The thrill of the hunt…

I am a little late on this.  Like a week late.

Last weekend, we enjoyed another sisters (and daughters) outing.

Des Moines.  Three vehicles, and 144 garage sales.

Needless to say, we did not hit them all, but did go to alot and got some GREAT bargains.

A trip like this, definitely requires an overnight stay.  I know, only an hour away, but if we can find an excuse to spend the night together, we will.

And it was Rise & Shine EARLY, the next morning to get the best deals, right?

Ambjour, Kim, and Ciji.

First on the agenda?  arriving in Des Moines , and getting something to EAT!!!

Gathering at the hotel

3 beds, a couch and many comfy chairs….and look how many are gathered in the KITCHEN, standing around?   I was on the couch with Kim.   🙂

my sister Kim and I

We were the only smart ones.  Life it too short to spend any more time in a kitchen than you HAVE to huh??  😉

Jessi, Ciji, Madison and TIffany. (all cousins)

Not sure what was going on here, and probably better off that I don’t know.  LOL

Ambjour....cramming in our overnight bags, and making room for the bargains we planned on snagging before the day was done.

my first purchase. An area rug from Crate & Barrell!!! yeah, PERFECT for my porch.

A group meeting, to plan the next stop. Ok, truth is, we were just visiting. 🙂

Get OUT of this chair Kim, (you are embarassing us!!!)

WHAT a deal!!!  a massage chair from Brookstone ($1,200) retail price,

Garage sale price?   $100.  SCORE!!!!

and it goes home with....ME !!!!! fit in the back of my little car, just PERFECTLY!!!

Our last stop...

There were TOO many stops to keep track, but this was my last one.  I was tired and my car was filled to capacity!!  time to get something to eat, and call it another fun filled family weekend.

One last group photo at Star Bar and we are going HOME!!!

Now, remember, I am typically not a garage sale person.  I don’t like to THEM, or even ATTEND them.  I usually give my family an idea of what I am looking for, and they do the work for me.  But I have to admit, it was a successful day.  It is amazing to see all the interesting things, even if you are not making a purchase at all.

One thing about it, it is some good cheap fun, and THAT alone, captures my attention.

Enjoy your weekend.


8 Responses to “The thrill of the hunt…”

  1. machita Says:

    omg we had soooooo much fun and i am ready to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad you didnt have a pic of maddi sitting on my lap in your tiny car driving down University :O

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, that would have been a very good picture….although I would have had a hard time getting FAR enoguh away form you two to get you both IN the picture!! 😮

  2. Christy Says:

    Looks like you had an incredible time! But…..I wanted to say a great big thank you for the surprise ATC. It totally was a shock, and the funny thing is….I was just looking at your ATC with all the brads in the girl’s hair and admiring it all over again. In fact, it is hanging on a little clip in my family room. 🙂 I miss trading art with you….we might just have to plan to do it very soon! Thanks again, my friend. Incredible sweet!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh….so glad you got it safely!! I knew you would love it. I miss swapping with you too. Juts wish you did not live so darn far away and you could join my group once a month!!! 🙂

  3. Lana Schippers Says:

    I am so jealous….You all are so blessed to be so close, and have each other to all these great things with! When Beth, Kim and I went to all those sales…I came home with a car load and after 10 cigarettes and some retouched donuts by a bunch of greedy little 5 yr olds…she had a dollar alarm clock!

  4. Kattee' Says:

    Yes it was FUN! So glad we included the “next generation” too-they really keep things interesting. Good thing too that they have “good Ole Kath” to come up with these ideas and believe me sometimes it is a real “stress” to get things going and making work out for 10 or more people – But it is worth it!
    Let’s see what can I think of next?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, the younger generation does keep it interesting!!! I am game for the next adventure. Let me know the date. 😉

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