Cha-Ching (again) …

Yipeeee…..the time has come, once again.


Last time I made a similar post, was April 29, 2009.

Remember, Glenn and I made a pact to spend NO coin change.  None!!!

If my total is $5.01, and my purse is full of change, I pay with $6.

Last time, we cashed in  $525 in change.  This time, we had about another couple weeks til the basket was full.

Any guesses?

There IS a give-away involved….and no, it is NOT a portion of the money.  LOL

Nice try though.  🙂

(you will only have til Thursday, so post soon!!)  it will be fun to have a guessing game , rather than a random drawing huh?

Now……….I am headed straight to the bank as soon as I hit “publish”

This time I am doing it without Glenns help.   Yikes.  It is HEAVY!!!  imagine how embarassing it would be if I FELL with it!!!   Oh lord……

and jokingly he told me to get an official receipt  from a bank employee to PROVE that I did not try to cheat him out of his half!!!

Me???   never.    🙂


26 Responses to “Cha-Ching (again) …”

  1. Mishelle Says:

    I say $602.56! Great job!

  2. machita Says:


  3. Donna Says:


  4. Rick Says:

    I would say 518.23

  5. Wendy Says:


  6. Debbie Says:




  8. Pat Says:


  9. LaVonne Says:


  10. ambjour Says:


  11. LTC Says:


  12. Wendy F Says:

    $625.32 I can’t wait to take mine in… it is in a big Arrowhead water jug… talk about heavy!! YIKES! Good luck!

  13. Noelle Bolibaugh Says:


  14. Jules Says:

    $534.89 Way to go!!!!!!!

  15. Clara Dvorak Says:


  16. Melissa Says:


  17. Maison Breuklander Says:

    I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!! You should take these to Amys bank!!!!!! She would DIE!!!!!!

  18. Lori Says:

    My guess is $496.

  19. Theresa Grahek Says:


  20. Katie@ The Baby Factory Says:

    Is this like the Price is Right, closest without going over? 😉

  21. Marci Says:

    I’m guessing $496.10

  22. Michelle Says:


  23. Needing a manicure.. Says:

    I stink at these games.. I could never guess how many jelly beans there were in the jar at the bank..and there were only like
    My guess would be…$510.07

  24. BeJes Says:


  25. Laurie says: Says:


  26. Rick Says:

    YES!!!!! na na nanana :-)~

    Rick Gienau
    box 393
    Redfield, Ia 50233

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