you HAVE to read these…..

These books are SO good, I can not even say how much I did not want them to end.

They are good for just about EVERYONE.

(of course, I have purchased mine at Book Vault, and if not in stock, they are more than willing to special order.)

Hopefully you are equally as fortunate to have an awesome local book store to get yours from.

Those that are mothers or married, or giving the slightest bit of thought to becoming mothers or getting married.

Good sound advise, and a whole lot of humor added in!!!  I could totally relate to all of it!!!

“Just Let Me Lie Down” is written by the editor of Real Simple magazine.  How can you even WONDER if it would be good?   🙂   that magazine is my ALL TIME favorite!!  It is written in key terms style.  I think that must have been intentional, giving the reader the ability to read it amongst many of lifes distractions!!!

“The Slippery Year” is especially perfect for those in (or heading into) mid point of their life. Raising kids and a have a fair amount of married years under their belt.  (even if you are not at that point yet….you will be eventually, trust me)  I am there now.     😮   It is certainly an in depth meditation on “happily ever after”

So…now you can see where I have been for a better part of the summer.  Engrossed in reading.  I have spent horribly hot days and stormy nights with books.  It has been good for me.  The kids are so busy with their own agenda and my husband spends all his time sitting on a mower, so this is PERFECT for me.

I need to get my act together though and give my blog a little more attention, so this is a start.  Combining the two.

More tomorrow. I have another book right now, and the chapter I read last night, describes a portion of me PERFECTLY!!!!!!

I can’t wait to share it too.


4 Responses to “you HAVE to read these…..”

  1. Machita Says:

    can i borrow them? 🙂

  2. BLT Says:

    I LUV books! Just finished 5 potery/3 autobiography by Maya Angelou. Returned them to the library and picked up Chi Running by David Dreyer which Ive been on a lengthy waitlist to get as Im training for the Des Moines Marathon. I ran 16 miles today pain free.

    My favorite fiction is The Master Christian by Marie Corelli originally published late 1800s.

    Whats everyone else reading?

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