

Gathering at the hotel

3 beds, a couch and many comfy chairs….and look how many are gathered in the KITCHEN, standing around?   I was on the couch with Kim.   🙂

my sister Kim and I

We were the only smart ones.  Life it too short to spend any more time in a kitchen than you HAVE to huh??  😉

Jessi, Ciji, Madison and TIffany. (all cousins)

Not sure what was going on here, and probably better off that I don’t know.  LOL

Ambjour....cramming in our overnight bags, and making room for the bargains we planned on snagging before the day was done.

my first purchase. An area rug from Crate & Barrell!!! yeah, PERFECT for my porch.

A group meeting, to plan the next stop. Ok, truth is, we were just visiting. 🙂

Get OUT of this chair Kim, (you are embarassing us!!!)

WHAT a deal!!!  a massage chair from Brookstone ($1,200) retail price,

Garage sale price?   $100.  SCORE!!!!

and it goes home with....ME !!!!! fit in the back of my little car, just PERFECTLY!!!

Our last stop...

There were TOO many stops to keep track, but this was my last one.  I was tired and my car was filled to capacity!!  time to get something to eat, and call it another fun filled family weekend.

One last group photo at Star Bar and we are going HOME!!!

Now, remember, I am typically not a garage sale person.  I don’t like to THEM, or even ATTEND them.  I usually give my family an idea of what I am looking for, and they do the work for me.  But I have to admit, it was a successful day.  It is amazing to see all the interesting things, even if you are not making a purchase at all.

One thing about it, it is some good cheap fun, and THAT alone, captures my attention.

Enjoy your weekend.


Indoor S’Mores…

May 26, 2010


I know, 2 posts in one day???   I am even shocking myself!!

But this is a recipe that was a long time coming.  Long story short, but it is a recipe of my niece Tiffany.  I begged her for about 3 years for it, and for various reason, never got around to giving it to me.  FINALLY one day , she came across it, and read it to me via my answering machine!!!

So, finally have the recipe in hand, and still dragging my feet another couple months to get around to making it.

Are we pathetic or what ?   no real reason other than that dreaded “Procrastination” problem I have.

Well….made it today and convinced Tiffany is THE BOMB!!!!

Mind you, I do not even LIKE traditional S’Mores.

But I can seriously NOT keep my fingers out of these!!!!

Posted the idea on Facebook today and had MANY requests for the recipe.

Here it is.

Indoor S’Mores…

8 cups Golden Graham cereal

6 cups mini marshmellows

1 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips  (I prefer semi-sweet, so that is what I used)  almost makes it taste a little “fudgey”  YUM-O!!!

1/4 cup corn syrup

5 Tbsp margarine

1 tsp vanilla

Spray a 9 x 13 pan with Pam.  Microwave  FIVE of the cups of marshmellows, chocolate chips, corn syrup, and margarine, and stir til smooth and melty. (about 60 seconds in my microwave)  Add in vanilla.

Add the cereal and stir til coated.  Add the last additional cup of marshmellows and spread into pan.

(I topped it with about an extra 1/2 cup marshmellows  and left uncoated for appearance.)

I am telling you……DELICIOUS!!!!   I need to have my teenagers HIDE these from me.  Serious.

Sock Monkey Wednesday

May 26, 2010

What a slacker!!!

A perfect time for a fat-free snack… as my sister cleaned.

A Sock Monkey DOES have to eat, afterall!!

Wandered right off the couch, and  did what ANY Sock Monkey would do to “reach” the table….

Hoisted itself up on a stack of books. Perfect solution.  Perfect height.

Enjoy your Hump Day Wednesday……and remember, you never know what YOUR household friends might be up, to when you are not looking.   🙂

Key Lime Pie……

May 21, 2010

ok. Get your grocery list ready.

You will need to add only FOUR items to it.

and a couple optional items, if you so desire.

(unless of course, you have a VERY well stocked pantry)

Key Lime Pie:

1/2 cup Lime Juice

5 egg YOLKS

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 regular size Graham Cracker pie crust

Mix first three ingredients together, and pour into pie crust.  Bake 375 degrees for 15 minutes.  Cool completely and serve.  Yum-O !!!

Cool, refreshing, delicious and super SIMPLE!!!!

….the pie I made was gone so fast, I did not have time to take a picture of it.  So, after looking endlessly for a GREEN Key Lime Pie, I had to resort to just a picture of limes.   What is up with that???  every Key Lime pie image I found was YELLOW!!!  hellooooo…..  I am a visual person, and when I think if anything lime, I think GREEN!!  so…. I cheated just a teeny bit and added  (an optional) TWO drops of green food coloring to get just the right depth of greeness.  🙂     I suggest you do it too.  haha.

and when served, I added a couple squirts of  (again optional) Redi-Whip topping.  I highly suggest that as well.

I am always full of suggestions huh?

You have GOT to try this pie!!!   I had it whipped up and in the oven in less than 5 minutes.  No need to test for doneness.  15 minutes, it is done, trust me.

Let me know if you try it, and how easy and delicious you think it is!!!!!!

The perfect summertime pie!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned,  I have a FUN adventure for this upcoming weekend, and plan to have an entertaining blog post Sunday / Monday.  🙂

A day in the life of my Sock Monkey….

May 13, 2010

Oh my , I hope this link works!!!  I have tried this SO many ways and SO many times, it would be WAY too sweet if it actually worked this time!!

Ok.  My reasoning??  I have not gone off the deep end (yet, anyway)

But I remember telling my kids how Gingerbread Men come to life when we look the other way.

I also told them the same about snowmen.  When we went to bed at night, they played in the yard, only to assume their original position in the morning.

Now, I know I am not a crazed mother, I know other mothers make-up this kind of magical thinking, don’t they?

I also confirmed this belief the first time I saw “Toy Story”.  How awesome are those toys coming to life???

So….on to my REAL reason for this post.

I fell in love with this OLD sock monkey when I attended an awesome sale of my cousin Lanas.  I told her I wanted it before I even saw it in person.  Something told me I had to have THIS sock monkey.  Now, mind you, I am not a sock monkey “collector”, I just KNEW this one needed to live at MY house.

** and remember, a while back I made a post of a “few of my favorite things”.  Sock Monkey was in it.  🙂

It has been on my couch sitting quietly ever since.  (although, who REALLY knows what happens in the middle of the night??)  LOL

I have my house cleaned every other week by my sister Kim (aka Machita), and this is what happened to the quiet Sock Monkey.  It is SO cold and rainy outside, it appears even it was COLD!!!

I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD when she showed me!!!!  Brings to my memory of stories of days gone by.

I am also told this should be an ongoing blog post.  There is already a plan in place for the Sock Monkeys activities in two weeks from now.

Hmmm….I wonder what it could be.

Regardless, maybe there  IS some life to these old worn out stuffed toys??   go ahead, watch the KIA commercial again.

How can you really argue that???

Some have Flat Stanleys, some have other on going locations of certain characters ( darn, I can not think of the names right off hand) but there ARE others.

I have Lanas Sock Monkey.  🙂

The day after…

May 10, 2010

I was going to make a Mothers Day post yesterday, but how could I tell you how wonderful it was, before it was over?  🙂

For lack of better words, I have been a little out of sorts lately, so I was slightly worried. (about myself, not my family).

It was wonderful.

Funny how the most SIMPLE things are my favorites.  Honestly, those things that cost no money, only a little effort, and just a little time.

My kids did great.

one of Maisons gifts.... (click to enlarge)

Isn’t this the cutest thing?  he whipped it up as I was getting ready for church.  You have to know my son well, to understand how much I will love “redeeming” these coupons.  (especially, “Calm Your Voice” day!!)  I told him,  that one can NEVER expire, and I can redeem it over and over and over!!  haha!!!

In the afternoon, he treated me to my annual Mothers Day pedicure!!!  yeah, finally I am on the receiving end of luxury.

yep, those are MY feet, and they were loving this pedicure!!!

My daughter and I went browsing around the Book Vault in the afternoon, and I reminded her on the way, this was the BEST things she could do with me.  Take a little time out of her 17 year old life to hang out with her mother. 🙂  and then we had an Iced Coffee together.   Perfect.

She also knows my weakness for soft feet, so she even went and bought me a lavender Bee Bar to compliment my pedicure I had just received.  Bless her heart!!!

I also want to share one of my VERY favorite pictures with her.  (taken with Mothers Day in mind)

I had taken this picture with good intentions.  It was going to be entered into a contest for Mother / Daughter look alike.  Well, being the PROCRASTINATOR that I have become, it did not get submitted.  Grrrr……  but nevertheless, I love the picture!!!   and….I am pretty confident we would have won.  🙂

And Glenn?  well he still tries to buy my love.  (haha!!  JOKING)  but he did me a nice crisp $50 bill.   I will still gladly accept money.  🙂

I am very thankful for my family each and every day, but honestly, sometimes Mothers Day is simply a good reminder, that your tireless work as a mother IS appreciated and maybe they ARE listening to you and seeing the example you are setting.   Just when I begin to doubt my ability as a mother, they give me gentle reminders that maybe I am doing an a pretty good job afterall.

I hope for all my blog reading mothers, you had an equally wonderful day.  Share your details, I would LOVE to hear them.

Now only 364 more days till we are all officially recognized once again.  🙂

and the total is…..

May 7, 2010

Ok. first, I gotta say, I thought it was gonna be slightly more.  {sigh}

I guess we must have had more pennies than we had last year, and less quarters.

Regardless, the total was….

$516.18  !

and the closest guess, was posted by Rick, of $518.23.

Over slightly, but regardless, the closest and that was all I asked for.

(Rick, please e mail me your snail mail address, and your prize will be sent your way)

It is not the money, but it IS money related.  🙂  hmmmm……

Now what to do with the money???

Glenn is spending his half on a power washer.  (it must be a man-thing)   LOL    he is delighted!!!

I think I will spend mine…on a trip to see my niece in Cincinnati this summer!!!   I have had NO vacation in THREE years!!!  long overdue, trust me!!!  Hold on tight Rhiannon, I am headed your way!!!!!!   🙂

Sounds like MUCH more fun than a power washer ANY day huh???

Thanks for all your posts….

Much more to come!!!!!

I have been brainstorming and coming up with lots of future ideas!!!!

Stay tuned.   🙂

a personal recommendation…

May 6, 2010

ok. I am trying to come up with some sort of catchy “theme” to simply refer some of my VERY favorite things.

Kind of like Oprah has the “O” list?   yeah, kind of like that.

But I am completely drawing a blank.  Help me out PLEASE!!!

This idea could take me places.  Seriously.

I have always been a good at spreading the word of something new and wonderful, and most people tend to follow my lead.

and I also do not recommend anything unless I am 100% totally . in . love with it.

Anyway, enough rambling  on that.  (although I would take suggestions on a catchy ongoing title)

Here is my first unofficial installment.

What woman does not want long (ish) and healthy looking nails??

Remember, this is the business I am in, so I tend to think EVERY woman in the whole world wants nice nails.  🙂

You need Nail Tek.

Honestly this stuff is AWESOME  !!!   I have used it for a long time, generally as a top coat to my polish.

Most people know, I rarely have nail polish on, as with my profession of taking care of everyone elses nails (and toes) mine end up looking pathetic.  Sad, but true.

So, out of a little boredom, I decide to get serious on these nails of mine and follow it  like the instructions say…

Apply an additional coat every day, and start over after the seventh day.

Wow.  Look.

Yep, it is MY left hand!!!

Can you believe it???   I noticed about a week ago, how long they seem to be getting!!!

and then this week I have had four different customers specifically ask me, out of the blue

“What is going on with your NAILS???”

“Did you put acrylic nails on?”

Etc etc.

Not only how LONG they are getting, but also how evenly long!!!

and… hands are in water, almost ALL day long!!!

Yes, you need to RUN to the nearest place to get your hands on this stuff.

(I will have some in stock next week)

Just saying…..

There is also Nail Tek 1 (for maintence) which I may need to change to, as I really need to grow these daggers only SO long before I injure  someone!!!  they are beginning to get in the way, especially on my keyboard.

There is also Nail Tek Ridge Filler.

And Nail Tek hand lotion as well.

You really DO need to look into getting your hands on this stuff.  And FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!

(for those who might wonder, the polish color I have on is OPI Mauving to Manitoba)

Remember, you still have all day Thursday to make your guess for the Cha Ching post.  I can offer you NO hints, other than that no one has yet hit is to the penny.   🙂

Imagine that.

I will draw on Thursday night….. 9 O’Clock, right after The Office.  (another FAVE of mine)

Until then, give me guesses, AND suggestions for a new installment name.

Now, I need to go admire my nails a little more before I call it a night.   🙂

Cha-Ching (again) …

May 4, 2010

Yipeeee…..the time has come, once again.


Last time I made a similar post, was April 29, 2009.

Remember, Glenn and I made a pact to spend NO coin change.  None!!!

If my total is $5.01, and my purse is full of change, I pay with $6.

Last time, we cashed in  $525 in change.  This time, we had about another couple weeks til the basket was full.

Any guesses?

There IS a give-away involved….and no, it is NOT a portion of the money.  LOL

Nice try though.  🙂

(you will only have til Thursday, so post soon!!)  it will be fun to have a guessing game , rather than a random drawing huh?

Now……….I am headed straight to the bank as soon as I hit “publish”

This time I am doing it without Glenns help.   Yikes.  It is HEAVY!!!  imagine how embarassing it would be if I FELL with it!!!   Oh lord……

and jokingly he told me to get an official receipt  from a bank employee to PROVE that I did not try to cheat him out of his half!!!

Me???   never.    🙂