describing “me”…

Oh, I could not believe reading the words out of this book, how PERFECTLY they describe a certain part of my personality.  🙂

*note: the ripped deposit slip for my bookmark? I am so pathetic.

exerpt from the “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life”


I eat quickly, purposefully, and almost always finish everything on my plate.  I finish the meal so I can get to dessert.  I finish the dessert so I can get up from the table.  When I am out, I am usually thinking about getting home.  When I am home, I am usually thinking about the next time I am going out. I find deleting e mails and messages on my answering machine quite gratifying.  I have not eperienced the full pleasure of an act or task until I have crossed it off my list.  I am thrilled when leftovers become stale so I can throw them out.  Wednesdays are special- it is when the garbage men come.  I like it when we finish our half gallons of milk, so I can rinse it out and put the glass bottle back out for the milkman.  I tend to see movies right when they come out because it bothers me to know it is something I still have to do.  I always hated Monopoly- the end was invariably no where in sight.  Magazines full of too many good articles make me frantic.  I fantasize about getting rid of everything in my closet except for an outfit or two.  I love mailing letters- specifically letting them drop out of my hand into the mailbox metal cavern.  I find myself throwing away, say, a jar of peanut butter or bottle of shampoo when there is still a small amount left because the satisfaction of disposing it far outweighs the option of keeping it in my life for some future spoonful or drop.  An  emptied dishwasher is a pleasing sight.  My favorite command on the computer is “empty trash”.  When I’m driving, my mind is fixed on the destination.  My all time favorite play is “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind”, which consists of thirty very short plays performed within sixty minute, under the constraints of an egg timer placed onstage. I enjoy cooking because recipes offer a very manageable list of instructions to continuously complete, not to mention the joy I get from using up the ingredients.  the concept of infinity makes me nuts.

ahhhh yeah, this is TOTALLY me  !!!!!!   I become nearly obsessed with this sort of thing.  Completion, deleting, and ridding out.  I . love . it.   It is what keeps me going some days.  Honestly.

Want more from the book?


I do not like when our house is jammed packed full of groceries.  There is simply too much good food on hand, too many options.  When we consume some of it, I feel much better, as if we’ve done a worthwhile, necessary thing.  The elimination feels satisfying, not so much in the pleasure of the eating, but in the minimization of what’s available.

Yep,  me too.  My kids obviously LOVE a fridge full of food, I prefer it almost barren.  🙂

Please tell me you can relate to all of this and I am not completely weird.   LOL!!!

You really need to get this book.  It is SOOO good, everyday observances of an ordinary life.  You would be surprised of all her revelations!!!!


24 Responses to “describing “me”…”

  1. lana schippers Says:

    OK..this is really weird. Me too…..even when my freezer is too full…I start bring things in to work! Just so I can get rid of it!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I knew you could relate Lana!!! I just knew it!!!! Weird thing that I also try very hard to “use up” is paper scratch pads!!!! yet, if I see a cool one, I have to buy them…… ugh.

  2. Machita Says:

    ok YOU.ARE.WIERD. i know this 1st hand because i have known you my whole E N T I R E life. and how about the “mail”? hahahahahaha you have mailed me thousands and thousands of things in the mail..AND I LIVE ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a deal & that’s why i love you like i do 🙂

  3. Mishelle Says:

    I wish this were me but I think I’m almost a closet hoarder….lol. I do relish throwing some things away but I also hate to throw away something useful. …it’s an issue I’m working on.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      a hoarder, I will NEVER be. There has to be help out there for people like us!!! so much the same yet on opposite ends of the spectrum!!!

  4. BLT Says:

    Possessions are a burden. I must assume caretaker responsibility for that sweater, those cute shoes that go with one outfit. So I only buy if I accept caretaker responsibility. It ELIMINATES compulsive buying. Minimize possessions–maximize LIVING.

    My closet is 1/3 full. I prefer to run at 5:00 a.m. toward the east to watch the sun rise (yes, I run for hours/not minutes). Its my time w/G-d to see & hear His artistry. I dont own an IPod. I toss laundry in & read a book on the deck, changing laundry when I need a break or to refresh my tea but not because its TIME to change the laundry. I live in the moment, not the next-except for my checkbook/stewardship of $. Im available to you at any moment. When Im with you, you have my full attention. I havent many things so its easy to be clean/organized which minimizes chores and leaves me relaxed to enjoy G-ds earth & people.

    Anyone can stop by anytime at my refuge for a cup of tea. It is my hope you leave feeling as if your soul had a massage.

    Am I in this book?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I want to come live with you for a week!!!!!! although I do think of you each time I drink my tea, which I am right now. 😉

    • Jean McCormick Says:

      BLT can I come and visit with you. Oh, to be so like you would be a dream. I love your last line Anyone can stop by anytime at my refuge for a cup of tea. It is my hope you leave feeling as if your sould had a massage. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

      • BLT Says:

        Jean: We’re old friends. We just haven’t met yet. Come on over! Kell has my address. Drag her with you!

      • simplyaltered Says:

        you won’t have to drag me Jean, I will go along very willingly. 🙂

  5. BLT Says:

    When you get frazzled and busy (you will–Christmas is coming!), stop by my house. I will help you hit the PAUSE button and catch your breath.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yep, it is just right around the corner….and I have already fretted plenty over it……ughhhhhh

  6. LaVonne Says:

    Oh Kelli, are you sure that this woman didn’t have a camera on you, when she was looking for inspiration for this book?? As much as this book is 100% you, it is NOT at all me! I won’t be reading it, it would drive me insane!!! Glad you like life this way, as I do not. But this gal has you pegged!!!

  7. Rosie Says:

    BLT – such words of wisdom! Did you have to learn to live like this or does it come naturally? I need to “minimize possessions”!

    • BLT Says:

      I grew up so poor I’m not sure how to live any other way.

      I graduated 86 but cooked breakfast every day (cool/winter days) on a old cast iron cookstove (Mom still does…). I never knew what a thermostat was (gas furnace) until I left home as we heated with wood. I had to ask the apartment manager to show me how to work it as I’d never seen such a thing. Some people in my town did not have running water or even an indoor toilet. Yep: 1986.

      What I had I prized as we didn’t have a lot.

      Dad worked HARD for $3.25/hour at a factory and Mom raised a garden/chickens–every other year we raised one cow or one pig to butcher. We raised/harvested our own chickens/eggs, rabbits, geese. Fished a lot. HARD work. I still marvel at how they raised 2 kids on $3.25/hour. Heroes.

      I’ve never understood why people accumulate so many “things.” It’s psychologically damning to the soul (which affects the body) to be surrounded by clutter. Chickens/rabbits/geese were certainly ENOUGH to care for!

      So when you start to sort things for Goodwill and feel you can’t bear to part with it ask yourself: Do you REALLY want to CARE for this THING (really CARE for it) until it wears out/for rest of your LIFE? OR: If it was destroyed in a fire would you buy another EXACTLY like it? If yes, keep it. If a lifetime commitment is too much, hand it off. Free yourself of burdens and you free your soul to tend to things much more important: people.

      You do have to commit yourself to read your Bible EVERY day…a verse, a paragraph, a chapter–something–or whatever book of faith you choose. It’s not HOW much–it’s that you do it EVERY DAY. (I happen to read front-to-back: Genesis to Revelation and start over again. My Bible is on top of the fridge for easy everyday access.) You have to commit to prayer every day. (Everyone who does this will tell you they do it in the MORNINGS/it’s part of their MORNING routine.) All the rest falls into place IF you put the teaching to practice.

      Read. Give thanks. Act. Repeat. I need a t-shirt that says that!!! It’s that shortest word “act” that’s so hard: sort/toss/de-clutter, forgive, sacrifice, etc.!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Isn’t that BLT just such an inspiration???

  8. Clara Dvorak Says:

    I think I am working to be more like BLT. I don’t need much. I want a livingroom that has comfortable chairs and a couch that you can just sink into. Books all over and some good music. A place where anyone would feel right at home and could put there feet up and fall asleep.

    When we retire next year we will only be able to take a few things which will be nice and my prize things are my books, scrape booking stuff and my family pictures. That is all I need.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have a feeling your home is already like this Clara….very welcoming. 🙂 and no time better than retirement to really downsize!!! There is a book all about that exact thing. I believe it is called “Right sizing your life”. I used to have it, I will look and see if I still do.

  9. Needing a Manicure Says:

    I don’t know if it is from the years of working with you or maybe I’ve always been this but I have soooo many of the same things.. Throwing away things.!! I LOVE IT.. Garbage day is on Monday’s and I will go around the house and basement to find a few more things to toss before he gets here at noon.. Can’t wait for the mail to get there..Why?? Mostly bills, but I just can’t wait, and nobody can look at it before me! Oh, and the deleting emails, messages, etc…!!! Most definetely!! The best is having every piece of laundry done and I will wash 5 things at the very end to have this task COMPLETE!! Which only last a few moments some days but it sure does feel good:) Two weirdos in the same neighborhood.. This could be scary!! Lol

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh Lord Shari, this is hilarious!!!! you are just like me.!!! I had even been known to book appointments around me being able to come home and get my mail!! now, I am RIGHT HERE to grab it as soon as it hits the box….and yes, my whole family knows better than to try to even bring it in FOR me!!! I could flip out!! haha!!!! I think the tossing / eliminating is a good problem…much better than the alternative, which is HOARDING!!!!! yikes!!!

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