“I will take over from here”…..

When the blogger is away….Sock Monkey will play.

Kim came to clean today, and I now have full rights to the Mac.  (atleast til Sunday)

They can go across the country and carry on like fools, I could care less.

I have  some work to do.

I now need to find my roots.  I can not possibly originally just “belong” to Lana, came from nowhere, and now adopted by THESE people?

Did a Google search (like SHE does so often)….and look how many of us there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who would have thought???

Now……if I can only narrow it down to MY Sock Monkey mom, I may not even be around here anymore, upon their return home.

Wish me luck.  I am on a mission.

~~Sock Monkey


9 Responses to ““I will take over from here”…..”

  1. Lana Schippers Says:

    I taught you well Sock Monkey…be independent! Make your own rules….let everyone think you need them…when it is them that are enamored by you! 😉 Note from your old owner, You better hope they don’t bring home competition! I’ve heard there’s lots of guys out there like you if you leave Iowa!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is right. We LOVE independence!!!! I think he had a VERY good start in life….from YOU!!!!

  2. Jules Says:

    This is hilarious!!!! I love it! I had a sock monkey I beleive maybe my grandma made for me. I wonder if it is still around?? Could be a long lost cousin or something to ‘sock monkey’ 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you need to FIND that thing!!! oh, I have to make my own memories from my cousins Sock Monkey, how I wish I had one myself from my childhood!!! but this one comes with a VERY good lineage, I can certainly appreciate!! 🙂


    be careful sock monkey. i saw new sock monkeys in the christmas catalog. maybe the master will come home with something to replace you. in that case you can live with us.

  4. lana schippers Says:

    He has def led a charmed life since he moved to your place! He def moved up in the world Kelli!

  5. BLT Says:

    Dear Sock Monkey,

    You were created and came into being without a mother or a father. You were adopted into a loving family where you have grown deep roots over many decades. If you leave this home you will find great adventure and excitement…but only for a little while. It will follow with a deep sorrow and longing–a YEARNING for a return to the love and comfort of home: that place where your roots have grown and where love abides. You’ll find comfort in the bane of a day in which nothing extraordinary happens. And coming full circle, you will finally discover that joy and love and family are rooted in the familiar, the ordinary…the extra-ordinary. Godspeed your journey.

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