laying down the law…

Seems appropriate I add this post, considering this whole blog began based around LAUNDRY !!!

God knows, I do PLENTY of it.

….but even I have my limits.

I have one child, we will call him “Maison”.   You could say he has ALWAYS been facinated with clothing.  Obsessed / facinated …call it what you want.

But it is going to give me an early death.   :O

When he was just a tiny tot, we resorted to LOCKING his closets.  He could get in it ONE time a day (in the morning) and beyond that, it was OFF limits.   This kid would seriously change clothes every hour of the day.  Adding layer up on layer, then removing one layer at a time…..instant  new “look”  until he was bored with it, there was another look, just waiting, one more layer down.

Now….this is just the beginning, so you can understand WHY my patience is spent.

I attempt to do laundry ONCE a week (besides towels) and that works for everyone in the house BUT this child we will call “Maison”.

Does not work for him AT ALL.   He continues to fill my laundry room floor, and brings me the laundry he wants done, on a NIGHTLY basis.  This usually happens about 10 pm.   Awesome huh?   and MOST times, it is like ONE article at a time, that absolutely HAS to be washed and ready to go first thing in the morning.  Ughhhh….

(I will also add this is the same child that has to “fluff” up each piece of clothing FRESH  in the dryer before it goes on his body)   yep.  See what I am working with??  (or against)

I have been a consenting participant of this game for a little too long.

I am done.  I will do laundry like any mother should, beyond that?   “Maison” is getting very familiar with the washing machine. …and I am able to see the floor of my laundry room.

All with this simple sign.  Believe me, it is working like a CHARM!!!!!

no sense in mincing words huh? (click to enlarge) mind you, this basket is what you run INTO when going in the laundry room. You can NOT miss it, and I conveniently even have it at eye level on the chair to read better.


Day 1.   ONE t-shirt absolutely HAD to be washed.

Day 2 (early).  T-shirt was still in washer.

(seems “Maison” thought you just start the washer and it automatically JUMPS into the dryer, dries itself and will end up folded)  nope.

Day 2 (mid day).  Discovered it, still in there, but now obviously had to be RE-washed, then an hour later, put into dryer and actually had to WAIT for it to dry,  to wear it.

Lesson learned.  Doing laundry is a lot of work, time consuming, and really does NOT get done magically, and folded, and waiting all nice and clean in the closet anymore.

Keep in mind, I am not  a terrible mom.  I do everyones laundry once a week.  Just not on a daily basis, one piece at a time.

…but going into summer break?   I knew I needed to put my foot down.   I should have done this laundry rule about….oh, 10 years ago.  🙂

Some lessons just HAVE to be learned the hard way huh??



20 Responses to “laying down the law…”

  1. Diana Weirich Says:

    I just HAD to laugh on this one. This child is also called “Jimmy” in other parts of Iowa. My son is now 24 and STILL does laundry like this, but thank goodness he lives away from home. I asked if he still fluffs all his clothes, and he said “But of course Mom!”. TOO FUNNY!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Whew!! for a while I thought I was completely ALONE in this sort of issue. Glad you had one as well, and I agree, there is some beauty to be found when they are completely on their own, and doing things ALL by themselves. Someday I will get there. 🙂

  2. machita Says:

    tell this boy “maison” he can just come and live with Aunt Machita 🙂 i will take care of him.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      a week of you two living together, ONE of you would not make it out alive. Guaranteed. 😮 LOL


    when joel was young maybe 8 or 9 he would put on 7 shirts on monday morning one for each day. just wake up peel one off. only problem is it was summer in th geat state of iowa. and witout air conditioning in our house , it got hot real fast. he finally gave it up wen he passed out of heat stroke. on the other amber could go thru more clothes than the rest ofnus put together.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh that is funny Jeanne!! I will have to give Joel some grief over this story!! so glad I am not alone in this, and I think it must be a boy thing…..

  4. BLT Says:

    Huh? LOL! We had do to our own laundry from age 9/10. Yep. I hang dry everything (except whites/towels). Lasts longer. I was “green” before “green” was “cool.”

  5. Amber Wallace Says:

    Very cute.

  6. Sammie Jester Says:

    If he is above the age of 8 you have waited way to long to put up the sign.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      AMEN!! you are SO right. This “Maison” is FOURTEEN!!! so it is long overdue!!! what WAS I thinking???? problem is definitely solved now though….

  7. Cathy D Says:

    You only do laundry once a week??? HOW do you manage that???? I hate laundry! I wish there was a laundry fairy.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I do….but it is a HUGE task when you wait that long. Honestly, it is nothing for me to need to do 20 loads in a 24 hour period!!! but atleast it is all done in one day!!! done, folded and out away, until the NEXT week. Ugh,..,

  8. BLT Says:

    There’s a Two and a Half Men episode in which Charlie doesn’t know how to use a washer/dryer and Alan is aghast Charlie has to be instructed how to use it! HILARIOUS!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      NO, I have never seen that!!! I bet it WAS hilarious!! gotta love Charlie Sheen huh?? 😉

  9. LaVonne Says:

    I think this was a very good way to teach Mais a lesson! And one that was long overdue!!!!! Hopefully this will really cut your laundry load in half!

  10. Amy Krier Says:

    I am so laughing at this as I just discovered this morning some t-shirts of your sons in my laundry!! LOL! CLEAN AND FOLDED and returned by my daughter at school today. He must be catching on that I do about 4 loads of laundry a day.

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    You know this ALL too well!!!! my new technique is working like a charm!!!!!! I should have seriously done this SO long ago!!!!!

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