A reason to celebrate…

Thursday October 7, I am officially a year older…


Yep. I am now 45.  I kind of like that number.

I think I am ready to head towards 50.  I have always had in my mind, 50 is an age I am definitely going to embrace!!!!!

I am ready for it

But for now…I am 45.

I am going to ignore the stresses in life today, like as of an hour ago, we have a broken down vehicle.

I am going to ignore the things on my to-do list that really need done.

I am going to ignore a whole lot of things today.

I have special plans….and with any luck, I will post pictures of the excitement I have planned for the day when it is all said and done.

In my opinion, this is BIG !!!!!  a big deal, to me atleast.

A little out of character for me.  (no, it is NOT skydiving)

I would NEVER skydive!!!  no way.

Any guesses??  feel free to post them. (family members do NOT count as they already know my plans)  hee-hee     😀

I am so excited.

Bring . it . on.


23 Responses to “A reason to celebrate…”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    Good Morning and Happy Birthday to my fav aunt 🙂 I think 45 is a wonderful age as well… you are at your prime!! I don’t have any guesses as to what you are doing today – but it will probably involve an iced coffee or cherry lime slush of some sort.. chilling out in your yoga pants and reading a book.. idk?? lol!! But enjoy it. You deserve it! Love and Light ~ Rhiannon

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I always knew I was your favorite!!! the others know as well. 🙂 Yes, I am doing something awesome, and it does involve Iced Coffee en route. Maison surprised me this morning with Jaarsmas bakery!!! stopped by on the way to school, then delivered it to me in bed. Awww….
      It will be a beautiful drive to where I am going…..yep, it’s all good. (for now atleast) LOL
      Watch for pics tonight!!!

  2. Pam T Says:

    Happy 45th Birthday, Kelli…..I’m not a family member but I know your plan for the day…Have fun and will await the “special plan” !!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you REALLY rate huh??? right up there knowing the family secrets!! haha. Can’t wait to show pics. FB and the blog hopefully. 🙂

  3. Lana Banana Says:

    I can’t wait for end of day pictures…..You are just the kind of person I think would embrace 45…you enjoy so many things….you are the sort of person who always has her glass half full. Sometimes this is the greatest gift one can be given on any given…day!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Ya know, I think I like 45 even better than I did 40. Maybe they will all get better from here on out!!!! 🙂
      Watch for updates, coming soon…..

  4. Sherry Says:

    You are going to drive a race car really fast…at least 45 mph…jk…oh, you probably have already driven a race car beings it is in the family too…have to think some more on this…Have a great day…;}

    • simplyaltered Says:

      haha!!! someone else thought a hot air balloon ride. Nope to all of those things. I don’t do danger. 🙂 haha!!! just a little something that will SURE to get everyones attention. Positive and/or negative!!

  5. Tammy McGee Says:

    Well, something different for you would be to just chill and maybe lay on the sofa watching TV, but I don’t see that happening! No Mi Ran either, since you do that about every other day! lol Whatever it is, enjoy it and celebrate 45!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I did sneak in a Mi Ran trip!!! gotta admit it! haha… I enjoyed the entire day though, and into the evening!!! whew…it is alot of work having birthdays anymore. 🙂

  6. Amber Wallace Says:

    My guess is you are going to get a tattoo.. Regardless what you do, hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You are the WINNER!!!! I hope to post pics tomorrow on the blog. I couldn’t help but post them to FB immediately!!! haha

  7. brenda Says:

    I am thinking another tatoo or piercing, good luck!

  8. Rosie Says:

    Happy birthday! I’m guessing you are going kayaking on a beautiful day!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I did not do that, but oh….wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had???? that would be awesome this time of year!!!!

  9. machita Says:

    wow!!!!!!! i think alot of people REALLY know you!!!!!! happy birthday to my favorite sister :O

  10. BLT Says:

    I’m thinking balloon ride.

    I have been skydiving. It was the greatest thrill of my life. There’s nothing like jumping out of an airplane 2 miles above the ground, being sucked to the earth and speeds over 100 mph!!! T.R.U.L.Y.

    After my parachute opened and I took in the beauty of earth from a bird’s point of view, I was quickly saddened knowing nothing would ever be so thrilling again–unless I returned to jump again. I’ve done some crazy stuff…but this was THE BEST.

    I jumped in Sigourney.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      no balloon ride for me. I think I must be afraid of heights, as nothing like that even gets my attention. LOL. Glenn has been on one though and loved it!!

  11. BLT Says:

    Oh…please show us pictures! Like SOON!

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