The day after…

I was going to make a Mothers Day post yesterday, but how could I tell you how wonderful it was, before it was over?  🙂

For lack of better words, I have been a little out of sorts lately, so I was slightly worried. (about myself, not my family).

It was wonderful.

Funny how the most SIMPLE things are my favorites.  Honestly, those things that cost no money, only a little effort, and just a little time.

My kids did great.

one of Maisons gifts.... (click to enlarge)

Isn’t this the cutest thing?  he whipped it up as I was getting ready for church.  You have to know my son well, to understand how much I will love “redeeming” these coupons.  (especially, “Calm Your Voice” day!!)  I told him,  that one can NEVER expire, and I can redeem it over and over and over!!  haha!!!

In the afternoon, he treated me to my annual Mothers Day pedicure!!!  yeah, finally I am on the receiving end of luxury.

yep, those are MY feet, and they were loving this pedicure!!!

My daughter and I went browsing around the Book Vault in the afternoon, and I reminded her on the way, this was the BEST things she could do with me.  Take a little time out of her 17 year old life to hang out with her mother. 🙂  and then we had an Iced Coffee together.   Perfect.

She also knows my weakness for soft feet, so she even went and bought me a lavender Bee Bar to compliment my pedicure I had just received.  Bless her heart!!!

I also want to share one of my VERY favorite pictures with her.  (taken with Mothers Day in mind)

I had taken this picture with good intentions.  It was going to be entered into a contest for Mother / Daughter look alike.  Well, being the PROCRASTINATOR that I have become, it did not get submitted.  Grrrr……  but nevertheless, I love the picture!!!   and….I am pretty confident we would have won.  🙂

And Glenn?  well he still tries to buy my love.  (haha!!  JOKING)  but he did me a nice crisp $50 bill.   I will still gladly accept money.  🙂

I am very thankful for my family each and every day, but honestly, sometimes Mothers Day is simply a good reminder, that your tireless work as a mother IS appreciated and maybe they ARE listening to you and seeing the example you are setting.   Just when I begin to doubt my ability as a mother, they give me gentle reminders that maybe I am doing an a pretty good job afterall.

I hope for all my blog reading mothers, you had an equally wonderful day.  Share your details, I would LOVE to hear them.

Now only 364 more days till we are all officially recognized once again.  🙂


2 Responses to “The day after…”

  1. machita Says:

    i too had a wonderful mothers day(if only my daughter could have been with me {sigh}. My Mother Day started with a phone call from Rhiannon and we had a long long visit 🙂 then i spent most of the day with my wonderful,couldnt live without, sisters and their familes!!!! Mothers Day ended with another call from Rhiannon!!!!!!

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