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New beginnings…

August 24, 2010

Ya know, I read somewhere the other day that most people (namely mothers) need to embrace this time of year as a time for new beginnings.

I can relate.

They went on to say how so many people get wrapped up in January 1 being the “New Year” and time for new beginnings, and of course, resolutions.

Considering that is in the DEPTHS of winter (ugh) no fresh new change of season happening then, and also a time when starting fresh is actually rather difficult….

We need to embrace THIS time of year and for lack of better words, “Turn over a new leaf”.

Seasons change, the scenery changes, kids go off to school, we tend to begin cooking differently (less BBQ and more comfort foods) baking, etc etc. and it is a great time to plan a fall project.

I will do just that.

We have had a some-what long summer.  Heat, flooding, etc etc…..yeah, rather trying if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss my kids as they head out to school on Wednesday.  Likewise I am sure they will miss me.   🙂


It is high time we find our new routing once again.  We are creatures of habit in this house and need to get back to “normal”  Honestly, I completely embrace this time of year 100%.

And I plan on digging in DEEP.  I have a basement to clean, an attic to clean, and basically reclaim my house once again.

I also have a fall project in mind.

I am going to RIP up old carpeting, and rather than to replace it with more, or another expensive type of flooring, I am willing to try something NEW…and very cost effective.  (although labor intensive)  grrrrr…..

I am gonna PAINT my hardwood floor in my bathroom.  Yes . I . am.

Against my husbands better judgement, I am going to do this.  I have thought about it for over a year.  It is time.

Now, normally I would be very nervous to do this on HARDWOOD, but it is in such poor shape (if it is even doable)  that it has to be covered in some way.  I will not find out til I begin ripping carpet out.  If it is not gonna work, then we are FORCED to go to Plan B.  Anything is better than what is covering the floor now.

So…………I want to hear from you!!!   Have you ever done such a thing??  or know anyone that has???   if so, I want to hear all about it.  Please.

OR……….Join me, and find your OWN fall project.  I am sure we can all think of plenty that needs done.

It can be your way to celebrate another school year right along with my family.

Post your details and……………

What the heck, we will have a giveaway!!!!!   it is also high time for one of those, huh??? Let’s say I will draw a winner on Monday.  (Labor Day)

First day of school, new flooring, and a giveaway?????

BRING . IT . ON  !!!!!!!!!!


Sock Monkey? What Sock Monkey??

August 18, 2010

Do you see a Sock Monkey?   hopefully this family won’t.

In the CRAZINESS at the end of summer, it is obvious,  Kelli’s patience are getting VERY thin, Glenn only seems to come home in time to sleep, teenagers in cars coming and going, friends in and out  all . day . long!!!

In one morning, Kim came to clean, Maison decided to go BB squirrell hunting in the back yard, Madison brought two TODDLERS to visit, Grandma came over,  and a few customers came in and out of the salon….

I am doing my very best just to “blend in”

Next week……will be MUCH quieter.

{ sigh }

Worlds Largest Yard sale / Sister trip 2010…

August 12, 2010

Oh . my . goodness.

Where do I adequately describe the FUN FILLED trip?   this is the reason for my delay.  I can not even begin to explain how VERY much I needed this little getaway, OR how much fun we had!!!  or any rhyme or reason to the pics I am sharing.

So, I will recap in the briefest way possible, and add pictures at random.  You draw your own conclusion on the quality of this trip.  🙂

A slight delay in leaving, but  “All is well that ends well”.  We left at noon Thursday and arrived approx 9 pm in Cincinnati.  Bring on the FUN !!!

Friday we headed to the Worlds Largest Yard Sale.   WOW.   Imagine this spanned across 4 states and we only made it for about the first 15 miles.   HOT and exhausted, but we managed to spend VERY VERY little money, and yet, filled the back of an extra large pickup and one car.   Yeah, it was THAT good!!!  I highly recommend this trip, and definitely a “girls only” deal.  It could have easily turned ugly, real fast, had our husbands joined us.  haha.

Saturday we did the whole IKEA “experience”.  hmmm……I am still trying to decide what I thought of THAT place!!!   I got some awesome things, but the place was slightly overwhelming to someone that can not make a decision to save her soul, and I am also slightly claustrophobic as well.  Once in, I had a VERY hard time finding my way OUT.   But with the company I was keeping, it was all good, I guess.   🙂

In between all of this, there was an Estate Sale right down the street from where my niece lives.  AND….the best part, everything was 50% off !!  three levels of the historic (and completely awesome) house, front porch and back yard were ALL full, every single thing for sale!!!  and did I mention 50% off???  yeah, it was GREAT!!!!

We had authentic Italian food (yum) Authentic Cincinnati Skyline Chili (YUCK)  and LOTS of Cincinnati FAMOUS Grippos BBQ potato chips!!  if you are ever anywhere that sells this brand, get twenty a few bags.  They are to DIE for.  If I had not eaten anything BUT these for 4 days, I would have been happy!!!

My oldest sister (Kathy) was such a trooper, and kept up the pace with all us younger ones.  I shared the backseat with her all the way there and back home, and we did not “touch each other” one time.  Alot has changed since we were little.  🙂

The “Middle Child” in my family (kim aka Machita) provided ALOT of entertainment.  She took a nose dive in a completely clean, clear and dry parking lot.  (yes, she is FINE, trust me)  and she was the one responsible for getting us lost on the way home as soon as we crossed the Iowa border.  Yeah, imagine that.   She is lucky we did not leave her stranded on the side of the road.

The next to youngest sister (Kris) was the navigator to our destination and back home again.  She did an OUTSTANDING job!!!!   I had my doubts, but she did great, not to mention, always the entertainer in the group.  She is also the one that kept us moving at a swift pace no matter where we were.  “Hurry Up” are her favorite words.

My niece (Rhiannon) was certainly the hostess with the mostest!!!  I love her home, her style and her graciousness.  Never one time did she appear to care that we overtook her home for 4 days solid.  (although I bet she is enjoying the silence now)  haha!!!   she also introduced me to the most ADORABLE dog ever!!!   Walter was also unphased by our antics.  Thanks to BOTH of them.  We just might have to do this trip again in 2011  !!!!!

My daughter also joined us, slightly unplanned, but again, it all worked out.  She flew there and had stayed for a whole week before we arrived and then traveled home with us.  Made for a little tighter 9 hours home, but good bonding time with her mother and aunts too.  🙂

Enjoy a portion of my memories.  (scroll down, there are many)

Some as images, but most of them, forever in my heart.

Sisters are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

My niece Rhiannon and her mom Kim. I can not remember a trip that we all laughed SO much!!!

Meet Walter....and his little feline friend from down the street. 🙂

This is where it all began.....

L to R. Kim, Kathy, (me), Rhiannon, Madison and Kris.

"I want this chair!!!"

Kims skinned knees. Just like when we were little kids!!! hahaha

As if the Worlds Largest Yard Sale was not enough!!!! {sigh} this place was REALLY awesome!!!

a photo op for my beautiful sister Kathy, sporting her new hat, and a breathtaking background!!!

our last night. 😦 Goettafest at Newport on the Levy. Beautiful scenery and great music!!

Teamwork at it's finest!!! loading everything back up and heading home on Sunday. Boo...

My sister Kris, the drove us there and back home like a CHAMP!!!!! Whew. 🙂

“I will take over from here”…..

August 5, 2010

When the blogger is away….Sock Monkey will play.

Kim came to clean today, and I now have full rights to the Mac.  (atleast til Sunday)

They can go across the country and carry on like fools, I could care less.

I have  some work to do.

I now need to find my roots.  I can not possibly originally just “belong” to Lana, came from nowhere, and now adopted by THESE people?

Did a Google search (like SHE does so often)….and look how many of us there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who would have thought???

Now……if I can only narrow it down to MY Sock Monkey mom, I may not even be around here anymore, upon their return home.

Wish me luck.  I am on a mission.

~~Sock Monkey

Call me CRAZY…

August 2, 2010

Haha  !!!   I can GUARANTEE you, one thing I have never been referred to is the word “Crazy”.  (in the free spirited FUN way atleast)   other descriptions of the word?  possibly, but that can be saved to a future update!  :O

I believe it has been 5 years.  Yes, FIVE YEARS since I have really had a vacation.  Pathetic, I know.  Many reasons factor into this, but it is about to change.

I am taking a whirlwind mini / sort of / vacation / road trip.   Yeah, road trip, that is a better word.  A “sisters” road trip.

Heading to my niece Rhiannons home in Cincinnati Ohio  (actually Covington KY) if you want particulars.  The Ohio river divides the two.

I think we will spend the majority of the time on Hwy 127

Are you ready to hear the adventure?????


Oh .  My  . GOODNESS  .

I’m  not sure what I am getting myself into.  Truth be known, I am really only tagging along to see my niece and her new home.  (my daughter is actually there now, so she gets to join the fun!!)

My sisters are the Yard Sale freaks!!!  usually they just go scout out the things FOR me, but this time I am playing right along with them.

They tell me, this “sale” spans across 20 3 or 4 states, and I believe it begins in Covington (?)    I think we are traveling it as far as our energy will let us.

Can you seriously imagine the AWESOME finds I may come home with????   I can dig deep if I have to!!!  and turn it into something completely UNexpected!!!!

We are taking a LARGE ,oversized, gas guzzling, 4 wheel drive, dualey (sp), diesel pickup, and my most BLONDE sister is the one voted to drive us there.  Again, OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!   If you know Kris, you will understand my concern.

We leave on Thursday morning  (6 am)  a time of day I really have no desire to see, but I am WAY outvoted this time.  (this is about a 9 hour drive)

We arrive back home on Sunday.   yep, a little too swift of a “vacation”  but who am I to complain?  Remember, it has been FIVE years!!!  We also plan a trip to IKEA (which I have also never been to)  and lots of eating, and visiting and etc etc…..I am thinking we may have to do without sleep entirely.  There will just not be enough time for THAT!!!  (hmmm that could also make the trip HOME, pickup overloaded, very interesting, again, with Kris behind the wheel!!!!!)  yikes.

Seems only appropriate, remember, I cashed in this years pocket change to go?

All the while, Glenn will be home (with Maison) power washing the house with that silly power washer he bought with his portion.   🙂

I am DEFINITELY getting the better end of the deal huh?

We are guaranteed a GREAT time.

I simply can NOT wait to tell you all about it next week.