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describing “me”…

July 26, 2010

Oh, I could not believe reading the words out of this book, how PERFECTLY they describe a certain part of my personality.  🙂

*note: the ripped deposit slip for my bookmark? I am so pathetic.

exerpt from the “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life”


I eat quickly, purposefully, and almost always finish everything on my plate.  I finish the meal so I can get to dessert.  I finish the dessert so I can get up from the table.  When I am out, I am usually thinking about getting home.  When I am home, I am usually thinking about the next time I am going out. I find deleting e mails and messages on my answering machine quite gratifying.  I have not eperienced the full pleasure of an act or task until I have crossed it off my list.  I am thrilled when leftovers become stale so I can throw them out.  Wednesdays are special- it is when the garbage men come.  I like it when we finish our half gallons of milk, so I can rinse it out and put the glass bottle back out for the milkman.  I tend to see movies right when they come out because it bothers me to know it is something I still have to do.  I always hated Monopoly- the end was invariably no where in sight.  Magazines full of too many good articles make me frantic.  I fantasize about getting rid of everything in my closet except for an outfit or two.  I love mailing letters- specifically letting them drop out of my hand into the mailbox metal cavern.  I find myself throwing away, say, a jar of peanut butter or bottle of shampoo when there is still a small amount left because the satisfaction of disposing it far outweighs the option of keeping it in my life for some future spoonful or drop.  An  emptied dishwasher is a pleasing sight.  My favorite command on the computer is “empty trash”.  When I’m driving, my mind is fixed on the destination.  My all time favorite play is “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind”, which consists of thirty very short plays performed within sixty minute, under the constraints of an egg timer placed onstage. I enjoy cooking because recipes offer a very manageable list of instructions to continuously complete, not to mention the joy I get from using up the ingredients.  the concept of infinity makes me nuts.

ahhhh yeah, this is TOTALLY me  !!!!!!   I become nearly obsessed with this sort of thing.  Completion, deleting, and ridding out.  I . love . it.   It is what keeps me going some days.  Honestly.

Want more from the book?


I do not like when our house is jammed packed full of groceries.  There is simply too much good food on hand, too many options.  When we consume some of it, I feel much better, as if we’ve done a worthwhile, necessary thing.  The elimination feels satisfying, not so much in the pleasure of the eating, but in the minimization of what’s available.

Yep,  me too.  My kids obviously LOVE a fridge full of food, I prefer it almost barren.  🙂

Please tell me you can relate to all of this and I am not completely weird.   LOL!!!

You really need to get this book.  It is SOOO good, everyday observances of an ordinary life.  You would be surprised of all her revelations!!!!


you HAVE to read these…..

July 24, 2010

These books are SO good, I can not even say how much I did not want them to end.

They are good for just about EVERYONE.

(of course, I have purchased mine at Book Vault, and if not in stock, they are more than willing to special order.)

Hopefully you are equally as fortunate to have an awesome local book store to get yours from.

Those that are mothers or married, or giving the slightest bit of thought to becoming mothers or getting married.

Good sound advise, and a whole lot of humor added in!!!  I could totally relate to all of it!!!

“Just Let Me Lie Down” is written by the editor of Real Simple magazine.  How can you even WONDER if it would be good?   🙂   that magazine is my ALL TIME favorite!!  It is written in key terms style.  I think that must have been intentional, giving the reader the ability to read it amongst many of lifes distractions!!!

“The Slippery Year” is especially perfect for those in (or heading into) mid point of their life. Raising kids and a have a fair amount of married years under their belt.  (even if you are not at that point yet….you will be eventually, trust me)  I am there now.     😮   It is certainly an in depth meditation on “happily ever after”

So…now you can see where I have been for a better part of the summer.  Engrossed in reading.  I have spent horribly hot days and stormy nights with books.  It has been good for me.  The kids are so busy with their own agenda and my husband spends all his time sitting on a mower, so this is PERFECT for me.

I need to get my act together though and give my blog a little more attention, so this is a start.  Combining the two.

More tomorrow. I have another book right now, and the chapter I read last night, describes a portion of me PERFECTLY!!!!!!

I can’t wait to share it too.

Sock Monkey “appointment”

July 23, 2010

I walked in the salon Wednesday morning, after my sister got done cleaning and to my SURPRISE, my first appointment was ready and waiting…..









Actually scared the crap out of me!!!!  I even jumped back when I flipped the lights on and saw my chair reclined with someone something in it !!!

Now, you would have to look high and low for a cleaning gal that provides THIS much entertainment every couple weeks huh?

Not to mention, she wants to OWN this Sock Monkey in the very worst way!!!!  LOL


The Life of a Sock Monkey…

July 8, 2010

What is a Sock Monkey to do????

BIG stretch.......


“Ughhhh…there has GOT to be a banana in here SOME WHERE !!!!!!!!!”

Happy 4th of July!!!

July 3, 2010

I think this will be the view I have for the better part of the weekend…..

We have a very quiet weekend planned.  (well, atleast I do).  My kids will probably be going in completley different directions and my husband will spend the better part of the weekend mowing.

I plan on spending most of my time looking at Old Glory from this vantage point, and taking in all the peace and quiet of my screened in porch.  🙂   Poor me.

It is not like I will having complete idle time though, I have ALOT of reading to get caught up on.  🙂

I hope your weekend is equally as enjoyable.  Savor the things you like best and enjoy every minute of it.

“God Bless America”