A day in the life of my Sock Monkey….

Oh my , I hope this link works!!!  I have tried this SO many ways and SO many times, it would be WAY too sweet if it actually worked this time!!

Ok.  My reasoning??  I have not gone off the deep end (yet, anyway)

But I remember telling my kids how Gingerbread Men come to life when we look the other way.

I also told them the same about snowmen.  When we went to bed at night, they played in the yard, only to assume their original position in the morning.

Now, I know I am not a crazed mother, I know other mothers make-up this kind of magical thinking, don’t they?

I also confirmed this belief the first time I saw “Toy Story”.  How awesome are those toys coming to life???

So….on to my REAL reason for this post.

I fell in love with this OLD sock monkey when I attended an awesome sale of my cousin Lanas.  I told her I wanted it before I even saw it in person.  Something told me I had to have THIS sock monkey.  Now, mind you, I am not a sock monkey “collector”, I just KNEW this one needed to live at MY house.

** and remember, a while back I made a post of a “few of my favorite things”.  Sock Monkey was in it.  🙂

It has been on my couch sitting quietly ever since.  (although, who REALLY knows what happens in the middle of the night??)  LOL

I have my house cleaned every other week by my sister Kim (aka Machita), and this is what happened to the quiet Sock Monkey.  It is SO cold and rainy outside, it appears even it was COLD!!!

I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD when she showed me!!!!  Brings to my memory of stories of days gone by.

I am also told this should be an ongoing blog post.  There is already a plan in place for the Sock Monkeys activities in two weeks from now.

Hmmm….I wonder what it could be.

Regardless, maybe there  IS some life to these old worn out stuffed toys??   go ahead, watch the KIA commercial again.

How can you really argue that???

Some have Flat Stanleys, some have other on going locations of certain characters ( darn, I can not think of the names right off hand) but there ARE others.

I have Lanas Sock Monkey.  🙂


11 Responses to “A day in the life of my Sock Monkey….”

  1. simplyaltered Says:

    ok. Darn it. I think the link might not have worked afterall. Grrrrrrr……if you wanna watch it, go to You Tube, and type in Sock Monkey commercial, and it will come on. Stupid technology anyway….. LOL

  2. Melissa Says:

    It worked!! Cute commercial! I used to have a sock monkey….wonder where he is?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Whew!!! the video would NOT work for me, but maybe because I am the author or something. who knows?? I think if you HAD a sock monkey, you either need to find it, or replace it. Discovering those old time toys , just make ya feel good!! 🙂

  3. machita Says:

    that sock monkey is angel fluff! i had one when i was young. wonder what happened to it 😦 and i love love love them. cant wait till 2 weeks from noW!!!!!!!

  4. Pam Taylor Says:

    the sock monkey is a must have for all kids(:big and small !!:)…just a natural part of growing up..they have a personality and a place in your heart…..

  5. Lana Schippers Says:

    You know I am always all for rehoming animals….I am very happy he has a wonderful place at your house Kelli….even though….a GPS might be a must soon…if Kim doesn’t quit threatening to take him!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Kim ultimately KNOWS better than to even try it. Remember, she wants moms rolling pin back too……NOPE!!!

  6. BLT Says:

    Hmmm….I must have had a deprived childhood…I never had a sock monkey. 8(

    I think the little guy needs an umbrella today! Or perhaps an ark!!! Are you getting ready to float away down there?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh man, I had to be out and about today and had a D.O.T escort to get me across the highway 92. It had officially gone OVER the road shortly before I crossed it. I am sure it closed shortly after.
      I am ready for SUN!!! maybe tomorrow??

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