and the total is…..

Ok. first, I gotta say, I thought it was gonna be slightly more.  {sigh}

I guess we must have had more pennies than we had last year, and less quarters.

Regardless, the total was….

$516.18  !

and the closest guess, was posted by Rick, of $518.23.

Over slightly, but regardless, the closest and that was all I asked for.

(Rick, please e mail me your snail mail address, and your prize will be sent your way)

It is not the money, but it IS money related.  🙂  hmmmm……

Now what to do with the money???

Glenn is spending his half on a power washer.  (it must be a man-thing)   LOL    he is delighted!!!

I think I will spend mine…on a trip to see my niece in Cincinnati this summer!!!   I have had NO vacation in THREE years!!!  long overdue, trust me!!!  Hold on tight Rhiannon, I am headed your way!!!!!!   🙂

Sounds like MUCH more fun than a power washer ANY day huh???

Thanks for all your posts….

Much more to come!!!!!

I have been brainstorming and coming up with lots of future ideas!!!!

Stay tuned.   🙂


6 Responses to “and the total is…..”

  1. machita Says:

    dang i was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off!

  2. LaVonne Says:

    Ohhh I am HAPPY to hear you are going to go somewhere on a vacation!!! Rhanny will be happy to have you there!

  3. machita Says:

    oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! i did not read the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how awesome is this!!!!!!!!!!! we will have soooo much fun!!!!

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