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A past time I do not need to try twice….

June 23, 2010

I played the part of happy wife on Fathers Day for Glenn.  There.  I did it, but I do not need to go twice, and I am pretty sure I will not be asked to join the fun next time.

Fishing is just not my thing.  Yuck.

Glenn (and the kids) loved it.  That is all that matters.  Right?

my husband Glenn...

He enjoyed it and simply enjoyed the 4 of us being together.  Summer gets so busy with teenagers, sometimes it is just SO hard to get everyone to the dinner table at the same time, let alone a group activity.

my daughter Madison...

She had a good time too, but after about an hour, and NO fish being caught, she was beyond ready to go home.  🙂

my son Maison...

He is the REAL fish enthusiast in the family.  Perfect sport for him , remember, a rather high strung child of mine?   it is a good thing for him to do when he needs to “chill out” a little.  🙂

I really did go along, but playing the part of family photographer, you are not actually IN too many pictures.  ha!!!!

I am sure fishing is a great sport for some, but I will be completly honest,  it is not for me.  I was hot, uncomfortable and had to look the OTHER way when the cooler with WORMS was opened.  Yuck.

I will stick to blogging, reading, cross stitching, etc etc etc…….and remain cool and clean the whole time doing it.

But I can atleast say I tried.  ( ok,  actually just went along)


The Life of the Sock Monkey continues….

June 11, 2010

Another two weeks later, and what is the Sock Monkey up to now?

Maybe planning a bike ride, til the rain ruined the plans?

Maybe planning to make his / her escape?

Regardless, this week when I looked all over the house, I spotted Sock Monkey on MY old old OLD childhood Schwinn bike!!!

"If I can manage to push this door OPEN, it is a straight shot to Aunt Kims house. I think I can, I think I can....."

Awwwww…, that is really the only bit of my childhood that I could call my OWN.  Remember, I was the last of FIVE girls, so everything I got was passed down 4 times before it got to be mine.  But this bike……was BRAND new, some 39-40 years ago, wrapped up in a big red ribbon on Christmas morning.  I absolutely love love love it and will never EVER get rid of it.  🙂

But for today, I guess I am forced to “share” it.   🙂

Have a great weekend ahead…..

laying down the law…

June 1, 2010

Seems appropriate I add this post, considering this whole blog began based around LAUNDRY !!!

God knows, I do PLENTY of it.

….but even I have my limits.

I have one child, we will call him “Maison”.   You could say he has ALWAYS been facinated with clothing.  Obsessed / facinated …call it what you want.

But it is going to give me an early death.   :O

When he was just a tiny tot, we resorted to LOCKING his closets.  He could get in it ONE time a day (in the morning) and beyond that, it was OFF limits.   This kid would seriously change clothes every hour of the day.  Adding layer up on layer, then removing one layer at a time…..instant  new “look”  until he was bored with it, there was another look, just waiting, one more layer down.

Now….this is just the beginning, so you can understand WHY my patience is spent.

I attempt to do laundry ONCE a week (besides towels) and that works for everyone in the house BUT this child we will call “Maison”.

Does not work for him AT ALL.   He continues to fill my laundry room floor, and brings me the laundry he wants done, on a NIGHTLY basis.  This usually happens about 10 pm.   Awesome huh?   and MOST times, it is like ONE article at a time, that absolutely HAS to be washed and ready to go first thing in the morning.  Ughhhh….

(I will also add this is the same child that has to “fluff” up each piece of clothing FRESH  in the dryer before it goes on his body)   yep.  See what I am working with??  (or against)

I have been a consenting participant of this game for a little too long.

I am done.  I will do laundry like any mother should, beyond that?   “Maison” is getting very familiar with the washing machine. …and I am able to see the floor of my laundry room.

All with this simple sign.  Believe me, it is working like a CHARM!!!!!

no sense in mincing words huh? (click to enlarge) mind you, this basket is what you run INTO when going in the laundry room. You can NOT miss it, and I conveniently even have it at eye level on the chair to read better.


Day 1.   ONE t-shirt absolutely HAD to be washed.

Day 2 (early).  T-shirt was still in washer.

(seems “Maison” thought you just start the washer and it automatically JUMPS into the dryer, dries itself and will end up folded)  nope.

Day 2 (mid day).  Discovered it, still in there, but now obviously had to be RE-washed, then an hour later, put into dryer and actually had to WAIT for it to dry,  to wear it.

Lesson learned.  Doing laundry is a lot of work, time consuming, and really does NOT get done magically, and folded, and waiting all nice and clean in the closet anymore.

Keep in mind, I am not  a terrible mom.  I do everyones laundry once a week.  Just not on a daily basis, one piece at a time.

…but going into summer break?   I knew I needed to put my foot down.   I should have done this laundry rule about….oh, 10 years ago.  🙂

Some lessons just HAVE to be learned the hard way huh??