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that can NOT be the same chair…

October 27, 2010

Bet’cha didn’t think there would be blog updates TWO days in a row huh???

I am SO unpredictable!!  haha.   (although my family would argue this point)

I am SO ticked with this one more little change in my room…..

(refer to last nights blog to see the BEFORE picture)  Wow!!!

I . LOVE . IT !!!!

How cool is the fabric?

I had purchased these linen dishtowels this summer on my Cincinnati trip to IKEA.

Found out last night, none were big enough to fit the cushion.   Darn.

Two were also not quite big enough.  Hmmmm…..

But a mismatched combination of all FOUR dish towels worked perfect, all stitched together in random order worked PERFECTLY!!!!!!

Remember, I like the mismatched / random / eclectic look.

Cost a total of .97 for the upholstery tacks.  (plus the towels, of course, which I already had in my closet)

It looks perfect from the top, just hoping NO one flips it over to look underneath!!!

Yikes.  Not quite so pretty on that side.  🙂

I proudly showed my husband tonight, and let him know that SOME women would just go out and buy new furniture.   “See how lucky you are?”

With that, he smiled, rolled his eyes, and went to bed.  LOL


A facelift for a footstool…

October 26, 2010

Trying to shake things up a bit in the house.  Trying to ward off the wintertime blues before they have a chance to begin.  (ugh)

Enter footstool:

When my dad bought me my Hope Chest for high school graduation, we got this footstool for FREE.  Yes, I liked FREE even back then.

But the fabric has seen better days.


I was up bright and early (shocker!!) and began to re-upholstery before I even got dressed.  (or obviously had my hair or makeup done).  This proves I am NOT a morning person!!!

I function MUCH better at midnight!!!

Enter NEW fabric.

My niece gave me a bunch of COOL fabric pieces found at garage sales,  (much of what I already have other plans for)  but this natural  burlap coffee bag was the perfect covering I had been looking for. I am not into “coffee decor” or any “themed rooms” but the subtle hint of what this fabric once held makes it cool!!!   Adding design AND texture, not to mention, I am a sucker for anything with letters and/or numbers on it.  What an improvement huh?   A screwdriver, some staples and hot glue….I am in love with this little FREE footstool all over again.  Good for another 25 years.  🙂

You can tell I am drawn to the eclectic decor. I would rather NOTHING match in my is part of it's charm 🙂

Make note of the wicker chair pad?   yuck.  It is next in line for new fabric.  It will also be a surprising fabric combo.  I already have it picked out and with any luck, I can also post pictures of it.

I am also in LOVE with the suitcase ensemble.  Picked the blue ones up at a garage sale for $1.  Two sizes nested inside each other!!  (thanks Sherry)   and the brown one on top held a typewriter.  All with nice flat tops, just the way I like them.

It is amazing how easy this project was.

Do you have odd pieces in your home screaming for a fresh look?

Or maybe a couch that just needs some new toss pillows?

I would love to hear of any plans you have, or have already done, including tips for myself and others on different ways to spruce up your home….of course, on a dime.  🙂

Sometimes, it is just the smallest things, can make the biggest difference.

Now, I think I will go grab a Coke, and a magazine to end my day, and see just how well the new footstool fabric works to rest my feet upon.  🙂

Call me crazy….

October 8, 2010

You may like it or you may HATE it.  I love it!!!!

Rewind to my 40th birthday.  I knew FOREVER that when I turned 40, I was getting my first tattoo.  I wanted nothing more than for me and all my sisters to get our FIRST tattoo together, all matching and on the day I turned 40. Mission accomplished.  We did it 5 years ago, and it was AWESOME!!!!

But when I was 40, I was still “modest” about tattoos.  I wanted it basically where only I looked at it.  It is on my right hip.

Fast forward to 45.  Got a little braver.  I want to see this one, each and every day, basically no matter WHAT I am doing.  I want to see it.

I thought long and hard about this location, and was 100% positive this is where I wanted it put.

and the REAL valid reason I chose this location, is I am jewelry-phobic.  Yep, I can NOT stand to wear jewelry.  I have not worn a wedding ring for atleast 10 years, probably longer.  I try to put them on, (earrings as well)  but within MINUTES they come back off.  The best I can explain it, is they feel like a vice on my finger.  Same with earrings….feels like I have something heavy, HANGING off my ears, so it drives me nuts.    I also forever wanted a mothers ring, but since I could no longer wear jewelry, I knew that was a bad idea.

Hence…the tattoo “ring”.  I designed it myself, and all four connecting circles signifies the four members of my family.  I am absolutely in LOVE with it!!!!!   My husband loves it too (imagine that) haha….although he vows to NEVER have a tattoo…and that is fine too.  To each their own.

"before" my hand will NEVER look like this again.

"during". (and for the record, this did NOT hurt. At all.

"after"So, there you have it.  This is how I spent my 45th birthday!!!

Thanks to an old high school friend for doing his awesome work on me.  I joke that his success is thanks to me, as I helped him pass Art class.  His version of the story may be a little different.  LOL

Next up, 50….and I can . not . wait  !!!!!!!!!!!

50 is going to be really good in many many ways.  I just know it.  😉

A reason to celebrate…

October 7, 2010

Thursday October 7, I am officially a year older…


Yep. I am now 45.  I kind of like that number.

I think I am ready to head towards 50.  I have always had in my mind, 50 is an age I am definitely going to embrace!!!!!

I am ready for it

But for now…I am 45.

I am going to ignore the stresses in life today, like as of an hour ago, we have a broken down vehicle.

I am going to ignore the things on my to-do list that really need done.

I am going to ignore a whole lot of things today.

I have special plans….and with any luck, I will post pictures of the excitement I have planned for the day when it is all said and done.

In my opinion, this is BIG !!!!!  a big deal, to me atleast.

A little out of character for me.  (no, it is NOT skydiving)

I would NEVER skydive!!!  no way.

Any guesses??  feel free to post them. (family members do NOT count as they already know my plans)  hee-hee     😀

I am so excited.

Bring . it . on.

“Better than Snickers” bars…

October 5, 2010

No excuses here.  I have been blog lazy huh?   I know, pathetic, but sometimes writers get writers block…I have blog block.  Ugh.

Thinking I ought to post some fabulous money-saving, penny pinching, frugal ideas, but I guess chocolate must be on my mind, so I will just share a new favorite recipe I found.

Here is the recipe book it came from.  Get one if you can.  Of course, mine came from the best book store in the world, Book Vault in Osky.

I actually bought it the day I did the Preserving Food class a few weeks ago.

This book is packed with GREAT recipes, and a short story about the whole idea came to be,  prior to each chapter.  A very  interesting story, and located in Fort Madison Ia.

So, here is a sampling….

“Better than Snickers” bars

First layer

1 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1/4 cup butterscotch chips

1/4 cup peanut butter

Melt all the first layer ingredients in microwave for 90 seconds and stir until smooth.  Spread into greased 9 x 13 pan and chill while making second layer.  (or longer) until firm.

Second layer

1 cup sugar

1/2 stick butter

1/4 cup evaporated milk

7oz marshmellow creme

1/4 cup peanut butter

1 1/2 cup cocktail peanuts

Combine and cook first three ingredients for about 10 minutes in saucepan over low to med heat.  Stir smooth.  Add marshmellow creme and peanut butter and pour over first layer and top with peanuts.

Third layer

1 14oz bag unwrapped caramels

2 Tbsp evaporated milk

melt ingredients in micro for 2 minutes or until smooth and pour over second layer and peanuts.

Forth layer

1 cup mini chocolate chips

1/4 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup butterscotch chips

Melt ingredients in microwave until smooth and pour over third layer.  Chill in refrigerator for several hours until well set, and bring to room temperature before serving.

These are VERY delicious, BUT….very very VERY rich!!! oh my goodness!!!  one goes a long ways, so have your friends over to enjoy them, there will be plenty to go around!!!

More blogging to come….as soon as I get my thinking cap back ON!!!