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Preserving food…

September 16, 2010

So, I don’t blog in TWO weeks, and then submit TWO posts in one day.

Go figure.  It is MY blog, so I get to make the rules as I go. haha!!

I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY, and here is the proof…

yes, my very own little pantry in the basement..

We did not have a plentiful harvest of tomatoes, but I did snag a WHOLE bunch of pears.  I think I had about 1,000.  Ok, maybe not that many, but there was ALOT of them!!!

I canned sliced pears.

I canned pearsauce.

I baked with pears.

I dehydrated pears.

and of course, best of all, I ate myself nearly sick with raw pears.

Ohhh but they are SO good.  The kind that the juice could run down your arm!!  yeah, THAT good!!

But just to look at all the jars of pears and tomatoes sitting on my shelf makes me feel GOOD.  I will be thankful for all this work come the dark and dreadful days of winter, not to mention the money I have saved and the last minute trips to the dreaded grocery store when it is FREEZING outside!!!!  ugh.

I have one more canning session planned.

I will be teaching a canning / preserving food class this weekend at Book Vault in Osky.

It will take place at 10:30 am, and I will be making pearsauce, canning sliced pears, canning a family recipe for homemade V-8 juice and preparing frozen apple pie filling.

All of this, plus samples as the class concludes.   How is THAT for a fun way to spend a Saturday morning???    (tickets are just $5 at the door).

I wish you were all near enough to come join the fun!!!

and if you are not???  sounds like a good enough reason to quickly plan a road trip !!!   🙂


Just saying…..

September 16, 2010

I could not agree more….

of course we ALL know how to save money on Laundry soap already huh??  🙂

(copy and paste to browser if you need to.  Still trying to figure this link option out…..obviously)   grrrr…..

Sock Monkey school……

September 4, 2010

School is indeed back in session, and I could not be happier.

We are back to ‘normal” around here.

There is actually a time to go to bed at night and a scheduled time to “rise and shine”.

Routine feels good.

I found out Wednesday, even Sock Monkeys have school days.

and who knew, mine even has a few “friends”   🙂

Remember, fall projects giveaway deadline is fast approaching.

I will draw at the end of the day Labor Day……..

Let me know what YOU have planned…